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  1. SgtFuryUSCZ, or anyone,Any links to support the $$ grab targeted at NRA supporters, etc.?
  2. FYI, We'll see if this is true. *** Removed Link *** Please See Forum Rules *** LEB was contacted at around 4am EST today to go exchange this Sat So was another friend of LEB in TX (contacted) LEB is part of Admirals' group Intl rate LEB heard about was quite a bit higher than $4.25 .... LEB said an NDA is involved (possibly why couldn't share more info) [Donna has also kindly posted the exact dialogue below] LEB > robert April 2, 2015 I received a call two hours ago to exchange in Dallas on Saturday. Rates were very good. robert > way to go leb ,can you say what rate my friend ,im hearing 4.25 international rate ? Marc > LEB Is it a bank? A group? LEB > Marc Admirals group LEB > Just had a confirmation of a friend who also received a call tonight and is also exchanging in Texas.
  3. Any idea why my VIP access is not working? Thanks in advance.
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