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  1. What happens if the USA Game piece is removed from the M.E. Chessboard-AGAIN ! Perhaps cooler/smarter heads will prevail this go around. Iranian influences run deep.
  2. With the article of JULY 1, 2019 ( near the top to f this page ) stating the Baghdad Airport would open soon : Well that was 7 weeks ago. Another example of SOON. Probably should just say " someday " . . . after 16 years, I do my best to keep my expectations in check. Pleased when things happen in a relative way in keeping to the concept of time(ing).
  3. Sanders is a poster child for Raving, Enraged, Deranged, Psychotic Ultra Left Wing nut Lunatic. All anyone has to do is look to the Homeless Crisis ( and the diseases associated therein ) thats hit Seattle, Wa., Portland, Ore., Los Angeles, Ca,. and in particular Ground Zero for the catastrophic incompetence of Local Govt. officials of San Francisco, CA . . . these 4 cities are run by Liberals; do we want that type of governance or the grossly lack thereof running the Big Show in Washington D.C. ?
  4. I can only guess what the rules to the Iraqi version of the board game Monopoly are. On second thought, there probably aren’t any rules written on the inside of the top of box. Rules only hinder creativity, acquisitions, bribery, and the sudden disappearance of the competition. Wonder if they’re Star Trek fans ? Ferengi 285 Rules Of Acquisition comes to mind. Rule # 1: Once you have their money 💰, you never give it back. Rule # 285: No good deed ever goes unpunished. Unwritten Rule: When no appropriate Rule applies, make one up. .... on my phone or I would bring over the pdf. Makes for entertaining reading, yet applicable to many politicians and governments Planet 🌎 wide.👋
  5. Did U see this coming !!!! Did Anyone see this coming !!!!! OMG 😮 OMG 😲 YEP .... sure did - signs were everywhere 🧐
  6. .... ? I certainly hope so. The “ Crazy “ Train 🚂 Conductor, OZZY enquirers as to when Will I be stepping off the Train ? “ Why I’m riding this all the way to the Station !” OZZY “ That’s fine sir” he says ....” We’re much closer than folks realize; won’t be long now “ Who am I to argue with the Great & Powerful OZZY, anyway ?🧐
  7. Uh boy Look around.... everywhere in the world, nut jobs, wing nuts & whackos running everything. The world is unraveling like a cheap suit. No worries, right ? ..... oh, and I’m not affiliated with either party.
  8. If it would help at all moving this down the road a bit faster, I’ll offer up my “Belly “ Button if they wanna hit that too. Hurry the hell up Iraq 🇮🇶!!!!!!😁 Afternoon CF
  9. Oh yeah .... forgot to include “ nothing’s too good for our people and nothing is what they’re gonna get “ We all know loads of articles come out playing both ends against the middle - just having fun with what appears to be another one.
  10. The last part of the statement highlighted in red sounds like - “ or do nothing at all to the rate cuz we be good with dat too “
  11. That Sub looks very similar to the ones you'd find at Disneyland's Submarine Voyage Ride . . . ( damn, can't bring the pic over ).
  12. Ground Zero for Party Central ? I can only imagine the reaction when/if these monkeys RI/RV the IQD.
  13. .....and they all agreed to form a committee to discuss the matter more in depth, without any resolution and no end in sight to the chin wagging, but the talks continue in earnest with both side responsibly engaged - then everyone lived happily ever after ... .THE END. if I’ve left anything out, my apologies-it’s been a narly week. 🥵
  14. Gave you 8 greenies on this page alone Carello. You're being stalked by the Ruby Bandit tonight. Bad manners if someone is going to drop a ruby on you without having the courage to come forward and engage you in proper & civilized debate. Some folks just ain't proper or civilized.
  15. IS IT OVER YET ? IS IT ????? They’ll all be in a food coma for days afterwards. Then they’ll straggle in with a bleary eyed slack jawed look claiming the need to recess complete with pathetic excuses. Thats when the Mothers Ship lands. Out pops Rowdy Roddy Piper ( he never died, Aliens 👽 picked him up ) ..... and reprises his famous line, armed to the teeth mind you - “ I’ve come here to chew bubble gum and kick some Azz, AND I’m all outta bubble gum “😁 FEAR THE PIPER !!! 💀
  16. About to & Soon ? Which is it ....the answer to be revealed “ in the coming days “
  17. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if they formed a committee to "discuss ways to achieve stability and consolidate the wish"
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