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  1. LOL Well, you made me look. After I read your topic I thought maybe PJ wants all of us check his profile and see how many he could get to see it. Like I said good job.
  2. In layman' terms, what this all means is that the Labrador current with all the cold water from the melting glaciers is dumping right into the Gulf Stream Current. It will eventually shut down the Gulf Stream ending the warmth coming from the south into Northern Europe. The could trigger a new cooler period for the Earth. An ice age depends on a couple of other factors that may not occur for several thousand years yet. This sounds like a page out the movie "The Day After Tomorrow " 2004. In the b movie they fail to mention the other factors. A cooling of the Earth I think will happen a
  3. You go there "Nicky" you got..... well men have them. You continue to stand up to these thug nations and maybe they will get back in line with the rest of the world. Yet we must be careful and not kill all the innocent Women and Children, they did not start all this although a few women may be involved in terorrist activity. Dave..(AKA)------Seabee
  4. I have been watching CNN for several years and never seen or heard so much disgusting crap coming from them till the election was over with. From morning till dinner time they a constant run of panelists all agreeing with the moderator on what viable Trump has done this day. The worst part is, is that CNN repeats everything over and over. It is like they are trying to brainwash the public. Well it is not going to work on me. It is all about ratings and the dirty news the put on about Trump. Bite me CNN From here on out i will refer CNN. As the Communist News Network
  5. If I may be so bold, I would like to ask this question. I will certainly understand if you can't answer it. I have been on here for many years now and I have seen some of my friends come and go. I have heard a couple of times an unofficial number,of members on DV, but never broken down between VIP and regular followers. Can you say how many VP members we have on here now as. We head to the allusive finish line.i get the true sense you have to be overwhelmed. God be with you Sir. Dave...AKA...(Seabee
  6. I think it is better called Obama's left over henchmen. The dem's got creamed so bad, that the left over Obama people are up to a "Coup Da Ta" sorry spelling. My little son whom is 8 says Trump won't be in office after 3 more months. You all think your seeing riots now mostly in the big cities, wait till you see the rural areas step in. This is where President Trump got his support during the election that the media didn't want to cover or missed. Every time something happens of a large scale in the rural area it doesn't get covered. All the media is concerned about is the large population me
  7. I hope Chuck Todd from NBC took note of . However after seeing him on the news last night he is just as arrogant as ever. I have no respect for the guy. And for CNN, they ought to yank them off the air. Every time you turn on the likes of CNN and FOX, they do a rehash of the same thing over and over and sometimes take it into the next day. i swear there must be an inside element deep in side the government giving leaks to the media to cause them to constantly go after Trump. Keep it up Donald.
  8. Thank Adam for you input. Since I already have VIP I will take a strong look at it if we RV during the next 3 months.
  9. If Hillarious and Obama had there way we would not ever be talking to Russia. So Putin snubbed his nose at us and look what Russia has done. You can't bake the cake unless you have the chefs in the kitchen. Dave...AKA....(Seabee)
  10. I as well like your thinking on this. As for me I have heard anything other on if we are close. It could be next week or in the next five years. One can only hope. I have many many Dinar stashed away in the bank. At least I didn't go into debt buying them. Good luck. Maybe it is Luigi. LOL Dave.....AKA......(Seabee)
  11. I know I am not always the brightest bulb in the box, but I have one opinion if you don't mind hearing me out. Like some retailers that sell certain items like say like a line of clothing they are sold on consignment, which means if the lot of clothing is not sold then the manufacturer takes them back. In the case of a currency dealer, when they no longer can sell any more for whatever reason, then the Central Bank can take the currency back. The dealer has made his money on selling the Dinar and my not be allowed to keep any for himself as per regulations of the Central Bank. i learned t
  12. Hi Adam, two Questions.... Would the advent of Digital currency give Iraq reason to RV at a much higher rate than most of us have otherwise thought. Or doesn't the country of Iraq deal with Digital Currency yet? I have been doing research on digital currency and as I understand if I have ten thousand dollars of IQD IN A BANK roughly 99% + Would be in the form of digital currency and we can only ask for so much hard cash under federal law. What is your take on D.C.? Also, would I really lose that much money by not going the VIP route? I would just rather cash in and pay my taxes a
  13. Hi Adam My intent is not to be harsh by any means. I just hope that I am not dead and gone after all the hard work you have done for everyone here over the long haul. You see I am starting to take on the VA and my Congresswoman over Agent Orange that I and others believed was used on Diego Garcia while in the NAVY many years back. For those of you that don't know where Diego Garcia is, it is a small speck of dirt about 1,200 miles south of India, smack dab in thhemiddle of the Indian Ocean, used as a jumping off point for. Activities in the Middle East.. To many health issues
  14. Adam, hi By asking this I am not in anyway trying to be rude or crude. So please don't neg me everyone. over the past month or so you have missed a couple of your Wed. Chats, maybe three. You had explained your reasoning and I will not discuss the reasons. For those of us that had posted questions for answer, will you go back and answer them or should we repost them for next? Thanks for your continuing concern to all your countrymen and countrywomen,๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ‘
  15. Thanks Sgt. I love to rant as long as it is well thought๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹.
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