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  1. With Heir Bidens policies on the US domestic Fossil Fuel industry now in place via EO , effectively removing the US influence over oil back to OPEC , the ppb of Oil will go up, Iraq and Iran will be flush with cash . So they may try to keep the iqd at its current official valuation. Once the IMF et al is paid off in full for Iraq's loans on the books already, as they come due ; then they will rv their currency inorder to quell the people and the Iraqi national inflation rate . Or not. Once the IMF starts demanding their loans be repaid then it will rv . Imho.
  2. She had an active immune response, and should be immune for life from the strain of covid 19 that she had . That is how the human body's immune system works.
  3. There you go censoring someone's free speech caddieman. To Yota of all people. He knows more about DV rules than you ever will . Are you posing as a moderator or something ? If you think Yota violated DV rules than report him to the Mods, let them sort it out, it would be their job. Or better yet snitch to Heir Biden, maybe you can shut Yota up, by getting him sent to Stalag 13 at one of the CDC Humanitarian Camps . Look at what Heir Biden has done to Americans already, shuting down fracking which made America independent of OPEC. Shut down the Dakota pipeline. Banned oil exploration on BLM l
  4. I tried to copy that to post it on DV, with no success. Thanks for doing that. It kinda deserves its own thread. Ta da da da ... "waiting for a message from Montana. " 😉😄😅
  5. I have been saying the same thing about WHO and their One World Government Heath vision for ten darn years .
  6. New York Ron I like that . Bless you for your service. I have been in California for 30 yrs now . I am looking to move to a more friendly conservative state , and retire in place. Newsom is to gruesome .
  7. Yeah Ron , I know . I was simply calling attention to the section this is in. I am a Vet of this thing. So many things happen in Iraq and should mean one thing and then just mean nothing is what I was getting at. Kinda a show me the money thing for me.
  8. Cocaine Mitch ! Even I have a problem with that being said . Be careful where you step my friend. You wouldn't want Biden's SS to just walk up and knock on your door.
  9. I re-posted this article. What do you think ? Are you asking me as a US Conservative Citizen, or a US Citizen that is a Nurse ?
  10. Sounds like Joe should take another tab of his cholinesterase inhibitors . They are used to help Alzheimer's patients with memory issues .
  11. I have doubts about that coalition happening now if it does tur out to be Iran tripping on day 2 of this new administration .
  12. Shabs , the Conflater In Chief, how are you ? Here is the document regarding Heir Bidens Concentration Camps, Humanitarian Camps; whatever euphemism they want to use this time around . Zoom down to the " Camp/Sector Level" . Do not get me wrong , just pointing out the other side you don't seem to be mentioning . Trying to let you see how people that think like me, got to where we are . Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings Updated July 26, 2020 Print
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