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  1. BEAUTIFUL timing, dinarians! Begining several weeks ago, "private" sales to individuals began. One reported sale early this week in Los Angeles was for a quoted three TRILLION dinars! Others have been prolific in Las Vegas. When our illustrious president deemed it desirable to hold off the WORLD PUBLIC RV, in order to gve MONTHS of opportunity for "select" people to make private sales of their many dinar at what would have been sub-par prices, (with buy-more-and-then-sell-them-again, etc.), this was obviously embarrasing should the names of this "elite" group get out, so the "little people" (I think thats what Leona Helmsley calls us) were allowed to vie for combining dinars to sell privately for a VERY short period so that there would be no basis or justice from exposing the names of the "elect." But alas, the Chinese got into the picture! They had LOTS of US Dollars with which to buy BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dinars from private holders in the United States! Then the dinars could be used by OTHER people to buy Iraqi oil with OUR US dollars! How do you STOP it? SIMPLE! Simply allow the vicious ISIS (Al Queada in Iraq) to take the country UNOPPOSED! When Baghdad falls, (A-LA the fall of SAIGON, all over again), the dinars will NO LONGER be a liability to ANYONE! It's a GREAT political move, too! "NO US TROOPS TO STOP THE INVASION". . .and "IT'S AN INTERNAL MATTER." This old record has already been played once, and many of us can remember when it was played in the Fall of 1975. SOME of us were even THERE and watched as it was played the LAST time! SURE many American lives were lost in vain. . .both in Vietnam, and even WORSE over parts of the last two decades in the Sandbox. Sure, there were BILLIONS lost in getting Iraq free the first time and MORE billions spent since (oops. . .I mean WASTED) paying and bribing the Iraqi government (like Maliki and his henchmen) and for all the US Government-paid partially built schools, hospitals, offices, etc. But for POLITICAL reasons, you just have to sacrifice some things. . .RIGHT??? Could the POTUS have ordered at least AIR STRIKES to help DENT the numbers of THOUSANDS of Al Queada rushing south like a tsunami?? Yes. . .but not a good POLITICAL move, RIGHT??? And besides, after the fall of Baghdad. . .with the dinars valuable as Confederate Currency after Appomattix. . .NO THREAT to the US Dollar having to PAY for them! Maliki lives in POSH retirement at some South Seas resort, while the many US holders of Dinars are actually holding nothing but printed and paid-for by the US Taxpayer toilet paper. But the "elect" who cashed-in BEFORE Obama allowed the PUBLIC RV, and before the feces hit the fan will be "set" for life while the rest of us have groveled for years praying for a fair shake have from for our long-held dinars! Now the likes of Good Ol' "Mr. I'M SUPERFANTASTIC" still is blowing smoke up everybody's trouser leg, saying "EVERYTHING IS GOOD" and "WE'RE CLOSER THAN WE'VE EVER BEEN," and "WE'RE ON THE HALF-INCH LINE," and "I KNOW, BUT I'VE BEEN TOLD I CAN'T TELL YOU." FINALLY people everywhere can say, "BULL_ _ _ _ BY ANY OTHER NAME is STILL BOVINE EXCREMENT, and it is spelled T-O-N-Y" Hey, Okie! How about flying your 747 into Baghdad airport? They'd LOVE to see you. . .and guess who has morters all set just WAITING for your welcome at your parking place?
  2. All the major cities to the north of Baghdad have fallen to this insane branch of Al Queda. Most cities fell to them without even a token fight by the supposed army of Iraq, who have been filmed as they deserted and dropped their rifles, abandoned their expensive American military equipment (even their UNIFORMS) and ran. These black-hooded and bloodthirsty murderers who are all extreme islamists, have cut through Iraq toward Baghdad like a hot knife through soft butter. In their wake, they have been "gifted" by the cowardly, deserting iraq army of all the US-provided equipment and weapons. Most of these islamist army have come from their training grounds in neighboring Syria to the north where they raped, pilliaged and murdered thousands there on behalf of their Islamist leader there. Latest news show the Al Queda army within just a few miles of the capital of Baghdad, itself. Can anyone of you with eyes NOT see the likely result of Iraq being OVERTHROWN? Do you really intend to keep listening to "Mr. I'M SUPERFANTASTIC" or anybody ELSE who keeps talking about how things are so WONDERFUL in Iraq. you know, these are the same guys who are STILL saying the PUBLIC release of the RV is JUST ABOUT HERE to support the HIDDEN release allegedly of two MONTHS AGO (that nobody else in Iraq or the UK or Germany or the United States except our GREAT GURUS seems to know anything about!). You remember. . .these are the SAME guys who talked about all the Qi cards being "LOADED" and all the people dancing in the streets? In 3 weeks, the Al Queda force has taken what it took 35,000 US troops 5 YEARS to clean up. The many precious American lives and BILLIONS of US taxpayer dollars SPENT to free Iraq, and the even MORE BILLIONS GIVEN to Iraq for leaders such as Maliki and others to defraud and steal while the miserable poor in Iraq have waited more than a decade for simple needs such as electricity, water and sewer service are apparently now almost at an end. Does anyone see the similarity here? The WASTED lives and money lost in Vietnam in a war that ALSO didn't need to be lost was NOTHING in comparison to the UNNECESSARY waste and loss suffered by the American people because of decisions made, all in the last 6 years! Stability for Iraq to have been given a chance for success if we had NOT rushed to take our troops out SO QUICKLY. Our senior commanders (all of whom have been fired, forced-to-retire or gagged) begged for the troop withdrawl not to be done until more stable and careful government was OBSERVED to be done. It was a HUGE task for the Iraqis to move from a dictatorship to a democracy in such short time. The vaccuum created by the change required CAREFUL tutilage and protection with BIG STICK until all the citizenry could see improvement in their lives. Too early withdrawl allowed the likes of Maliki to steal, lie, connive, threaten, assinate and bully. The members of parliment elected initially met one day in 30 in 10 years to conduct business and agreed and passed laws which would take a REAL parliment 2-weeks to accomplish. As people were intimidated and made angry, their electorate just GAVE UP because there was no firm oversight. It was released too quickly! After WW-II, if the US had left Japan and the Allies had left Germany so quickly after the surrender of the Axis. . .Germany would now be EAST Germany, and the same radicals which dominated Japan's pre-1941 government would have RETURNED. How long did it take the German people and the Japanese to take an ACTIVE part in running their own governments after the war? They weren't accustomed to being permitted to force their governments to do the will of the people. THAT TAKES a LITTLE TIME to learn when moving out of a dictatorship. We have also come to understand that it can be easily FORGOTTEN! The United States also "leads-the-way" as an example of that. Discussions about an RV in Iraq for their currency are entirely academic if Al Queda takes the country, which thanks to the heroic Iraqi army is happening with growing velocity. The Al Queda army has taken much of Iraq in only 3 weeks. They are now just a few miles from the capital. I remember the fall of Saigon. I remember the terror and the mobs trying to get out/ I remember how at the last all the ARVN deserting, dropping their US supplied M-16's and changing out of their uniforms. As Yogi Berra used to say, "It's dejavu, all over again." Do any of you think that the heroic Iraqii army are the ONLY ones who are "BAILING OUT??" Check the MP's and Maliki, himself. His family is ALREADY in the UK. His billions of US dollars stolen are SAFE and in several other countries awaiting his safe "retirement" from public service. Do you think the newly elected officials will be announced by the 15th? Or will they and their families ALSO find the sudden need for extended trips abroad? By the 20th, you need to inquire of good ol' "I'M-SUPERFANTASTIC" how superfantastic he thinks the many hundreds of THOUSANDS of Iraqui refugees that have already fled the Al Queda tsunami are faring! Ask him how much purchasing they are doing with the Qi cards he said were already filled months ago, and what their families have in their quality of life. Had the RV been permitted to occur last December, as it certainly should have, the people of Iraq would have had a future. There would not be a willingness of the exhausted, beaten people to "GIVE UP" their new found hope and prosperity. Al Queda wouldn't have stood a chance! Yep. . .like many other things in history repleat with this same story. . .Maliki and the US were just a dinar short and four months TOO LATE! Keep your eyes on the NEWS about what's happening RIGH NOW in Iraq, folks. . .NOT on "Mr. I'M SPUERFANTASTIC."
  3. Mountain Nannie has come out with another prognostication. She is betting the Iraqi's will institute the first parliment meeting around July 1st, and the RV will occur slightly before or slightly after that date. EXCUSE ME! When the Iraqi's do ANYTHING of importance during Ramadan, it will be announced as the 8th Wonder of the World! Ramadan is June 28 - July 27th. NOTHING of ANY importance will get accomplished by the NEXT parliment better than the LAST parliment during Ramadan. In fact, the new parliment will probably attempt to OUTDO the record of the PRESENT parliment on how many days it DOESN'T meet or things it DOESN'T do! It's IRAQ, for crying out loud!
  4. Horny Goat Weed Cialis????? REALLY? C'mon Thug, how many virgins does that require?
  5. I've taken to pittying old Okie instead of LOSING it everytime he sends out one of his "Jed Clampet," 3rd Grade vocabulary pieces of made-up garbage. Many of the "goonroos" currently barfing all over the Internet know Okie, personally and he is heralded by many of them as the KING, and the "GRANDFATHER and godfather of all GURU-HOOD". He has claimed SO MANY false and completely MADE UP pieces of junk statements over the years in this dinar chase that his eyes have turned brown. For those who haven't experienced the JOY (sic) of following this Great Chase for too many years, Okie and Frank26 (let-me-sing-to-you) Villa used to spill garbage together on Frank's original site while Frank was still flipping tortillas at his father's Mexican restaurant and Okie was still working as a field hand in the oil patch. Finally after more than a year of made-up garbage always being wrong, Frank threw Okie off his site. That was BEFORE before Frank was HIMSELF thrown off his own site by the owner of the site and was forced to start his current "new" and "improved" version of Frank26. He added such MARVELOUS and such glorius help to his "intel" as DELTA (the used car salesman who speaks Arabic, turned GURU), and his North Carolina Real Estate "WOO-HOO-HOO" Lady, turned Cheerleader. His help from "AGGIEDAD" enhances his readership in Oklahoma. The fact that Okie is even still alive is a miracle in itself. Between his 3rd grade vocabulary and atrocious English writing skills, and his having been a "survivor" of the Vietnam-era as a VERY poorly educated F-4 pilot, he was still venerated for a LONG TIME by those who didn't know any better and especially by the wannabe new GOONROOS who followed his M/O of "making-things-up-as-you-go." However, after his disasterous proclamation in late August some 3 years ago when he announced ALL ACROSS THE INTERNET that "THE RV has HAPPENED and everybody should could go-in and just QUIT THEIR JOBS," Okie's credibility has taken an obvious "hit". After receiving Heaven's several gifts for his many lies, Okie has FINALLY gone into semi-retirement, stifling himself less another tree should fall upon him, emerging only occassionally to spew forth his old Okie-style garbage in his Jed Clampet-quality of abused written and spoken English. So for newbies who don't know about Okie the Oil Man and the TREMENDOUS hurt, heartache and damage he has caused so many innocent people through his many lies and made-up false statements over the years, you might cut them a break, those people who become enraged when they see Okie posted again from time-to-time. As I said, I have long-since given up my one time anger at Okie, and taken to just pittying him. I suggest you guys new to this chase and who wonder about why some members of this blog get so angry at the mere mention of Okie's name, consider their feelings of family members, elderly aunts and uncles, now passed away after having lost everything in their later years because of the advise and faulty "encouragement" from good ol' Okie the Oil Man..
  6. How many times do you have to have the SAME story told to "get the picture"??? Until the whole and entire government is FULLY SEATED, there will be no 2014 budget in Iraq. JUST exactly as has been the case EVERYTIME for the past 10 YEARS!
  7. Is an "UNofficial Rumor" the same as a "SHORT, Tall person"? Or a "FAT", skinny person?? Maybe a "SOFT", hard spot? Or a "LONGISH" short day?
  8. Like they used to say at the end of every episode of the "LONE RANGER". . . .WHO WAS THAT MOSQUE MAN? These many episodes always end the SAME WAY!!
  9. Like everybody else, I stopped at Luigi.
  10. If anyone is interested, three driver contractors for KBR purchased 22-million Dinar at the cost of 1550 per US Dollar from two kiosk banks in Bagdad today. The two men operating the kiosk bank hold their "day job" with the government but earn their living selling Dinars to Americans and Brits. They both laughed when asked about how valuable were their "SMART CARDS." The dinar HAS BEEN, IS NOW, and they said WILL likely BE for some time, officially 1166 Dinars to the Dollar. The SAME dollar can but the brand new, uncirculated dinars even CHEAPER (1200- 1600 dinars/dollar, depending on daily fluxuations from the change kiosks). Not that Tony is FULL of it or anything. . .but it appears that he and DC just MAKE UP THEIR so-called "INTEL" as they go. Either Tony's sources are GROSSLY and HORRIBLY screwed-up, or HE is. . .or BOTH!
  11. Kind of an awesome diatribe from Mountain Nannie. On the ONE hand she says we need to make a public "outcry" and swears she will give out the names Friday a WEEK AGO. . .but then just complains that we all need to DO it, but on the OTHER hand, she fails to provide any of the names she claims she has??? And good ol' TONY BALOGNY, who remains "superfantastic while watching all his blog followers go down the drain while this thing goes away for another 6 - 9 months. Mountain Nannie is right about ONE THING! If we don't FORGET about the Gurus and begin to DEMAND IN-MASS to our Congressmen and Senators that they take CONGRESSIONAL ACTION NOW to clean up this gross rip-off of the American investors, it won't GET fixed at all. A writing and telephone campaign by the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS will get their attention when nothing thus far has.
  12. A pretty good statement by Mountain Nannie. The ONLY way this will occur is to "OUT" the names of the politicians and their families who have already been paid. But Mountain Nannie's "PROMISES" to divulge the name SHE has, did NOT occur today, and neither did MarZ and Tony give any more than Mountain Nannie - DESPITE their promises to DO SO! We are left to live with frustration of having NO NAMES to put in the news. . .NO NAMES to publish on the Internet, and NO NAMES to help FORCE this abomination of unethics while the "FEW" keep getting FILTHY RICH at OUR EXPENSE, every day they can delay it.
  13. Well. . .if anybody has been too closed-eyed to NOT notce, today's OFFICIAL auctions by the CBI showed (GUESS WHAT!!!) 1166 dinars to the dollar! Is there any more question about the LIE of this "imaginary" RI of Saturday a week ago? Hey Tony/DC/Okie/TerryGoat! How you gonna skate and SPIN this one??? Maybe claim the CBI doesn't really know what's going on? Maybe you might CLAIM the Major Banks of Dubai, Lebanon and Jorden who DUMPED some of these BILLIONS of dinars didn't REALLY sell them for 1166 to the US Dollar? How about: "LIAR -- LIAR -- PANTS ON FIRE"
  14. The truth is out. There is NO MORE HIDING behind closed doors. The Official CBI Auctions on May 5 are out. There was NO RI in Iraq. Not last Saturday. . .not Yesterday. . .not TODAY! Official rate in Auctions as of TODAY: STILL 1166 dinars to the dollar! You think maybe Tony and Mountain Goat (and their copy-cat clones) LIED? I know that seems impossible. . .but TRUTH is TRUTH!
  15. Is it just me? Or are other people FINALLY begining to get very upset and angry over the bad and false crap being pumped up our trouser legs by the likes of Tony, DC and Mountain Goat, Frank (let-me-sing-to-you) Villa, Possum and of course, Okie-Bologna? A hammer smashing their lying fingers which have typed so many made-up hypes and lies and then recording it and showing it on the web would be a kind of cybernetic Sharia justice for all the people DUPED by them.
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