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  1. Apparently he was not well liked ?
  2. 🤣 me too..... he definitely needs more fiber in his diet. Poster Boy for chronic constipation and a whole lotta PAIN. Id tell him to 1) DISARM COMPLETELY 2) the entire government steps down 3) Free Elections - obviously allot more to this, but Regime Change must happen-I know, I’m dreaming.

    US calls on Iraq to disarm Shia militias

    That’s it ..... USA puts the hard squeeze on Iran, they’re losing leverage in Iraq and troubles in Syria. So why not pour gasoline on the fire and attack Israel. Let’s turn the entire M.E. Into a blazing inferno with charred corpses as high as a Camels Eye. Theyre begging for a Major League Azz Whooping, aren’t they !!!!
  4. I would like to say that I’m completely and utterly shocked by this, however, having been involved in this investment for what is now my 16th year.....uh, NO. . . and we all know the reasons why NONE OF US ARE SHOCKED BY THIS ! Now, I’m going to to pour myself a double Scotch and watch the dream to continue to unravel.....I mean UNFOLD.
  5. Okay, this needs to be kept an eye on. Somethings’ afoot. What Politicians stand to gain The most from this ? Lord knows those folks could use some “ real “ investment. . . Without having 75% of whatever does get thrown their way, syphoned off to Politicians UN-numbered mattresses around the world.
  6. - there’s a confidence builder. Any damn day now. Well, tick fricking tock ....only 11 1/2 months til the end of the year-can ya feel the pressure ?
  7. Not the stellar beginning we had hoped for ....not that any of us are surprised by this.

    CBI News 01/14/2019

    I hope your " ringing " is better than the ringing I have due to too much gunfire . . . of course over there I'm quite surprised anyone can " hear " much at all after literally decades of Gunfire. Perhaps that most of the problem . . . a GOI full Deaf Biatches. Hope your Special Notion pays off OT . . .
  9. Explain all the delays to the folks that used to live in that neighborhood in the posted article & pic above by Yota.
  10. I don’t see the YMCA on this list .... probably gone underground, now incognito. I know, I know-the Village People.
  11. Everyone over there is nuttier than a squirrel turd ! They're ALL just plain Nucking Futs !
  12. Deja`Vu all over again . . . Year 16 . . . . The narrative of very descriptive and not so glowing remarks about these people doesn't even need to be repeated; we know it all by heart.
  13. It’s all BS .... I put “ Democracy “ in quotations.... it’s all Bull Shiite.
  14. Well reliving 1968 was fun, huh. I had no Idea that A previously unknown anxiety attack would surface causing me to roll up into The fetal position for 20 minutes. 😆

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