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  1. Seriously Botzwana? That's a stretch even for you. In the idea of a civil discourse, the modern day Nazi's are those in and who support Antifa. I know antifa defines themselves as anti fascist. But that is just their propaganda, their mis-information and brainwashing soup for the uninformed or the developmentally disabled. Antifa is 100% what they say, yell and scream they aren't. Antifa is fascist . What else should you call a group of anarchists that utilize every tactic the Brown Shirts used in post WW I as Hitler began his movement and rise to power. You call them Fascist,even if they call themselves The Blueberry Scouts of the Benign Universe and Anti Bovine Fatulence Club. They destroy property as they "protest", legally not protected speech. They violate others freedom to assemble and freedom to speak. They bring weapons, M 80's (a quarter stick of dynamite) to throw at the people they wish to silence. Save the term Nazi for the Fascist of Antifa fame. Tell the other dude you think he/she is radical and noninclusive in his thoughts, he is a azz wipe whose only purpose in life is to stop free speech ... or stop up sewer lines. A racist. Don't hate them just because they are pro legal immigration. Trump would never allow an American to not come back into the US. Unless they renounced their US citizenship, went to Syria to join ISIS, and pledged death to America and Americans. They can stay wherever they ended up at outside the US.
  2. Yeah I know. Sorry. Its kinda sickening and funny all at the same time. I survived the 80's ... mosty.
  3. You are 100% correct. I apologize about this video I posted. But I just had to. Again sorry. Maybe this is why there may be global warming. Since AOC and her Green New Deal want to get rid of all cows in the US, do you think she will call for the wholesale destruction of Polar Bears on US soil? Or perhaps more and larger corks.
  4. No friend, I did not have the honor of serving in any branch of the US Military. They ended the draft for Vietnam when I was in my Sophomore year in HS. I have vivid memories of the Juniors and Seniors being allowed to listen to the radio during Study Hall when the lottery/draft was occuring. My Mother had major health issues after that till her death. I do have a son currently serving in the USMC.
  5. Unlike your dehumanization of Trump as being disgusting (not discusting; you should not type with a NY/NJ accent), and your uninformed belief that Trump has not spoken a true word any time in his life. I will not do the same about John McCain. McCain was a longtime and wonderful Senator. I did not like the ways he would regularly vote against the Republican position on matters. McCain did lose two Navy aircraft while piloting them. One crash was found to be McCain’s fault, the other due to an engine failure of undetermined cause. A third was destroyed on the deck of the carrier USS Forrestal when a missile fired accidentally into McCains own aircraft causing him to panic. Which caused him to accidentally drop 2 bombs on deck, triggering a disastrous fire. McCain "accident" did kill 134 sailors and nearly killed McCain. A fourth plane was lost when he was shot down over North Vietnam on a bombing mission over Hanoi. this according to . Google it see for yourself. McCain cheated on his wife. You know he was married before right ? He courted his current wife, Cindy, for months before divorcing Carol Shepp in 1980. Again, per FactCheck.Org . Isn't it nice that they used the word "courted" instead of "cheating." My point is that once elected to office and what the person does while in office to effect the reachable goals of his constituents and declared party is what matters. Not the past, sordid or not. All have a skeleton or so in their closet. Thats why we must all ask God to forgive us. And why Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for our sins and misgivings, so that we wouldn't have to pay the cost of them. McCain and Trump did not get along. Also a fact, no need to go to for that one. Trump says he was a daredevil clown sometimes when behind the joy stick. (A phrase McCain himself used.) McCain didn't like Trump who was a self made man after a $1 million dollar loan from his father. He didn't like that Trump took $1 million and worked to turn it into 3-4 billion. There is no law or IRS regulation that requires a POTUS candidate to make his or her income tax records public. But Parts of Donald Trump’s 2005 federal tax returns were made public , revealing that the president made $150 million that year and paid $38 million in taxes. This means that , that year he personally paid a bit over 25% of his income in taxes. What more are you just going to close your eyes and mind to about POTUS Trump. Trump won, HRC lost. Trump has been falsely accused and investigated for almost 3 years now. Hopefully HRC will be next. I know because I am not contrite to your position, because I can, will and do defend my thoughts on such matters I am a misogynist, and your NOT a misandrist ? Its time to move on from your rhetoric and mine. Trump is doing at minimum a pretty ok job so far.
  6. Truer and funnier words were never spoken caz1104. I gave you a laughing face. lopsters for dummies handbook, har, har, har. I will bet someone has gone to their safe spot to pets an animals, and have a cleansing cry.
  7. Rhona, you cannot be further from the truth. Just from hanging around here in DV-land you can gain a fair knowledge of geopolitics, US politics, finance and investments; if you are discerning. Did he tell you if you like your Dr you can keep your Dr ? Nope! Mr Obama did that. Did he tell you that selling 20% of the USA store of refined Uranium to Russia after they make a huge donation to The Clinton Foundation was a good deal for us ? Nope, HRC did that while SOSUS. Did he tell you that 3% growth in GDP or higher was possible still after POTUS Obama said that we would never see that ever again ? Yes he did. Did we through his policies see that rate of growth ? Yup we did. Did Trump sexually groom and manipulate young impressionable daughters of the american people while in the WH? Nope WJC did. Have you ever had a child, friend, or family member touched by a drug addiction ? Or had friends who's children were touched by a drug issue? 90% of drugs that flow into the US do so over the US/Mexican border. As does human trafficking, or less tactfully put sex slavery. Ever heard of Angel Moms. To you, do you believe they are lying. What will happen to your world or mine if the Muller Report proves Trump innocent of all the accusations of collusion on the part of his campaign? Will you support a full blown Independent Counsel Investigation into the Russian collusion they did find proof of ? The DNC/Clinton convoluted (that means they went thru multiple entities to hide that fact) Russian collusion that used Russian information (false russian info) for "Op Research" on Trump . Or the lies that Obama's DOJ, DOD, NSA, and FBI gave when they walked the same "OP RESEARCH" to the FISA Courts to get warrants to spy on Trumps campaign ? What about all of these lies Rhona ? Trump does have his background faults and flaws. He is brash and harsh, and tells it like it is. But if you have ever received redemption from the trash of your past why can't we allow him his? Don't think that because he still has an ego that he is beyond help. Anyone that aspires to and gets elected to POTUS has a huge friggin ego. Anyone .
  8. Politics is brutal. But what do you expect Sadr has always been about what is good for the Iraqi people. If these guys cannot get already funded projects started, then you get what Sadr and group are saying.
  9. Chuck, just expecting the worst while hoping for the best Brother. That was a way cool article. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. I hope they peg the float at $1 . Then allow it to float upwards from there. Verses allowing it to float upwards from 10 cents.
  11. Floridian and others this is a fantastic signal. The start of development of a diverse economy within Iraq. Allowing Iraq to sustain a vibrant diverse economy after and make money for the GOI and Iraq's people. Strictly oil based economies will fail sometime in the near future. Even Saudi Arabia recognizes this as they announced at the end of last year their intentions to do the same; after Prince arrest your Uncle and kill journalists aka Prince whats his name announced SA intentions to do the same. Its geopolitical man. Listen to Breightlings most recent post. The US oil companies, not OPEC or Russia, are with new oil tech poised to be able to pull oil out of the ground at $15 per barrel. Processing costs, shipping and delivery costs, profit then get added on, et al. That places us on par with SA cost to get oil out of the ground, and is far cheaper than the rest of OPEC and Russia can ever do. Plus Alaska, West Texas and Eastern New Mexico oil fields are coming online soon to now. Any pressure added to the GOI and CBI to RV/RI before all this is allowed to be applied, the better I think. JMHO. With all this said I think it is a little less likely for the IQD to RI at $3+ . Float or no float.
  12. Yeah ! I hear you jg1. I had the day off yesterday and was able to use my laptop instead of my cell phone. Its been a while. Made up for lost time like this on other posts yesterday as well. God bless you and yours.
  13. Thank you for serving. I appreciate what I believe to be the sacrifices you made to protect my family and I . It may have been like a Okinawa chill deployment for you. I imagine those who care for you stateside were on their knees praying for your safe return. For the record, what I wrote and you quoted was a tongue and cheek jest. I never have had the privilege of serving in any branch of the military, let alone be transferred to a work location where nasty shiznit could happen. Let alone in Iraq. I am just a Nurse who has a persons life/physical well being in my hands on a daily basis. I salute you and honor you and all like you with the gratitude of a very grateful US citizen. All the rest of the stuff I typed was real. God Bless you. I have a son in the Marines.
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