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    I am not a fast cook, I am not a slow cook. I am a half-fast cook.
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    my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my family, working in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, deep sea fishing, martial arts, mma, humor,

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  1. Umm ... Let me think ... NO ! Call me back when you get your act together . When you stop hating on countries like the USA who like maintaining their sovereignty. Yada, yada, like that.
  2. You won't get a ruby from me for saying any of that my friend. Here's to the demeaning ruby meisters who can't take a joke for free 😅😆🤣. Or the normal people without a sense of humor.
  3. To me, today, the funniest part is trying to figure out of the 16 rubbies I got were because what the joke said wasn't true. Or because I unintentionally , momentarily , sent panic thoughts through my fellow DV's till they reached the gotcha point. Not to sound dismissive, it was all ment to be just good humor. Take care and God bless everyone.
  4. Yeah it was funny. I roar with laughter and tears when I think of the ruby meisters . We all could use a chuckle.
  5. Ding. Ding. Ding. Winner! Give Linda a N95 mask. Yup... April fools everyone at DV . Love ya guys . I blame it on cabin fever .
  6. OMG ! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT ! DID YOU GUYS HEAR ? FOX just reported . POTUS Trump came down with a wicked case of the Corona virus. Pence is in quarantine. And Nancy Pelosi is our seated President !!!
  7. Not having yet read previous comments : This ccould be a good thing, and maybe not. Trumps wants to loosen more travel restriction for a larger defined list of essential services by Easter , 4/12/20 . Hmm ? Plus the corrupt in Iraq and US are addicted to that dark money of corruption. Why do anything till there is absolutely no choice ?
  8. Doubtful they can borrow money . Not with the World Bank declaring we will lend you no more $$$ . The IMF is rumored to be just around the corner from doing the same thing. Fingers crossed to the RV being the thing they will do to be able to pay salaries and bills for next month .
  9. Maybe this pressure will make them poo something or get off the pot . Ah, ah, ah, do something ... Wait, wait ... ahh tada the RV is here !
  10. So to slow the spread of the virus in LA county facilities, you release the inmates of said facilities into the general county population so it spreads there. So it infects more of the law abiding citizens. Did you place all of them on ankle bracelets so you can monitor them and make sure they stay at home and do not migrate anywhere ? Brillant !!! Genius !!! Dumb ... you know what .
  11. new york kevin


    Hey Adam. Can you replace the BS emoji thing with this clip ? It has become a DV Classic , and may warrant consideration of enshrinement .
  12. new york kevin


    I stole this from another thread. Tough to stop looking at huh?
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