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    I am not a fast cook, I am not a slow cook. I am a half-fast cook.
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    my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my family, working in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, deep sea fishing, martial arts, mma, humor,

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  1. Possibly they destroyed the IQD because they were worn out notes. Thats a possibility.
  2. Hmmm. When he does get re-elected I wounder if Sleepy Joe will just head to the basement forever. Just so his brothers Iraqi housing development deals will not be shut down .
  3. They can have all mine for $3.31 per 1 IQD . Kinda like a sale. Lets Make A Deal !!!
  4. Post said video here. The Mods should be ok with that, especially if you provide a link ?
  5. Or 80,000 more indebtments of the Dems for filing false police reports. Or whatever you call the false filing of FISA Warrant applications . With the recent release of Hunter Bidens email audios implicating daddy and President Obama; thats gonna hurt them bigly.
  6. Just another example of the guilty Dems accusing others and Republicans of everything they are doing illegally .
  7. So its ok for you to degrade the legally elected President of the United States ? Thats ok ? He is only 4 years younger than Biden. Well I don't play golf, I don't agree with your generalization. I do admit at some lower percentage , that Mr Trumps tweets can make me cringe. IE, I think I know where he was going on that. Me I would have worded it differently. Get him voted out of the office , NOPE. It is his weird endearment/connection with the commoners of this great nation. We will see Nov 3rd.
  8. Well that has to be better than Biden yesterday saying that the 56% of the people in the USA who feel they are better off now than they were 4 years ago, should not vote for him. 4 years ago only 45% of the people said that about Obama/Biden .
  9. Woops, my bad, it was Senator Moron-o or Mirono, who felt the need to ask ACB if she ever paid for it. My premise otherwise still stands.
  10. Plus, as a Nurse with vast experience with elder care, any patient with symptoms such as what Biden demonstrates, can see that Biden should be resting on a porch and not trying to be POTUS. They would further be asking what is the Dem Party's real motivation in promoting a man or women , with Bidens cognitive or motor challenges, to be their candidate for the leader of the most powerful country in the world .
  11. Caddie, your just unjustifiably angry that you didn't say that about President Trump first. You conflate your hatred of his personality , with your disagreement of his policies. For a policy example, the Democratic over the past 10 years or more have repeatedly turned to the courts and the likeminded activist judges Dem Governors, Senators, and Presidents have placed there. All inorder to achieve via litigation what they could not achieve legislatively . The only reason the Dems are fighting ACB for appointment to the Supreme Court is that her assention to this court will likely remove that a
  12. Born in February , I can celebrate my b-day in October !
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