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    my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my family, working in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Legalise the US Constitution.

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  1. If all of this was incorporated under The Oil and Gas Law, then that may be a way both sides can find resolution, and begin to trust one another. If one side tries to bend the rule (law) then they can initiate a court case, and let the judge decide. Democracy in action. No influences from Trumped up charges, either.
  2. So long as Maliki is kept out of the government.
  3. I most surely agree with this article. God does not give up on His people. His wrath could pour out on America still and pass over His people. There is a remnant of His in this country still. From my knee time we will see His wrath as He exposes all the corruption and unwarranted controls the political class and oligarchs, American and others, have been dropping on us and reinforcing via their propaganda machines. Go Durham probe. Amen.
  4. The provision of facts that get out from underneath those who would suppress said facts, can have that effect on the propagandists and their machines; Cad . Freedom ain't free. The time has come to stand up to those who would suppress truth and free speech . Its one thing to provide facts that support ones divergent positions on a matter. Its another thing to repeat the view, purported facts, that have been spewed by a nationalized main stream propagandist machine . To do so is un-Amrerican. Bring back the America I grew up in ; one mind at a time.
  5. What is the exact estimated amount of Iraq's gold deposits ? I hear they are vast in size. Another non-oil industry Iraq can take advantage of.
  6. Cad, did I hurt your feelings you ein autoritarer propagandist . You cannot slap down the truth anymore. Didn't Hilary have to pay a fine for not telling the FEC what the 1 million dollar payment was actually for. You know the cash that went to Perkens Coie, that went to Fusion GPS, to Steele - who wrote the made up Trump Dossier. Q started that. Which made him/her the target of the Democrat Socialist of America propaganda machine - which is now being bailed on by key members like CNN, MSNBC. I cannot wait till Jack Maxey releases the 450 GB, 80,000 images, of deleted info from Hunters laptop. That will surely be entertaining. Maxey was the Republican Strategest that actually gave the laptop info to all the main stream media outlets, 90% of whom promptly suppressed it. Makes me wonder if Bidens resignation speech will be as good as Nixons ?
  7. Now this decision , and the Kurdistan response makes sense. Why send in the oil dues since it is not based on a written and enforceable HCL, just legal opinions. At least they are not outright rejecting this decision . Write the law ! Get your oil dues.
  8. That's because the accepted science, prior to C19 development, and now again on the CDC's website, has always been the strongest form of immunity, and always will be. The goal of vaccines , use to be to help strengthen the patients immune system not to replace it. I don't know why Shabs was confused by this thread, though with Shabs I can agree to disagree. Enough stroking caddies ego. I am out, until I am back in.
  9. Hopefully this will properly post the video I tried to send earlier. Stew Peter's Show, The Truth About Covid, the Vaxx and Remdezivir.
  10. Stew Peter's Show, The Truth About Covid, the Vaxx and Remdezivir. Caddie your a super spreader liar. I can see the headlines now just prior to the start of the flu season, "CDC issues warning that this will be the most deadly, contagious, covid 19 season yet. Over 25,000 deaths via remdesivir alone. Stop drinking the Koolaid of Heir Fauci and the Reich of the Obama 3rd term. The jabs are toxic. Think for yourself. Remember wear a mask, wear a mask, any kind of mask! Me saying N 95 masks are the only ones that can mitigate this. Now ,after 3 years of ridicule from the likes of caddie ,on the CDC own website N95 masks are still reccomended . No one has died from a 6 - 10 day course of Ivermectin 12 mg twice daily, high doses of zinc 100 mg daily, and absorbable vit C 1600 mg daily, early on in the diagnosis. You still get c19, but it's just like a bad flu , then you have real immunity. Not the 4 shot fake , you will never have real immunity like a real vax is suppose to give. The Pollio vax, wipped Pollio off the earth practically. Listen to the video.
  11. Let me guess. This is the price Joe, and the US citizenry have to pay in order for Iran to consider selling us the 650,000 bpd and replace the oil we use to get from Russia ? Plus we have to pay for it Iranian rial, I bet. President Joe, respectfully, do not under any circumstances ever buy oil again from Russia, Iran or Venezuela, ever, ever, ever again. Source said oil from Canada, and open up the XL pipelines to get it to all points necessary in the USA. Also return the US to being a net exporter of oil and gas, which ended in 2021 after you took office.
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