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  1. I didn't mean to quote that... She said it was something dealing with a pay out code or swift code..? She didn't mention ISO.
  2. Hey got a call from my IMF contact and she said a code of some sort was released yesterday at roughly 3-5 PM PST... So that falls in line with what some of the Gurus have said... Just passing this on, and I don't know what it means. Also, the M2 increasing 180 percent is crazy along with the confirmations of the banks being shut down in Iraq. Thoughts?
  3. How can all of you bash something that you don't even know about..? Maybe she is right, maybe she isn't, we will NEVER know until we are at the bank and look back on this. You can't tell someone they're wrong just because the truth isn't revealed to you at the moment. Don't bash until you have verified... Which none of you including myself, can... Unless you trust articles coming from the sandbox (which I'm sure they're going to tell the world when they will increase their currency 100,000 percent over night)
  4. Executive order 13303 allows foreigners to invest in Iraq, thus the RV must occur on 20(13) the (30)th day of march (3).
  5. Hm I don't know... That's a good question! Need some clarification please!
  6. Bring it on!!! My UST contact was wrong a while back on the rumor I posted (I got bashed and called a pumper haha!) but maybe the IMF might come through in the clutch!
  7. Does "deleting the zeros" mean slashing the zeros off the 25000 and 10000 dinar notes, OR does it mean slashing the zeros off the .00085 exchange rate?
  8. Looks cool, but one flaw... How'd she know he had IQD?
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