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    I am not a fast cook, I am not a slow cook. I am a half-fast cook.
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  1. Shabs. You will ever get that head shaking or finger pointing from me unless I see you driving in your car with the windows up, a/c on, and wearing your mask. I , like you just do not want chastisement from dismissive mask wearers , antifa types. Its ultimately all about obtaining heard immunity .
  2. Iraq should build multiple water desalination plants, and then sell salt to the world. That would fix their lack of water issues. And help to prevent low-lying lands and countries from being flooded out and washed away by the rising sea levels due to the melting ice pack.
  3. LGD , as a Christian you will understand where I am coming from ... planks brother , planks. Shabs: Simply and easy just to wear a mask yada yada, what did you write Tom Hanks recent tyranical monologue . Why is it that the healthy should wear masks ? Because the sick are to lazy and self centered to wear masks ... thats their problem . (Double meaning on those last 3 words. Figure it out.). There are many studies now coming out now regarding covid. The Italian one regarding the autopsies Italy performed on their covid dead. They found that the blood coagulated in the victims bodies, and that the contagion was bacterial based . This could masquerade as a pneumonia based symptom when you asscultate lung sounds, and xray the chest. We know the elderly, compromised immune system patients, patients with other comorbitties , are more suseptible to covid, just as with the flu , which mutates every flu season. The same amount of people, groupings of people, die there as well. Where is the outrage ? Other US based hospital tracking results show that hydroxychloroquin does help most covid patients, if given early on, except with the compromised groups mention above. Bottomline,this China Based Bio-weapon has been released. Placing the biology based references aside and focusing on the spiritual, I will not perpetuate the demonic based spirit of fear, dis-unity , and destruction any longer. This is now a spiritual battle to prevent the coming of the next Tsunami like Awakening and Move of The Holy Spirit. On this country and the world ... plain and simple. Treat it as such people of God. When it shows itself in our world, where ever, whenever, bind it in chains that cannot be broken because they were formed by the hand of God himself. Cast The Demon down into the fiery pits of hell, burned for Eternal claustrophobic agony. Never to come back upon anything that was created by God for eternity. Invite the Holy Spirit to Rush In fill the void in our hearts at the enemy try to use as a finger hold into our life and relationship with him. Seal that in with the healing balm of Gilead. And we pray this in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord. Also invite the next wave of the Holy Spirit Awakening to move in just like a tsunami wave taking up the Believers in Christ to the top of the wave and to ride it in to its final location
  4. Sounds like a good idea. Shouldn't have a province, within a country, undermining the whole country's foreign policy .
  5. Luigi, this is the best shiznet you have ever posted. A link to the thread would have been nice, but what the heck you will still catch crud right up to the RV. It would be nuttier than a squriel turd if after getting debased as per usual tonight that it does RV at 1201 . After you rack up imaginary rubbies with yonder professors of pontification . Have a great rest of the week.
  6. This is not a exhaustive search but it is informative. And this man/scientist isn't selling things. Plus it's on a Episode of Joe Rogan. Lastly thank you both for your suggestions.
  7. I have just been introduced to the anti-inflamitory, anti aging, anti viral, anti autoimmune , + of this supplement. I would appreciate feedback if possible from the DV family please.
  8. I agree its embarrassing as heck , that the Democratic Youth Corp in their Brown Shirts are colluding with the Chinese, North Koreans, and Russia. Right out in the open with their own leaders. Still ! Perhaps they will shush up a little when Durham starts up with his indictments.
  9. Bolton has become a wuss. He represents the old guard republicans. The ones that get us into the DS, one new world order, and govern by endless wars with rules of engagement that make our treasure targets on the battle field. On the other hand Joe Biden represents the Democrats version of the same . I am going with Trump. He is new, fresh blood, and has the benefit of the everyday American in mind .
  10. So you are insinuating it all a bunch of Chinese, North Korea , Russian , and Democratic Youth Corp propaganda junkies conspiring together against Pres Trump !
  11. Still more than Joe Biden has had at any event he held . Just don't go tripping when the youth on the other side pull the same cyber tricks for tickets at Joe's event . If he ever has one. Outside his basement. Can't you here the complaints of the baters now . I guess Al Sharpton and his thugs forgot the Democrats fought the Civil War to keep slavery ; and that Joe Biden fought to keep segregation. Hmm . Al is confusing .
  12. Nice ! Maliki makes me wheezy; so eh . So there is an Agreement to get together sit and talk.
  13. Yeah !!! Particularly since the price of oil is up to where all can make some profit ? Including Iraq on a revaluated currency .
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