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    Lapu lapu city, phillipines
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    Preaching Acts 2:38 to the Lost.most christian churches are lost

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  1. Wondering if the dinar rv/ri before the petrodollar is worth less than the zim $?
  2. I am hearing a lot of a world currency reset. Im wondering your thoughts of us dollar losing major value ,and in turn bringing up dinar value
  3. Bi polar... u might want tovwatch a vid on youtube..".. making a killing"if u are truly saved as per Acts 2:37,38 u are a new creature
  4. Any truth to Trump ,owning some dinar?
  5. has it ever been confirmed if trump has any dinar?
  6. does anyone have proof that trump owns iraq dinar?
  7. Israel is the only country in the middle east with nuclear weapons, and we see how they murder innocent palestinian children, by the 10s of thousands. Why wouldnt iran want nuclear with a war mongering nation close by? Watch ken okeefe on youtube, hes been to gaza strip and saw israel bomb 800,000 children with white phosphorous. gods chosen people , yeah right. New covenant need Acts 2:37,38 to get into Jesus' s kingdom
  8. Apostle paul went to heaven and was told not to write what He saw. Yet all these other people feel they need to write about it. The King James bible is all i need
  9. There sure is alot of womens libers or feminists in the church. These rebellious women need. To REPENT.i feeel sorry for the brethern who are married to these brainwashed women. Too much tv, soaps, they arent in the Word.
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