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  1. LOL Well, you made me look. After I read your topic I thought maybe PJ wants all of us check his profile and see how many he could get to see it. Like I said good job.
  2. In layman' terms, what this all means is that the Labrador current with all the cold water from the melting glaciers is dumping right into the Gulf Stream Current. It will eventually shut down the Gulf Stream ending the warmth coming from the south into Northern Europe. The could trigger a new cooler period for the Earth. An ice age depends on a couple of other factors that may not occur for several thousand years yet. This sounds like a page out the movie "The Day After Tomorrow " 2004. In the b movie they fail to mention the other factors. A cooling of the Earth I think will happen as so called Global Warming picks up steam, this no Global Warming. The Earth goes through these periods of warming and cooling, especially when the other factor are involved and then a new ice age will happen. I can't believe that Obumer fell for this. Dave....(AKA)------ Seabee
  3. You go there "Nicky" you got..... well men have them. You continue to stand up to these thug nations and maybe they will get back in line with the rest of the world. Yet we must be careful and not kill all the innocent Women and Children, they did not start all this although a few women may be involved in terorrist activity. Dave..(AKA)------Seabee
  4. I have been watching CNN for several years and never seen or heard so much disgusting crap coming from them till the election was over with. From morning till dinner time they a constant run of panelists all agreeing with the moderator on what viable Trump has done this day. The worst part is, is that CNN repeats everything over and over. It is like they are trying to brainwash the public. Well it is not going to work on me. It is all about ratings and the dirty news the put on about Trump. Bite me CNN From here on out i will refer CNN. As the Communist News Network
  5. If I may be so bold, I would like to ask this question. I will certainly understand if you can't answer it. I have been on here for many years now and I have seen some of my friends come and go. I have heard a couple of times an unofficial number,of members on DV, but never broken down between VIP and regular followers. Can you say how many VP members we have on here now as. We head to the allusive finish line.i get the true sense you have to be overwhelmed. God be with you Sir. Dave...AKA...(Seabee
  6. I think it is better called Obama's left over henchmen. The dem's got creamed so bad, that the left over Obama people are up to a "Coup Da Ta" sorry spelling. My little son whom is 8 says Trump won't be in office after 3 more months. You all think your seeing riots now mostly in the big cities, wait till you see the rural areas step in. This is where President Trump got his support during the election that the media didn't want to cover or missed. Every time something happens of a large scale in the rural area it doesn't get covered. All the media is concerned about is the large population metropolitan areas. For them it is all about ratings. WAKE UP CNN.better called the Communist News Network. The people in rural America are the ones that have lived the hard life i hate to say this, but what you have in the bigger cities are the younger people and some Millennials that want to tear this country down. What has happened over the last twenty years is something called the Internet or socia media. They have lost their way by not reading books anymore, and are reading what all the other kooks have to say on the Internet or social media. They should read more about American history. Speaking about books, with the Common Core Program in schools, they don't even use books any more. Everything is all about sheetss of paper. When my adopted son brings homework home, the papers he brings home is unbelievable. The principle at my sons school says it's the new age. In the end the schools are teaching our kids to be dumb. When I asked how much it cost the school districts to buy paper, no one could answer it. society is teaching our kids to become a bunch of wimps. You can't pick on one an other like I was when I was a kid. I lived on a farm when I was a kid and what I got from the snobby kids was, oh you smell like a farmer and they would turn away from me. My relatives and other adults told us that we needed to suck it up and this made me and my friends better people as time went on. Then there is the drinking age. If the government and others have their way the drinking age will soon be 21 like they are talking about here in N.Y. State. My God people if the young can join the military at 18 they should be entitled,to drink at 18. Allow the kids today to learn how to handle beer and alcohol . Some of the millennium people and today's youth need to learn how to handle some of life's unpleasantries instead of mommy and daddy hovering over them. Sure they need protection from getting hurt, but there are many other things that some parents could look the other way. This country is afraid to get tough with the rest of the world because. We are afraid of controversy and do not want to stand up to them because they are afraid that someone will die. Hell peoplare or have died because of Alqueda and now ISIS and what might be next, the Loonytoon man from the cartoon strips? Look how we handled WWII. We went to to rest of the world and stood up to the aggressors and we beat them, then after WWII this country remained strong and life was good till about the late 70's. The late 70s and into the earl 1980 was the beginning of the millennial. This was about the time when the U.S. started its decline. The young people of today and some of these millennial need to read about recent American history and see what made us the way we were from 40years on back to just before the Depression. Americans lived a hard life and this is something we just don't do anymore. Most everyone under 35 years of age want everything handed to them on a silver platter. I don't know how many young people I know that come home after work and will sit and drink beer and watch cartoons like Sponge Bob and other cartoons on TV. When you ask them about the goings on somewhere in the world, they haven't a clue about things going on. This is why the rest of the world is looking down on the U.S now. They think we don't have any balls to take on the problems anymore. Sure we don't have to be the world policemen, but I think we have backed up to much. This is what Donald Trump is all about, and getting back to the rural thing, God help us all if the people out in rural country side one day get up and take on all the weenies in the big city because they don't understand what it is to live a hard life like the rest of us over 40. President Trump has his work cut out for him. i didn't write to come down on all the people on the DV Web site. I believe that most everyone on here has lived life hard and just want to get this country back to what it use to be. We have a lot of smart people on DV and a lot of you have good Common sense. I will pray everyday before I die that someday America will be great again. God Bless Dave.... AKA....(Seabee)
  7. I hope Chuck Todd from NBC took note of . However after seeing him on the news last night he is just as arrogant as ever. I have no respect for the guy. And for CNN, they ought to yank them off the air. Every time you turn on the likes of CNN and FOX, they do a rehash of the same thing over and over and sometimes take it into the next day. i swear there must be an inside element deep in side the government giving leaks to the media to cause them to constantly go after Trump. Keep it up Donald.
  8. Thank Adam for you input. Since I already have VIP I will take a strong look at it if we RV during the next 3 months.
  9. If Hillarious and Obama had there way we would not ever be talking to Russia. So Putin snubbed his nose at us and look what Russia has done. You can't bake the cake unless you have the chefs in the kitchen. Dave...AKA....(Seabee)
  10. I as well like your thinking on this. As for me I have heard anything other on if we are close. It could be next week or in the next five years. One can only hope. I have many many Dinar stashed away in the bank. At least I didn't go into debt buying them. Good luck. Maybe it is Luigi. LOL Dave.....AKA......(Seabee)
  11. I know I am not always the brightest bulb in the box, but I have one opinion if you don't mind hearing me out. Like some retailers that sell certain items like say like a line of clothing they are sold on consignment, which means if the lot of clothing is not sold then the manufacturer takes them back. In the case of a currency dealer, when they no longer can sell any more for whatever reason, then the Central Bank can take the currency back. The dealer has made his money on selling the Dinar and my not be allowed to keep any for himself as per regulations of the Central Bank. i learned this many years ago after traveling to a foreign country on a vacation and asked this question of a currency dealer. I was told it was a consignment issue. I don't know if the IQD is handled this way, but it is something to comptemplate. Any other takers on this.?
  12. Hi Adam, two Questions.... Would the advent of Digital currency give Iraq reason to RV at a much higher rate than most of us have otherwise thought. Or doesn't the country of Iraq deal with Digital Currency yet? I have been doing research on digital currency and as I understand if I have ten thousand dollars of IQD IN A BANK roughly 99% + Would be in the form of digital currency and we can only ask for so much hard cash under federal law. What is your take on D.C.? Also, would I really lose that much money by not going the VIP route? I would just rather cash in and pay my taxes and continue retirement. I already have an investment counselor whom I trust. What do you think? oh BTW I still trust you young man.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ“ˆπŸ†™πŸ†™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Dave...AKA....Seabee
  13. Hi Adam My intent is not to be harsh by any means. I just hope that I am not dead and gone after all the hard work you have done for everyone here over the long haul. You see I am starting to take on the VA and my Congresswoman over Agent Orange that I and others believed was used on Diego Garcia while in the NAVY many years back. For those of you that don't know where Diego Garcia is, it is a small speck of dirt about 1,200 miles south of India, smack dab in thhemiddle of the Indian Ocean, used as a jumping off point for. Activities in the Middle East.. To many health issues coming on lately With me and a buddy of mine on the west coast. I hope you understand. I do feel that sommttting is just around the next bend, only you Bro can clue us in..πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜
  14. Adam, hi By asking this I am not in anyway trying to be rude or crude. So please don't neg me everyone. over the past month or so you have missed a couple of your Wed. Chats, maybe three. You had explained your reasoning and I will not discuss the reasons. For those of us that had posted questions for answer, will you go back and answer them or should we repost them for next? Thanks for your continuing concern to all your countrymen and countrywomen,πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ‘
  15. Thanks Sgt. I love to rant as long as it is well thoughtπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.
  16. Hi Adam I have over $10,000.00 worth of Dinar. My question is this VIP thing in which I recently got back into again. I don't know if it is me but I find all this rather confusing. Your doing a bang up job my friend, but I have the following questions I need to get out of the way. Let us assume that we RV 1:1 First of all, my total personal debt is roughly $100,000.00 Oh , also I am 63 Y/O My income going into retirement is $60,000.00 a year. I am assuming that I will pay roughly 35% tax and with other misc cost of cashing in I am expecting to come clean with about 5.5 million to 6 million dollars. Now my parents have always said that when ever I come into money that I should take and invest half of the money, leaving the rest to do what I will. I am not looking to do much with this money and with my retirement income and my bills paid I will consider myself set. I got input from my financial planner and he said if I was happy with this plan along as I was. He did say I could have more money given your direction but I don't care to go that way. I would rather take the tax hit and move on. At my age I don't want a lot of complications. What is your take on the way I want to go? What ever happens Adam, I wish you and your family the best. Dave, AKA: Seabee
  17. Thanks Bunk, Just wanted to get the straight facts out there.
  18. Here's one you may have forgotten. 21. A penny for your thoughts, oh wait a minute we are Americans, we are not allowed to have any thoughts
  19. I for one am sick and tired of this illegals that come into this country and stand on the street corners like I use to see in Las Vegas when I lived there not to many years ago. They take jobs with home builders and in my opinion are not qualified at as builders. I like others may have experience when it came to buying a new built home in the large southwest cities. My home took two weeks longer to move into because of all the mistakes that these illegals did finishing my home. If these national home building companies didn't have the illegals on the street corners to pick up then they would be forced to have to pay higher wages to the legal people that live here in this country. Sure there might be a higher cost to the homes, but IMO I think that the builders were padding profit statements and can afford to keep prices fair. They also bring their illegal families looking for, meidcade and free education and all the other free stuff granted for people here legally in this country. Then there are incarceration cost we all have to pick up on the county level. This is why I am for the wall. I'm not against keeping folks out that come over legally and join the rest of us. I just don't care for all the drugs and the crime these illegal people bring. I also think If this country wants to do the right thing then we should go after the illegals that have been here for many years causing crime brining drugs across the boarder and raping our women and kick their asses back to the boarder. As for the other illegals that have come here and setting up a decent life then I say great for all of you. Just pay a small fine and be done with it and get legalized. I think all the people that are protesting should read more on the American history of this country and get a proper intake of our immigration history. Immigrants came over by the boat load in the thousands in the late 1800's and early 1900's and followed the laws to the letter. We are a nation of laws and while we may not all agree with them, between the laws and the immigrants that came here and abided by them, this has what made us a great country. So to the illegals that have come over and broke the laws with crime and steal our free services, I say go back home and try to get in legally. I don't understand why the Europeans, Asian's and Southeast Asians didn't have any problems over the years coming to this country. In the end I am sick and tired of the illegals south of the boarder thinking that they can come into my back yard telling me I should make an exception for them in the laws and handing out all our hard earned tax dollars to them. I hope I don't get bashed over this but am trying to present both sides of an issue for all of us to grasp. Dave,AKA: Seabee
  20. I'm coming up with .00079. Pretty much on the mark from what I can tell. Okay gang, let shoot for $1.00 per Dinar, I like that one for a start. Dave, AKA: Seabee
  21. Hey Newbie, I like your style. LOL Now, John Wayne and the fighting Seabee's. I wonder how many times I have seen this movie, Ha ha ha. This was mandatory to see when I went to builder A School many years back. Whoever reads the next few paragraphs, I want all to know that in no way am I looking for any sympathy. With that being said, I would like to say that I would love to become well off and spread some around. However, I pray to God everyday that he gives me the strength to make it from week to week with my health. When stationed in Diego Garcia in the mid 70's, I worked at the MLO facility (Material Liason Office). This was where every stick of material that came to the island for the Seabees to build would have to come through. Everything would have to be inventoried several times during our time on the island. My buddy Roger and I were the only ones to inventory the chemical defoliants that were kept in conic boxes. These defoliants were said to be used when the Bees first got to Garcia to clear the jungle growth so that the huge runway could be built. A couple of the barrels in the conic boxes were white with an orange stripe around the middle of them. Roger and I were just two young hicks from the farms back in the World or should I say states and at that time didn't know of the danger that existed from the barrels. Yes, Agent Orange. The barrels had been in the boxes for several years now and had started to rust and leak and had a pungent oder. We remember going into those boxes at least 3 or 4 times during our deployment to Diego Garcia just to check them. There was nothing on the barrels to indicate that the contents of the barrels were harmful. After about 40 year we have both developed the same illnesses with regards to Agent Orange. I get sick quite often and as time moves forward my problems are more frequent. On some days when I get very ill, I have to give myself an injection to get past my crisis.. The VA and the government just look the other way and insist the no AO was used on the island when in fact Roger and I know better. getting back to the windfall of wealth that could potentially come from the RV, it is all moot to me now. I just hope I can live long enough to see this come to fruition. I would rather have my health first. I originally bought way more Dinar than what I should have. However, I am not involved with VIP. I am going to take my licks should I still be around when this thing does pop and just pay my taxes and leave the rest to be devided up between my kids. My health first and my kids happiness second are what is important at the end for me. in the end, my goal is to get the U.S. government to admit that AO was used at Diego Garcia. There may be others out there from the earlier years that may benefit from this. Anyway Newbie, should I have a little bit of zing left in me if and when the IQD RV's I want to leave a bundle for my church. I also would like to leave some money for the local humane society. Enough money to pay for several years worth of their operating system, perhaps five years worth. After that then my kids. Good luck Newbie..". Dave, AKA:Seabee
  22. I for one can say that I have enough Dinar to make myself well off with the many million that I have stashed in the bank. I however, will not hold my breath until the real s#*+t hits the fan. My concerns are the notes with the zeros. What will become of them when the time comes. I might be holding my hand over my mouth and saying " Ho hum". Or may be jumping for joy and yelling Whoppie. I have been with this for nine years now, and like others we have had our hopes dashed to many times to jump at some sort of news that never comes to fruition. I have been where you are Newbie many years ago and now I have tempered my enthusiasm to ground level. I for one am not getting excited till I learn what will happen to all my 25,000 notes. I do have a huge box of 500 Dinar notes stashed away that I hope will pay out real well. Unless someone else can tell us how this all turns out then this is a sleeper for me at this time. No matter what happens, I wish everyone fair sailing and best wishes if and when this does happen.
  23. Hi Stephanie,, I would like to thank you for your wonderful reply. I really hate to have to tell you this. I did not know you dad. You see Stephanie, i was in NMCB 5 in MLO . I did not get to Diego till Sept of 1975 and was there till June 1975. Diego Garcia was one of the most beautiful and tropical places I ever spent eight months in the world. Our hooch, our MLO crew stayed in was just 75 feet from the ocean and it's trade winds. As for the CTR crew they lived even closer to the ocean. i would appreciate it if you could ask your dad a question. He may not know this and that is okay. Was your dad aware of any Agent Orange containers stored in conic boxes in the MLO yard? The island was supposedly sprayed with defoliants in 1971 to clear the way for the Seabees and too clear the trees and jungle growth for the large runway facility. Myself and a friend had contact with the conix boxes several times over the eight months. There were two barrels that we recall that had white with orange stripes. There other barrels with unknown defoliants were rusted and leaking as was the white barrels and running on the floor of the box. As a result I have been plagued with several medical problems. They include Addison Disease, Hepatitis B, type 2 Diabetes, liver cancer just to name a few. I am constantly sick from my Addison Diseae and have to give myself an injection to get the illness to pass. After several request to the VA and my Congressman, I keep hitting a brick wall in which they deny everything. So if yo can ask your dad if he knows anything that would be great. As for the Dinar, I just hope I am not dead when it R V's Thanks Dave, AKA: Seabee
  24. We are having to listen, I buy very little into this Global warming thing. Upon much research that I have done, I would like to let you all know that the Earth is in the middle of its glacial cycle. Most of these glacial cycles have happened after the Dinosaurs became extinct and the glacial cycle starred between 1 and 2 million years ago. The Earth is still coming out of the last ice age in which global temperatures are still rising to melt all of the glaciars. There have questions as to where all the natural occurring Carbon is coming from to trap all the heat of the sun. Many scientists have said it may be coming from the oceans depths. Others suggest that it may becoming from the northern forest that circles the upper latitude s ofthe planet. Perhaps in a few thousand years the next ice age will happen as have happened in the past. Until then we are in the midst of warming period, and it may only get warmer. There was a time when Antarctica was nothing but a lush jungle continent. So where are we at? We are having to listen to world governments tell us that human activity is causing Global warming. I think not. IMO , I would say that very little of the current global warming is caused by human activity. It is all out on the internet for everyone to read for along time. in fact, should all the ice on Green Land melts and all this water went into the northern Atlantic then it would shut off all of the warm gulf stream which gives England and most of Europe their mild climates, thus triggering a new ice age. Now the cycle starts all over again.. Eventualy it will get colder again and I wonder what people will think then. As for now, we will all have to suck it up Dave, AKA: Seabee
  25. Hi Adam, greetings. with all the talk about dropping the three zero's , I have seen several questions here about the subject lately? if I have three million dinar And rate come at $1.50 after the zeros are dropped then you would have $2200.00 per million. Aslo, as I understand if the zeros are dropped from the rate such as the .00086 then we would end up at $860,000.00, not bad but a none the less a good profit. Also, do you believe a rate may still come out at .10. Making one mill at $100,000. BTY, my three million are all in 25,000 notes. IS the dropping of the three zeros a done deal at the CBI as I have read here? Adam, what of the above cenarios do you think may happen and do I have my facts straight? Please explain in layman terms. Your statements gave me a headache of sorts. LOL Thanks Adam Dave, AKA: Seabee
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