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  1. How bout it believers, y'all kept the faith unlike other? Look in the mirror and beg forgiveness from Possum. I speak as a daddy Possum, get your faith on cuzz it is here. Make that carpet soppy wet from your tears of doubt, fore manna is falling on you and you callus faith can not feel it. You'll cash in over the next few days. Be wise with the abundance for you do not deserve it unless you're a Possum loyalist/believer. Blessing from the original and only Possum from the Trinity River Bottom. The Possum
  2. Possum got a limo coming to the farm right now to take him and his girlfriend to the exchange place. Momma run off the last time I was rehabbing, but no problem for possum cuzz he's got girls of every shape, color and flavor begging to play some possum games with him.
  3. Believers and backsliders too, possum has received the 800 number list and is partying like a wild animal!!!!!! Possum wishes that everyone empty their bladders on their bosses desk now!!!!!! It's done, it's over with and the voices screamed this Intel to me all night!!!!!! ParrrrrttttttyyyyyyTiiiimmmee!!! Do it !!!!
  4. Voices awoke Possum early this morning by screaming in his head. Possum hit the carpet on all fours and tears flowed like rivers throughout his double wide trailer. The voices said, "Possum, prepare your flock for the manna that will fall into their hands by Monday. They must develop their prosperity/humanitarian gifts and foundations". "Tell them to quit their jobs, for their services are now needed to help those who did believe". "But, before the work begins, tell them it's Trtttttttttiiiiiiimmmeeee to Ppppppppaaaaaarrrrtttttyyyyy and do it Super Bowl Weekend"!!!!!!!
  5. Believers! Possum has been run through the grinder, momma has strayed from the flock of the faithful and is no longer a dinarian. Therefore, Possum is accepting applications for a new "momma" who wants to role in the hay with him and enjoy the impending exchange and new wealth that his believers will soon be blessed with. *all applications will require accompanying pic for a quick response. Intel-it's done, has been done for months and the faithful will be cashing in within a few weeks. Believers, it's Parrrrrrrttttttyyyyyy Tttttttiiiiimmmeeee!!!!! Possum must go asleep because the sun i
  6. Boots on the ground report, it is done, people are dancing in the streets of Baghdad and celebrating the revaluation of their currency. Momma is going to get a big time work out today as Possum goes into full time party mood! Please join momma and possum as we Parrrrrttttty country style and frolick in the hayfield !!!!
  7. It's the smell of fresh cut hay and dinars exchanging for dollars as you smoke fine Cuban cigars and guzzle the bourbon in the world, it's the smell of PArttyyyyTimmmmmeeeee!!!!! Get you some believers, it's the time you have long awaited for, it's time to get naked and chase momma in the hayfield and Parrrtttyy!!!!! It's done, it's over and in your hand!!!! Quit your jobs, empty your bladders on your bosses desk, buy that new truck... do it !!!!!!
  8. The possum is back and standing on his hind feet, knocking on my door and voices are screaming from him, "Possum make me a drink and put it in a bowl along with some dog food". I obliged and poured me a fresh one too and sat down and had a man to man/possum to possum talk. We are in the banks this week, so Parerttryyyyy and I'm still calling Tony and DC out as want-to-be Gurus because they don't have voices or possums talking to them!!! The possum is back and standing on his hind feet, knocking on my door and voices are screaming from him, "Possum make me a drink and put it in a bowl along
  9. I heard noises and sounds last night so Possum laid his drink down and crawled to his back door. When I opened the door a possum was sitting there on its haunches and grinning at me. He then said to tell his believers that it's done and they will know it before 6 am est tomorrow. I fell prostrate before the possum and when I raised my head the voice/possum was gone. People, it is time to Parttyyyy!!! Quit your jobs now and pour it out on the bosses desk and head for the beverage store, do it now!!!
  10. possum

    It's done

    Voices again confirmed it was completed Last Monday but those without faith don't see it. Tomorrow or Monday you will. Nuff said, time for a roll in the hay with momma and party!!!!!!
  11. possum

    It's done

    Possum told you it was done on Sunday and he was right. He's now telling you the exchange for non-believers starts next week. For possum it's over, he got an invite and the jet is flying him and momma to Vegas tomorrow for a preferential exchange for high end clients. If your belief would of been a thimble full of mine, you would be on the Gulfstream tomorrow too. It's psrrrrttyyyy time!!!!
  12. Tony and DC, possum thanks thee for the Intel but you guys are way off. The RV has already happened!!!!!! Quit telling everyone in a day or two, simply tell them it's time to Parrtttyyy!!!!
  13. Alright Tony and DC, possum is calling both of yall out and come on down here to my hayfield in East Texas and let's see who can drink the most cold beer. The loser has to hand over all his dinars to the winners. Momma will be the judge. Possum will win this contest and then he just might do his "dance on the bosses desk" that makes momma so proud.
  14. Confirmed, empty it on the bosses desk early AM, cuzz it's cash out time. Nuff said by possum for tonight.
  15. The RV will flow as free as the wine
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