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  1. Wouldn't that be Panamanian Beef Chow Mein my friend ? 😉😉😉
  2. That , plus I think that Iran believes the US will come in after destroying its oil production infrastructure , its electrical grid (destroyed via EMP weapons ) and rebuilding them on the US taxpayers dime. Mostly thats it since they believe their nuclear weapon support facilities are untouchable since they are deep i side a couple of mountains .
  3. Baghdad and Erbil disagree over oil and gas law .. What are the conditions of the Kurds Its my belief that this article represents Iraq News organizations recycling practices at their finest. IE: Old News .
  4. And when is this current term over ? IMHO, if Mahdi pass the HCL and rv the IQD , this would fend off calls for a vote of no confidence in his administration. At least till the end of his term .
  5. The Saudis should simply invade, conquer, and take over Yemen for that matter. IMHO. Higher that black army group of mercenaries the US used to supplement force multipliers when the mission in Iraq was different. Oh by the way has Iraq yet promised to make up for the losses in Saudi oil production yet ? Or are they waiting for oils spot price to rise above $60 ppb.
  6. Especially if secret souurces confirm that these Irannian sympathetic forces in Iraq , or from Iran are responsible for the bombing of the Saudi Oil Production Facility over this past week . That and if there is truth to my POTUS Trump statement that the US in locked and loaded Hmmmm.
  7. I recall this was one of many reasons India has outlawed cryptos . For all people looking to be informed on the BRI , check out/google the INSTC - The International North South Transport Corridor. Competition for China exists and its not just the US.
  8. Folks google INSTC, or the In International North South Transportation Corridor. and take your pick of the independent articles you see there. Including this map image for comparison to the above BRI map. ( Note: My fat fingers erased a portion of the above article I wrote when I was right at the end. I thought I restored most of what was removed but I guess not. Sorry. See below.) I think the green line across China is an option or wishful thinking on India's part.;_ylu=X3oDMTByb2lvbXVuBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--/RV=2/RE=1568554270/RO=10/ This is a fairly complete article, though its map does not show the INSTC SouthEast Asia corridor. All the USA has to do to promote this competition is to be a better partner to the whole of SouthEast Asia, particularly India. Though India has gone against the US interests sometimes in the past, what we need to do are the things we already are hearing about in the news. Such as the US vows to keep the international shipping corridors open by patrolling the Pacific Fleet through the disputed water ways. In international waters now claimed by China. Right where China has built islands out of what use to be shoals and sandbars at best. Solidifying our relations and mutual protection agreements with many of the nations in the region; such as Taiwan, Thailand and the PI. Help find new locations for companies leaving China, since their cost of manufacturing has increased as China passes the costs of the tariffs onto the manufacturers inside China. Like in Vietnam, back in the USA or Mexico for instance. This is all for now as my mind continues to calculate the possibilities.
  9. Remember when our President said our country has the capabilities to flood the market with our oil should OPEC's strength resurge again and they are able to manipulate the ppb. If such a mechanism is in place this would be a perfect time for it to be demonstrated by applying it to this situation and replace the supply that may be lost. At least until such time that the facility can be repaired and the Saudi's can manage their market share. The Saudis should also tap into their oil reserves; assuming they have some.
  10. The tease: who is one of the very powerful economic powers in the world that some do not think of as being in the top 3 or 4 world economic powers ? INDIA. Yes, thats right India is one of the top economic powers in the world. In the very region that China is in. They also have a very large population, cheap labor, business centers for imports and exports. India holds a desire to step into direct competition with China, as China's grip on the world markets it has expanded into begins to weaken. And as China's efforts to expand their markets further is finding more and more challenges. Recall also the underhanded business practices China has been performing for years with immunity until Trump became POTUS. Thanks to the treaties the World Trade Organization gave China with the understanding that they would have to play nice on the world stage. No tariffs should they become underhanded and need a WTO spanking for violations, just an understanding. This very agreement was the first agreement the United States and the European Union et al had that did not include tariffs. Tariffs having been included in every trade agreement the US has ever entered into from back in the late 1700's until WJC administration negotiated the WTO deal in 2000. Yes China joined the WTO in 2001 when Bush Jr was elected POTUS but only because it was all negotiated and signed under the WJC Administration. Having signed it China was allowed to join the WTO in 2001. Lets not forget the spyware imbedded in every integrated system China's Huawei has ever sold, and often given away, to many of Europe's individual countries, and their current Centralized EU Government in Belgium. Now do you understand why Trump does not want them to purchase a foot hold in any US market info system company ? China merely needs to turn on those back doors and instantly get all the info you can on your enemies and friendimies . Curious, does anyone know who made the server HRC had in her closet bathroom ? We do know from the Mueller Investigation that the Chinese Gov got a copy sent to them on everything that was sent through and into said HRC server. We have all heard about China's new Belt Road Initiative. Their plan to supplement or replace the market share lost , and quite possibly their entire share loss from the US market. This is their way of spanking the US for reinstating world trade penalties in the form of tariffs. They hope to build a brand new road system thru to Europe and back to China to lower shipping costs and reduce shipping times to the EU nations. Oh how can that be ; or what can we do to counter that China succeeds here and encircles the economies of the world ? One we compete, and unilaterally introduce cures to enforcement equities lacking in WTO oriented trade agreements if necessary ; for a start. Thus stopping the trillions of dollars flowing to China via trade imbalances. If China was allowed to suck all of our profits the US would eventually be bankrupt and become a puppet of China. Because a bankrupt US in a non-sovereign US. Heard any rumors about the shabby USD lately. Another thing we can do is be a better partner to all of the SouthEast Asian nations including India. We have the might to keep the trade routes open in the China Seas. We can sell or give weapons systems to all SE Asian Nations complaining about China's aggressive military posturing as China's now floats its new modern Navy. Building islands at strategic points. (Cant wait for a 5 point earth quake to liquify the ground these islands are built on.) Another thing as the Chinese labor has become less and less cheap, we as a nation encourage American companies to come back home, or move into neighboring countries that are bound to agreements of understanding that contain tariffs if either party becomes bad (like China has). Additionally we can back India's INSTC. See this link : Compare the map of the INSTC to the map of the BRI They are very similar, yes ? Each is seeking to bypass and encircle the other. Might wanna buy stock in Sri Lanka shipping ports . Boom China has competition already as China takes the more expensive way by building new roads to be part of the BRI, verses taking advantage of or improving already existing roads in the INSTC. Can anyone postulate the benefits from this healthy international competition ? Mr Finley ? Yota ? Shabs ? Can any US worker see the benefits to the US ? How many more markets would US goods be open to in these fair balanced trade markets? Can any US Patriot see the benefits to the US if at the same time, we in the Americas unite via trade and manufacturing agreements. Allowing us to build the necessary infrastructure, take advantage of the resources each America country has; and we build a manufacturing system here so we then can supply the world with all the products China use to. Let us elect Congresspersons and Senators that will work with the Trumps administration and pass the USMCA Trade Agreement so we can get the ball rolling on at least this front. Tons more rattling around in my head, but this article is already 3 times bigger than I planned.
  11. IMHO, the premise of Red Flag Laws is good. Mental illness is a problem that has been ignored since the 70's. Those with mental illness are largely responsible for the mass shootings we have had lately. They way Red Flag Laws work now is by currently denying due process, without any evidence whatsoever. This is troublesome. Unconstitutional I say. Legal authorities should be allowed to access Grammar school and High School records , criminal records & medical records from that time period. And school, medical and criminal records from post HS. Social Media postings, yada, yada like that, to flesh out a complaint. 1 statement of concern or complaint from an anonymous person should not trigger the process of confiscation of their weapons; an investigation yes , but not the confiscation of weapons. I can see many manipulative scenarios occuring here. A former lover dropping the dime on a former lover just to putz with them. Gun abolitionists calling in on the pro gun person. See what I mean. They should have some flesh to a complaint before confiscating ones weapons. The ability to regain ones weapons that were confiscated should be immediate once the accused is found to be sane and the claims unfounded. What about the scenario like the Connecticut Elementary School shooter . Here the Mother legally obtained all the weapons used that day, but it was her mentally ill family member (son) that gained access to the weapons; killed the Mom then all the little children. As I recall the Mom did not really have them trigger locked or in a gun safe , let alone no access to the combination. The Red Flag Laws need to be fleshed out before being applied and we violate one's Constitutional Rights.
  12. Looser !!! What is unconstitutional here is a Hawaiian Judge thinking he can rule on anything that occurs in a state other than his . In Hawaii a fair election win of people from an opposing political party may be illegal or unconstitutional . Who's constitution are we speaking of here? Hawaii state constitution, our the US Federal Constitution ?
  13. This is all LGD's work. I just thought it would be nice to have it all in one spot. Clarifies things I think. Does this foretell 2020's trajectory ? Hmm, maybe, maybe not. It does indicate something. Sounds like the propaganda machine from 2016 is still running strong, but on fumes . They will crush themselves when Trumps wins again. Though I believe their nominee will be winning in all the polls and punditry blathering till the last day. Come on history, repeat yourself.
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