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  1. " NEXT " Meaning " THIS " year is how I take this to be. Hopefully delivered in October without the accompanying Delay or Postponement that follows announcements stating to expect " such & such " by a specific time. 10YL+6&
  2. These Idiots have been " forming committees " to resolve the SAME outstanding issues with each other for over a decade ! ! ! . . . and the results of this have been what exactly ? MORE Committees -
  3. I'd like to see an article stating " The Countries with the Greatest Amount of Government Idiots " . . . probably be top heavy with allot of countries Tied for 1st Place. 10YL+6&
  4. Apparently " Gilligan's Island " isn't as popular as was once thought . . . 10YL+6&
  5. As I suspected, all the school children's wooden desks were used to fuel the " Mysterious Warehouse Fire " during the last election cycle. 10YL+6&
  6. With the Police involved & would a Soldier pass up a yummy doughnut ; I think not . . . perhaps Dunkin Donuts Shops are having Grand Opening ? 10YL+6&
  7. Just like a cheap, tawdry, low budget, edge of your seat, B Movie 🍿, badly scripted & acted, Thriller , Who Dun It - - and .... WE LOVE IT !!!!! Oh yea.... we wait 🤣 10YL+6&
  8. How tuff is it to roll a joint ... and do U really need a plan to do that ? 10YL+6&
  9. ....and to U 3n1- all the best. Hopefully the IMF report tomorrow will bring extremely good news🤞
  10. Just a show of hands of how many folks needed to go to the restroom or Cafeteria. Hard to tell these days 😆
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