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    my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my family, working in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Legalise the US Constitution.

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  1. All we need now is the Oil and Gas Law passed and implemented. Yota, waaaaaaasup ! It seems like I have not seen you in quite a while . Now that my DV sign in thing is fixed.
  2. I love that response from you T B. Yeah and Amen. Sorry for your loss. The fact the I see E.O. as God based as well is what has me looking, and reading, and learning about Essential Oils. Still weening off of my bp meds, had to take another half a pill today. It will be easier when I make my own batch of BP blends, Cholesterol blends, once I get my 30 ml roller bottles in and I mix my own. Then take it with me. I may need to dose myself 2-3 times a day. May God bless you and comfort you always T B.
  3. A pricey book for sure. Yet I scooped up a used one for $31 . Amazon and Ebay , other than mine $110 and up. way up. God bless you again. No more on E.O. for me least I get in trouble.
  4. Oh wow . Thank you thank you both. Plus blessing to you both.
  5. Briefly looked into it, then quickly bought a used copy off of Ebay for $8.15
  6. Thanks DinarDavo, I will look into that book.God Bless you.
  7. I did not hear anything about Iraq or the IQD. This might be a indicator of things to come once the digital currency platforms take place worldwide for each and every country, and thereby Iraq. Time will tell. Keeping in mind that USA currency policies are such that they are withdrawing USD from circulation. Therefore there are less USD available to transact international business with. Forcing Iran to pay even more for USD on the black market. While the SWIFT system in now receiving competition from the likes of Russia and China, the swift system currently remains supreme to their new currency systems. When the dust settles, and Trump gets re-elected and sets up our Cultrual Centered Economic zone, linking the USMCA countries. Not only will the US rise again on this new economic playing field, The Americas, Canada, Mexico and the USA ,will dominate with our combined raw material sources, cheap labor, and re-shoring of key vital industries into the US , the rest of the USMCA, or minimally away from China and into Pacific Rim countries. That brand new advanced computer chip manufacture plant in Texas is scheduled to open up within a year or 2.5 .
  8. Essential Oils is not all fluff and fodder as I once thought. Try them and see. Again, almost 2 weeks , on my knees that had some arthritic pain which made me feel older than my mind says I am. I put 6 drops on the essential oil Frankincense Oil on the front & back of my knee. Boom 75% better within the hour. So on a search I went into Essential Oils to see what else they may help me with. Many informative books that are guides to Essential Oils, some with, most without, a recipe of how much of an oil to use for a given condition; straight or with a carrier oil. I discovered the above chart which can answer some of my, and your, questions regarding how much of a Essential Oil to place in a 15 to 30 ml (1 to 2 tablespoons) of carrier oil. To make a single oil, or a blend of oils, to see if it can help a medical condition. Plus how best to administer the oil or blend. I got a couple of books on essential oils from the library. The one I like most , so far, is " Essential Oils Ancient Medicine " by Dr Josh Axe, Ty Bollinger, and Jordan Rubin. It has a brief guide on the oils, some recipes on. The carrier oil aids in getting the essential oil through the skin and into the muscle group or effected organ. For me I am using a blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang oils, in 30 mls of carrier oil. I have placed it into a 30 ml roller bottle. I then rub a generous portion over my heart. This does work, but it appears it may be best for me to ween off of my bp med. So I have decided to take 1/2 of my pill as usual, and apply this blend 3 times daily, while also monitoring my bp 3 times a day. With good, consistent within safe range results I plan to substitute/eliminate prescribed meds. Plus should I find myself outside of the good graces of the WEF/OWG/NWO/WHO, I can have a substitute to treat my conditions . Same thing with my cholesterol blend of Bergamot, Lemongrass, Lavender, and Myrrh oils; which I rub over my liver area 2-3 times a day. Always monitor, monitor, monitor when substituting therapies away from traditional meds. Be blest or not with all the above info. Later NYK
  9. I believe I heard it said the rate change will be done after Ramadan , and after the full budget is approved by all.
  10. uigi You still posting this stuff. Bro, they won't RV in country, and not internationally at the same time.
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