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  1. To bad 75% of them have been transferred home. AND 1900 went back to Syria .Within Bidens 1st 100 days and E.O.
  2. Then stop what you have been doing, seek wise counsel and live according to the word of God my brother.
  3. I hope that there is at least a 7 month window for cashing in. Since I do not have the cash on hand yet to set up the whole estate planning thing now, in another more tax friendly state , I suspect that it may take that length of time to properly set up my Estate . Does anyone have a more definitive answer at this time ? Has Adam been convinced to allow VIP members to take advantage of DV Estate and Tax Planning after the RV ? Or immediately after the RV ?
  4. Franky, Franky ... you get in trouble when you think . Don't do it no more .
  5. I will buy them from you ! $50 per thousand ! Or just hold on to them till something freezes over and be happy then . Prehistoricman , you are edgy there bud. Be careful least you earn another demerit. Can you not see that Sonia, myself and others are simply tired of getting great news such as this, then nothing happening, as we await the ability to retire ... possibly debt free . WE are only human here, take a chill pill .
  6. Goats and Mountains are going to chime in ... otherwise time will tell .
  7. Man oh man you nailed my current sentiments with your entire post Greedydinar07 . I almost used a shortened version of you moniker but chose not to ... GD07 , nope not gonna do it Lord. It's kinda like why I do not post anywhere like I use to in all honesty. There are so many others that have gobs of excellent sources of IQD info , that usually post what I see else where on the subject. Sort of a self confirming thing. Plus that this has dragged on for so stinking long , with no apparent end in site , I figure why should I bother. If only before I go to heaven , is all I ask .
  8. I got 2 warnings at least , maybe 3. One in my early days on DV , In my opinion I was defending a fellow poster who had a different opinion on some posting, and was get ridden hard by this other DV-er . I did not like the tone of his postings. We ended up getting into it virtually . I used language that was outlawed, language that did not reflect my faith in God; thats what hurts me the most. I was unable to post for some time, a month or so , until someone gave me ... umm ... something like 3 or 6 green upvotes . The 2nd time , I discovered that I could still post my reaction icons and may ha
  9. I think they dropped a deuce . Is that bad? I should delete that huh? Sorry. Just trying to be humorous.
  10. Isaiah 40:22 and the shape of the earth by Dominic Statham Published: 11 August 2016 (GMT+10) The first line of Isaiah 40:22 reads, “It is he [i.e. God] who sits above the circle of the earth.” Some have argued from this that Scripture teaches the earth to be a flat disc, rather than a globe. However, even if the original Hebrew is correctly understood to refer to a circle, this doesn’t necessarily indicate something flat; a sphere appears as a circle when seen from above—and indeed from whatever direction it is viewed. Moreover, there is good reason to believe that the word trans
  11. Wasn't Galileo Italian ? He proved gravity, didnt he . God created all humans, regardless of whether or not they (humans) chose to create different religions . Remember that golden calf thing our Christian predecessors did . Sleep well my friend .
  12. I will never accept flat earth theory. So like my friend you and I will need to agree to disagree on this topic. As science relates to this discussion , which I have enjoyed having with you, you cannot cherry pick from one science, an apply it to another , without dismissing still more facts, and still repeatedly receive the results time and again. You create a pseudo science at that point as you have to dismiss so many other scientific facts to make your premise plausible . I DO AGREE and hear what you are saying about the eggs being good this week, but not next month thing. Or that Covid
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