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  1. I am trying to sell 900,000 New circulated IQD for my father who purchased them several years ago while he was in Iraq. they in like new condition anyone interested make me an offer.
  2. some of you people are just plain naive. when it comes to the us and our so called leaders you believe everything they tell you without question. same thing goes for the dinar. just because some of these idiots say they have intel or own a dinar site you don't question it at all. wake up people and get a clue. this country is still great but everything isn't as it appears on the outside. and as far as the dinar it has a chance to make us some money but the longer we wait, i have a feeling we aren't going to be as rich as we thought. and i'm sure those who have spent every extra penny they had on dinar may. be very disapointed. i don't know why i'm even taking time to write this response. the last 3 or so posts i have written haven't made it to the forum since i am now on mod review.
  3. shows kwd at 3.627 usd
  4. all i can say is too bad jesse ventura would never win the presidency. if he ran i would vote for him in a heartbeat. the reason i say he would never win is because he isn't some puppet whose stings can be pulled by the ones who are truly running and ruining our country. our election system is nothing more than a joke. in my world the person who has the most votes wins end of story. if we ever see an rv and make a good profit i am seroulsy thinking about joining my father and retiring in the philippines with him, or somewhere else out of country. i'm afraid this country isn't going to go forward it is going backward. be afraid of our govt be very afraid. and don't forget to get your flu shots so the govt can inject you with some kind of virus. am i paranoid maybe, but i would rather be paranoid than naive.
  5. fil lives in a rv down by the river...
  6. you know fil. fil in the blank, fil the fish, fil i buster, fil up the tank, and fil from down the street.
  7. that's right peeps if you want any secret inside info from his early morning call from his special dubai contacts you must be a VIP. i wonder what ever happened to cbi dude? ok now everyone wait anxouisly for next week's chat and more of the same.
  8. don't forget to go sign up for VIP before it's too late
  9. sure it wasn't possum and his family? now that's a scary thought
  10. ok MM. it's official.... since when does the word official mean anything in iraq? thurs will come and go just like every other thurs, to be followed by the next excuse or hold up. nuff said.
  11. like the song from styx....too much time on my hands.....some of you people really need to get a grip on reality.
  12. because they have no life. give it a rest already. after all isn't adam going to let you all know when it rv's? it sounds like some of you aren't all that confident in adam and his intel. just saying
  13. wasn't this posted already? any way frank can go MIA anytime along with all the others and their intel and contacts and i woudln't miss any of them. it will happen with or without their BS and fabricated intel.
  14. i think it is gas i've been feeling....yes it i feel better now...
  15. and it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and will never stop until it finally does RV. and it probably won't be on this coming tuesday.
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