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  1. Linda Bower, on 11 October 2011 - 03:20 PM, said: Bond Lady, I have always enjoyed reading your posts because they reflected a lot of hard work and a lot of thought on your part. Because of this I went in search of your web site. You have always stressed that negativity was not allowed there. Yet in response to keeps post, you publicly bashed him on your site. I read his post and did not feel it was discourteous to you at all. He was just offering a different opinion. Making fun of him and easy rider is uncalled for and as negative as it comes! It is you who should apologize to Keeps!!!!
  2. for starters i dunno what u think u saw or read if u call posting in my chat room what was said, in the posts, all i did was copy/paste ... bashing, well i dunno what to tell u, and as for easy rider again i dont even know what your talking about agin, as easy's my buddy and i thot his comment was funny so i said it, it was what he had said, and it was funny to me, if i feel i owe any one an apoligy i waste no time in giveing it, and for another thing here have you forgot what i do? i find articles of interest to us as investors, i bring them forward for all to read good or bad, i find them
  3. good early morning all, and ty all vm for the nice comments, and this will be my last one on this thread as it to me is a never endiing line that goes both ways, and its not imo gonna serve any purpose at all and just eat up more time than i have to spare, but ill leave this one october 15th 2003 they released the new notes we now hold, they devalued the currency and added 3... 0's to it (000) they DEVALUED THE CURRENCY now here we are october 11, 2011, 8 years later, its time to take the devalue off and put some value back onto the dinar, and bring out the new notes with ou
  4. ty bamagirl for pointing me to this thread as i never saw it before my post this morning, i do believe i covered any thing i had to say about it in the other thread today, i also apoligise for not being so nice in it too, but your tone last night left a lot to be desired for me to talk to u, and again i thank you for your conciderate responses in this thread, now i really have a lot of work to do, ill try to find some time later to check back in, again thank you, BondLady
  5. when i finally got to sign on today and read 7 pages of what seemed to start at great and positive news that i tried to present to all, and "keep" kinda turned it from positve articles to just one, blowing off all the many many other positive articles, reducing it to a topic of a few level headed folks and supporters into a smart alec lopster thread, thus throwing out any of the good news because of one article was all that could be seen by "keep" makeing my post not any thing like it was intended to be or any thing i wanted to show , i dont believe in a lop, ill never believe in a lop, and
  6. OH BROTHER.......NUFF SAID LOL ty hun and ty to the rest of u all, its been a long day for me, i hope u all enjoy the rest of your evening, cya's and happy trails.............BondLady
  7. well ty i think for the most part, but u have to realise takein the zeros away is the only way we are gonna ever see this rv, they will not rv there currency with the 000 still attached to it, thats just never gonna happen, every one is intitled to there opinon as u and i both are, and these articles and my opinons are attached to them, thats just the way it is, so ill keep on posting what i think is a positive for us and i do feel like all these are sure positives, sometimes the translations are lost in some of these articles but the majority of the time i have it goin on when deciphering wh
  8. for some 1 not trying to be rude your doing a good job of doing just that, u kow u dont have to read any thing i do, this took litterally 10 hours, sorry u dont appreciate it, and another thing u have to read thru the translations on what things mean.........thx..enjoy the rest of your day........BL
  9. [bondLady] see where maliki said [bondLady] no further meetings would be needed [bondLady] all problems were settled [bondLady] hold on ill show u it [bondLady] State law: contentious issues taken legislative track is no need for other meetings Sunday, 09 October 1 / Okrudolf 2011 13:07 Hits: 65 User Rating: / 0 Poorجيد Twilight News / confirmed a coalition of state law, Sunday, that the differences and the outstanding issues in the agreements concluded between the blocks has taken a course in the Legislative Council of Representatives, noting that no need to hold another meeting between t
  10. g early mornin to you all..its 230 am an am workin but started my day reading the comments and i just wanted to ty all for the nice comments and your support, i trully appreciate it, things imo are looking good, i like u all will be so glad when this rides over i just might get to sleep a full 6 to 8 hrs lol, ty caught for all u said, it means a lot to me i do try to see past the lil picture and on into the bigger pic, try to see whats hidden what the normal eye doesnt see, and hope im seeing and reading them right, all we can do is try and to do the best we can, i better start my news search
  11. remember in my chat yesterday when i showed ya'll what was left to do on the hcl what needed to be amended and agreed upon in it? where the kurds wanted to be incontrol of there assetts and contracts and money the kurds wanted the regions to be in control of there own wealth and to disperse it, and bagdad said no to the kurds said kurdistan was part of iraq an its wealth just like the rest of iraq belonged to the whole of iraq and not just to the producing regions, how the federal government needed to be in charge of all the oil wealth an contracts money etc that the fed gov needed to be in co
  12. ty all so much for your nice comments hope yall still like me after u see the millon dollar rv i posted lol........BL >>>>>>>>>>
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