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  1. I saw the news briefing. Trump never said go back to your original countries. He said to the 4 freshman who do nothing but complain about the United States. Call our dedicated servicemen murderers and baby killers when they come home, just like in Vietnam and while the enemy surrounds their bases with women and children and then fire on our positions. While they are praising Al Qaeda as being better than our troops. Who claim we are responsible for the humanitarian crisis at our border, while they Congress people vote against emergency funding for those souls. Who claim we are making the detained illegal immigrants drink from toilets , oooo good propaganda line there. Detention centers ( jails) have sinks and water fountains designed on a one piece unit, plumbed differently to the sink/water fountain then separately to the tolet. When they Espanias , have poor proper Spanish dialects and therefore misinterpret what a detainee says. Who get caught taking pictures of their tortured soul at a border fence when they are in what was it a walmart parking lot. Our President told them if they don't like America that much then leave. Speaking of the Somali Congress woman, just remember you have already obtained more than you ever could have had you stayed in your country of origin. Get it straight people or just shut up.
  2. It's about time. I really wonder why this hadn't happened earlier, but at least its happening now. At least we know why ag and small business hasn't stepped up and taken a larger percentage of Iraqs gdp.
  3. Caz, you mean calling them "bottom feeders" ? Sorry if I am wrong.
  4. So you HATE Bill Clinton for being all that and more. Plus you hate HRC for enabling him, covering up for him, and calling all his accusers including M Lewinski nothing but lying be-otches and ho's . At least Trump never drank or smoked weed. At least Trump has changed his evil ways. If God can forgive him, who are you to hold past sins against him.
  5. Yeah that sounds about the right time frame. It was either a couple of months ago or no more than 3 years ago that the GOI & Kuwait agreed to the oil for debt program. If I wasn't on my break at work I wld research it. Just don't have the time (or energy) . Peace.
  6. I have been in this for 13 years now. Some time between 2006 and now, during yet another wavy of " this means its gonna rv SOON " . I said something like I ain't gonna hold my breath till the HCL and or the Iraqi version of the FDIC and Deposit Ins comes out. Well, now the Financial Management Law got approved (didn't it ? ), and now this. Very, very interesting. Hmmmm, even . Do we still need the HCL, or is the FML it ? Didn't the GOI agree with Kuwait to give them oil, at a specific rate, for the remainder of the $$$ owed Kuwait ?
  7. Here is some empirical data, for the last 20 years we have been loosing 200 to 600 billion dollars annually on a imbalanced trade treaty treaty with China. The very first trade deal since Washington was President that did not have tariffs in it . Tariffs designed to protect American industries while also promoting international trade. While also providing a contractual deterrent for either side if and when it violates, or cheats on said trade agreement . The only way to stop once and for all the myriad of documented violations of the trade agreement with China is to insert tariffs post hasten albiet from one side. All while attempting to keep open negotiations for a mutually satisfying agreement, with enforcement mechanisms. What is keeping that door open is the empirical fact that prior to Mr Trumps insertion of tariffs again we were loosing hundreds of billions of dollars . Now we are making hundreds of billions; not in the form of profits for old fashion trade, which needs to be corrected, but none the less we are not loosing money any more. That angers the Chinese, EC452, and others. But the Americans benefit, and we receive money by which we can reimburse most of those in the US negatively effected by the temporary application of tariffs. Remember it was the Chinese that flipped flopped on what would have been a mutually agreeable agreement. I personally think that this move will end up eliminating China from the equation, while securing the future for Canada, Mexico and the US. Ultimately benefiting every country in the Americas. By taking all under Chinas controll and sharing it amongst all Americas countries. Then providing all the needed products the world needs . Can you say made in Costa Rica, made in Brazil etc.
  8. Num one. Don't need to have info no one else has. My info has been there from the beginning. It has taken 2 years for all the undeniable truth to rise to the level of undeniable truth. The Dems who cannot accept an election results, had piled lies and innuendos on real thick in hopes of changing the results. But the Fly Over American people spoke and peeled away the layers of muck, by following the rule of law, defending against the false evidence the socialists created, and winning the legal battles. The Dems, propaganda machine/former news agencies, Mueller, and blind mice followers simply cannot accept the truth. They cannot accept valid election results, despite raising their hand and claiming they would accept the election results should a Republican win. They also cannot accept the fact that it is now proven there was zero collusion between the Republican Candidate - now POTUS, and the Russians TO FIX A National Election in the Republican candidates favor. All "evidence" that has been revealed regarding collusion with Russian assets to influence an elections result, points to HRC, the DNC, and Upper Echelon at the Obama FBI, CIA, NSI, and Obama WH as using their positions to break election laws and violate election laws and Fed Court procedures. You should open your eyes, engage your brain, and accept the truth cuz it aint no conspiracy theory no more. When afore mentioned Socialist Dems start getting indicted for something other than process crimes, or even for process crimes, would you change your mind then?
  9. Sir: Aint no conspiracy theory. Fake unverified op dossier use to obtain warrants to spy on US citizens. Lying to FISA judges to get "spying warrants" . Actions taken outside of protocols of FBI, CIA, to spygate on presidential candidates, their staff. Abuse of cooperation protocols of other countries investigative agencies to setup/spy on Americans. Specifically Englands, Australias, and Italy. Exoneration of HRC before you even begin an investigation. Plus other violations of law we are not.aware of yet. So just you wait till the IG report comes out. If I am wrong, and I am not, I will apologise then. You should stop watching CNN and MSNBC.
  10. You suck dude. That whole Russian collusion thing has been debunked . You will be talking out your rectal sphincter after the IG report comes out and AG Barr calls for Grand Juries for all Spygate and HRC-gate actors.
  11. Not if they put value to their currency. So GOI, RV ykur currency and go international.
  12. You suck dude. That whole Russian collusion thing has been debunked . You will be talking out your rectal sphincter after the IG report comes out and AG Barr calls for Grand Juries for all Spygate and HRC-gate actors.
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