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    I read the bible, use guns, a Viet-Nam era veteran, Go to Church every Sunday and Love my Country.....oh no! I must be a terrorist!

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  1. The Constitution is not dead! The Constitution was a gift from God to a nation of God Loving and praying people. It will be saved but not in Washington. A very wise man once said that when we lose our freedoms, the only way we will get them back is with blood; human blood. We as a people are reaping our just rewards. We have kicked God our of our schools, out of our government and out of our lives. Not individually but as a Nation. We have sat back and let a bunch of crooked lawyers rape our Constitution and our National Morality and said nothing. There is an answer to our predicament but most of the citizens of this nation do not want to hear it or have anything to do with it. And the answer is……When we honor God and his Son, Jesus Christ, follow ALL of the Ten Commandments, place God at the head of our Nation as He should be, pay and honest tithing, quit murdering the unborn, quit honoring the homosexuals, keep the Sabbath Day Holy, follow the last two Commandments that Jesus Christ gave us to Love God the Eternal Father with all our hearth, mind and soul and to love our neighbor as ourselves, forgive ALL who have trespassed against us(70x7) and take care of the poor, the sick, the widows and the elderly. If we, as a nation are not willing to do these things, then the United States of America is doomed. If you, individually, do ALL of these things, then you will survive what is coming. If you are not doing all of these things now, there is still time. The name of the game is repentance and the Pure Love of Jesus Christ. None of us are perfect, especially me, but we can try as best we can. May the Good Lord Bless us as we try with all our being to follow his Son, Jesus Christ and do what He as said to do.
  2. Artitech, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Praying you will have a speedy recovery. Looking forward to meeting you at our Grand Finale!
  3. With this Coronavirus thing putting a monkey wrench in world travel, are there any contingency plans in the works in case of an RV?
  4. That is so true. The Oncology doctors Do Not want to hear about any non-Chemo cures that may be out there, especially at the Cancer hospitals. Did you know that Big Pharma pays doctors big bonus's for the Chemo they prescribe? I had a cancer doctor actually tell me that. If you go to a chemo hospital, they have non-chemo trials that the Pharmaceutical companies put out. They still pay the doctors and the drugs will not cost the patients anything. Patients will still have to pay for the hospital services. However, you have to ask for them they certainly will not voluntarily tell you about them.
  5. I can relate to that. I've beat cancer twice and just had emergency surgery for a tumor in my throat. Guess I'm just hanging around for this to happen so I can take care of my family before I check out of here! By the way, if you know anyone who has cancer, tell them to look up the Joe Tippens story on the internet. is the website. He beat cancer and I followed his method and beat cancer the second time after they almost killed me with chemo.
  6. Thank you md11fr8dawg, I really appreciate the information. We know many people here in the Houston area that have or will have Cancer unfortunately. I will definitely pass this info. on. I will contact and buy the Turkey Tail mushrooms for myself. I certainly need these to build back my immune system. We really appreciate the many people that pass on information like this to fight this deadly disease. Best of luck to you and hopefully this long awaited RV is in our Very near feature.
  7. Hey Adam, Thanks for all your comments we all really appreciate them! Your updates are what keep us all going and informed. Looking forward to meeting everyone and very soon we hope.
  8. Hallelujah! I have beat Cancer two times in two years. In Dec 2017 I was diagnosed with progressive Mantel Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. It is a blood cancer that affects the Lymph System in the body. I went to MDAnderson in Houston but I refused to take Chemo. I used a healthy Vegan diet and vitamins and minerals to build up my immune system. It made me feel better but did not cure the cancer. I went back to MDAnderson and saw a different doctor who put me on a study using two non-chemo drugs that were FDA approved. They wiped out the cancer in about 3 months. When they thought that the cancer had come back they took me off the study but could not find any live cancer cells. I was cancer free for about 8 months until I got into some nasty chemicals in a bag of potting soil and had a reaction to it that gave me a severe rash that covered 80% of my body. I went to 3 different dermatologist and they could not tell me what the rash was or how to cure it. I finally went back to my oncologist and he put me in the hospital on heavy steroids. They finally got the rash under control but the cancer had come back. We talked about the different options I had for the cancer. They could not put me back on the previous study that worked and they finally talked me into using one chemo drug and one of the previous drugs that cured the cancer the first time. The drug was called Revlimid. ($26,000 for 21 pills). Had it not been for a grant from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Part D of Medicare I wouldn't have been able to take it. In fact I wish I had never taken it. That crap almost killed me. I was supposed to take one pill a day for 21 days and them off for 7 days. I took one pill and immediately the rash came back with a vengeance. I wound up back in the hospital for a week and back on steroids to get rid of the rash. Meanwhile I was off the Revlimid. The day after being released from the hospital they told me to resume the Revlimid. Took one pill two days in a row and would up back in the hospital for 15 days. Got double pneumonia, a meglavirus and blood clots in my lungs. The blood clots felt like I was having a heart attack. They took me off all medications except blood thinner and a super strong antibiotic and put me on oxygen 24/7. Within 3 days after being taken off meds I began to feel better. Nowhere near 100% but better than when I was on about 8 different medications. Before I went into the hospital the last time, a friend of my daughter's told her about a guy from Oklahoma named Joe Tippens and told her to tell me to look up his story on the internet. I looked him up and went to . Joe was a patient at MDAnderson. He had small cell lung cancer that metastasized and spread over his whole body. The doctors finally told him that there was nothing else that they could do for him and they sent him home with about 3 months to live. Read the story on his blog, It tells it better than I can. Anyway what he wound up doing after talking to a Veterinarian that graduated from OSU like he did. He told Joe about research that was being done in the veterinary lab that was using a dog wormer called PanacurC that was 100% effective killing all types of cancer. He started taking PanacurC, Vitamin E and Theracumin. That was 3 years ago and he is still alive with no signs of cancer. I read the story and ordered all the medicines that he recommended. After 3 months on this regimen I went in for a PET Scan at MDAnderson and they could not find any cancer in my lymph system or anywhere else. I tried to talk to them about alternative treatments and diet for cancer but they would not hear of it. They told me to only take what they recommended. You know I did....NOT! When they could not find cancer the oncologist was really a happy camper. He thought that they had cured the cancer again not realizing that they had taken me off all medications and I only took one session of the rutuxin infusion and 3 of the chemo pills that almost killed me. We congratulated them on their success and thanked them for curing my cancer. The true thanks goes to Joe Tippens and his Veterinary friend at OSU. I would be remiss is I did not mention that there were a lot of prayers said in my behalf and Our Heavenly Father had a hand in this miraculous cure. And who is to say that one of these prayers had the Good LORD to direct my daughters friend to lead me to this cure. I conversed with Joe Tippens through email and I was the first success story for Mantel Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. There are many, many more success stories on his blog for all types of cancer. PLEASE, if you have cancer or know of anyone that does have cancer, read or have them read the Joe Tippens Story. It might same their lives. I personally am back to almost 100% activity to where I was before the cancer diagnosis almost 2 years ago and I am more than ready for the RRRRRVVVVVV!!!!!
  9. I still tune in to Adam's Chats but as usual nothing is happening. Been in for 10 years. Have since retired. Diagnosed with Lymphoma in December. Absolutely will not do chemo and radiation. Drastically changed my diet and lifestyle, have studied the thousands of cures for cancer and have come up with a regimine that seems to keep the cancer at bay and am gaining on it. If I die, it won't be because some rich doctor poisioned me with drugs, I will still have a full head of hair and not puking my guts out everyday. Who knows, I may get rich befoe I die. At 76, I will still buy a red Mustang Convertable if this thing ever hits.
  10. A little math for you....I joined in Aug 2011 with a full membership at $397. Had I opted for a 5 month membership even at a discount that would have been 14 five month cycles at $63 for a total of $882. So in the long run I have saved at least $485 which is more than another full membership and each 5 month cycle in the future I can mark up another savings of $63 or $79 or whatever. Why not bite the bullet and get the full membership and you won't have to worry about getting left out when this thing RV's.
  11. Well, I can say we beat you all at this point! We will be married for 52 years in November! Of Course there have been some rough edges at times, but we have worked through it. Things now seem to get better and better patience and love is what makes the difference. Heres hoping in a month maybe sooner we will all be happier than we thought we would ever be! GooooooRV p.s The secret to a long marriage is that the first one to leave has to take all them dang kids with them. They told us when we got married that it would never work out. So we have spent the last 51 1/2 years trying to figure why it wasn't working. Haven't figured it out yet and to tell you the truth I don't thing we ever will. So we'll just keep on livin and lovin and let them figure it out.
  12. Don't know so much about the sinuses but I have a really good cure for a cough. Ex-Lax.....Won't help your cough much but it sure makes you afraid to cough.....can someone pass this on to the Hildabeast?
  13. JimH


    If you are investing more than you can afford to lose without effecting your financial stability, you are dumber than a rock!
  14. You forget one thing. George Soros owns a majority of the stock of the company that will count the votes. Now who do you think will win?
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