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  1. Has anyone else gotten an email from Adam Montana with the subject line "Tomorrow is the Day!"? Apparently he has joined the ranks of the sensationalist, pump salesmen like the other so called Gurus. I thought he had a good rep in the biz. Was I wrong or has he soured? Heres the rest of the email, If you're new to the dinar news email group, you may have missed my last email. And if you're that new to the newsletter, you may have missed a few more things... for example, did you know that: The Dinar News Network (Dinarvets, Dinarsupport, etc) is responsible (along with the gr
  2. Amen! Pray for the best, prepare for the worst.
  3. Honestly, Im not convinced this will ever truly pan out. I hope I'm wrong but i believe that tanking the frn and therefore the U.S.,Inc is the main priority facing us all right now. The elimination of the middle class is #1 in the states. We are on the edge of a major war, which also by it's nature reeks of collapse. Not to pull anyone down but I just had to finally say it! Differing, educated opinions welcome at this point.
  4. I know, these guys are disgusting. They are the lowest of the low. These fools dont even come up with original in depth excuses. Nor do they even have to change them! The people that constantly buy into these snake-oil salesmen are sooo gullible. And what happened to tony's court appointment for early March?
  5. I'm sorry my friend, am I to understand that u r a Terryk supporter?
  6. Exactly, once they are proven to be verifiable frauds they should be vilified openly and banned permanently. And any site that doesn't may find itself liable one day for being complicit.
  7. 3-4-2014 Intel Guru TerryK my brother who also has VND...just saw on CNBC that O [Obama] signed agreement with China today and tomorrow VNN will open at $6.05. HECK I WOULD TAKE THE .05 FROM THE 6.05. WHO IS GOING TO WATCH THE VNN TODAY AS IT DOES NOT NEED TO RV OR ANYTHING AS ITS A TRADED CURRENCY NOW. THE VALUE WILL JUST SHOW.
  8. Sorry to hear that, my sympathies.
  9. "SOON" one of the most abused words in the english language. Since Christ left the earth the word "soon" has been translated to mean "anytime in the next 2000 years"!
  10. Hope so but seriously doubt it, those people are totally starry eyed for okie and tony. Simple minded followers, sheeple.
  11. Keep waiting, there never has been and never will be Okie accountability.
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