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  1. Hi Betty B, hope you have been well, good to return to DV and very good to see you're still in the "club". As of today I am now a lifer VIP guy! Cheers, Cosmo
  2. Agreed y'all. Everything is posturing for a big change in the money market, let's keep an eye on it and be ready. Don't ignore Iran in all of this either.
  3. Cosmo

    What I heard

    GregHi, appreciate your sharing the behind the scenes intel. I'm adding this piece to all the others. Cosmo
  4. Thanks Okane and SnowGlobe7!! I truly hope she's faring well after her loss.
  5. Hmmm, if we could only see the future...where's that crystal ball Betty B??
  6. Over $4 exchange rate? I'll believe that when I start hitting 300 yard drives from watching free internet videos!
  7. I liked your telling us about what happened divemaster, it was real even if a rumor!
  8. Possum, glad your back, I needed a lot of cheering up. I've dusted off my smoker, gonna cook up some chicken pieces, getting me some ice cold brew, and I found a old BTO disc, Time to party bud!!!! Keep up the intel dude.
  9. Adam, I appreciate your straight talk style as always. It's good to be in sync with where we are, and man we are close!!! Thanks, Cosmo
  10. A really good friend who had sent e-mails to me about the opportunity back in March 2009. I eventually bought in six months later after taking a close look at it....seen so many ups and downs during the years that followed but I still have enough to be happy when and if the big day comes. I'm still very grateful to my friend who has remained an inspiration for me.
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