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  1. Look closer at this link... The counter, the tracker on the left increases a page is clicked on. Second, there is no government site we have ever seen connected to Iraq ever have a counter. This is a bogus source...
  2. By reducing 10 IQD each time is only a 1% reduction. From 1180 IQD to 1000 IQD is only a 15% reduction. At the current rate of adjusting only every 3 to 6 months this will take at least 3 years to get to 1000 IQD. the last 12 years confirm this math... Come on RV
  3. Welcome. Head up and avoid the words of Oakie, TNT... They help you fly a plane that never lands and they will pump you to spend ever cent you have on a RV that is still a ways off.
  4. OAKIE DOAKIE IS A **** ***. He is a pumper of IQD. His work is criminal.
  5. The IQD is not an investment. This is speculation. I will not move it oakie calls it... RIGHT!
  6. Western Union has had wire transfers since 2009. Do not be fooled anything new has occurred...
  7. Remember we all need to be nice... no one ever take advantage of all of us, right.
  8. The CBI is not pumping or scooping IQD or USD. The daily auctions are oil sales to local countries. That is their primary industry. I also saw a post this week from Adam that the auctions mean nothing. I agree! I am ready for an RV.
  9. This is one year old, and still nothing...
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