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  1. Hmm....note to self - surround home with mote & gators ... contact “ Swamp People “ 🐊
  2. A couple of folks dropped rubies on U gave U a ♥️ Heart .... some folks can’t see past their Socialist brain washing.
  3. Uncle Rufus shows up again. Would be better if he wore underwear to hide that “ Big fat can “ of his.
  4. “ decided next week “. . . Has been going on for months. They must believe the population has an inexhaustible supply of patience.
  5. Is " Next Phase " to be understood as in the 2nd Quarter ? Boy Howdy I sure I hope so cuz " Next Phase " better not mean " Soon " or " In the Near Future "
  6. Thanx CF ...... I’m pretty could delivering grenades too: as my enemies would be inclined to agree. ...... they’re “ pushing up Daisies “ - but I’m sure they’d agree if they could. Hopefully we’re close to the finish line 🏁
  7. For a moment ( and still wondering if this is fake )there I thought it might the intro to a joke: like “ a horse walks into a Bar, the Bartender asks ‘ Why the Long Face ‘ Buh Wah ha ha ha ha ha ha 🐴
  8. Well be that as it may ..... let’s give him ‘til day after tomorrow. There’s always a few holdouts sneaking around wearing women’s clothes with a grenade stuffed in their bra.
  9. When the Sun goes down ; they lock the doors and party like it’s 1999 ! Then when everyone goes “ camping “ in early fall or when Ramadan surfaces - the desert turns into a sort of tent city complete with Circus lighting, they’re boozing it up out there.
  10. “ The Road to Istanbul “ -okay. I wanna see a Song & Dance number w/Bob Hope, Bing Crosby & Dorothy Lamour. I want my monies worth.
  11. Kuwait is heavily armed & manned by USA forces fuel depot..... Oh, it has Malls, good restaurants & the finest in American Fast Food Family friendly eateries. So there ! 😎
  12. Ridiculous isn’t it. Through the years ( tears 😭) is anyone’s guess.... reminiscent of a damaged vinyl LP that doesn’t allow The stylus to play on, repeating over & over again. Thats what these mouth pieces are, a broken record.
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