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  1. Another issue: that’s quite a bit of coastline to defend and if a ground assault were to take place, I have to ask whether or not we’ve maintained enough material to push into Iran from Afghanistan ? Armored Pincer movements work wonders. Air & Land Battle Doctrine is most comprehensive and deadly.
  2. Is anyone over there paying attention to what we did to Iraq ( or is this just to reassure the Iraqis ) in the 1st Gulf War ??? The Air War over Iraq caused such widespread devastation: we bombed them back into the 12th Century. The Ground War lasted approximately 💯 Hours. Point being ground war aside, we don’t need to to stage ground forces in Iraq to Invade Iran. Besides, I think the US Marines are itching for an Amphibious Assault.
  3. Al-Naeli said in a statement to the "news" that "the political negotiations between the blocks to complete the ministerial cabinet will bear fruit in the coming days and before the end of the month of Ramadan." Since last October, anyone wanna take a stab at how many times we've heard this or something very close to resembling this sort of " news " release ? . . . I'll be happy to go on record right now and to step up and say that " I WUZ WRONG " but I don't see these foot draggers completing the ministerial cabinet that will - " bear fruit in the coming days and before the end of the month of Ramadan." After Ramadan probably . . . same goes for the FM Law. It's coming, yes . . . just not quite yet, thats all. Prove me wrong Iraq- I dare ya.
  4. Too right . . . they're just as happy to continue to steal Why bother doing anything to create a better Iraq or quality of life for their people.
  5. Agreed Dago! . . . 2020 seems more in keeping with snails pace in which these folks proceed on EVERYTHING. Delay, Postponement, Forming an endless train of Committees " to hold Talks " , Sand Bagging & Foot Dragging is " Their Normal "
  6. Your Assessment is right on the mark BB . . . including - - " Jesus, 10 steps forward 10000 backwards." Nothing Normal goes on over there - If you're a fan of Mel Brooks " Young Frankenstein " you'll recall when Igor is sent out to retrieve a brain for the Doctors creation, he comes back with a Brain that has been labeled ( after Igor drops his 1st selection on the floor ) ABNORMAL . . . which later he reveals to the Doctor after the " Monster " initially exhibits peculiar reactions; when asked what was the name on the label ? Igor's reply " Abbey, something " Abbey Normal, yeah thats it " ( I paraphrase the scene as I do not recall the exact dialogue ). Lots & lots of " Abbey Normal Brains " over there. Normal ones as well, to be sure, however in short supply.
  7. Year after Year - GET ON WITH IT ! ! ! Years of talk and where are they ??????????? . . . I have no patience with this nonsense, this evening.
  8. Do I read this as . . . forming a committee to restructure Art 140 ? How loooooooong is this going to take ? More Bureaucratic Mumbo Jumbo and running of the mouth with empty headed jargon ? I hope I'm wrong here. Please. no more. Enough is enough - Just implement the damn Article for god's sake.
  9. Perhaps another way to stimulate investment projects by this LARGE & BLOATED sluggish, sleepy, dopey comatose government would be to subject each and every member of the GOI to 1 hour of Electric Shock Therapy sessions. Send them back out to get stuff done. If they're NOT getting stuff done, its BACK to the ROOM for a second dose. I know my methods might appear a bit unorthodox; however I do get results after just 1 session.
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