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  1. As a Brit who both holds dinar and someone who voted for Brexit, i can assure you the two are not related, only very few of us own dinar and that is mainly those of us who were doing PSD work out there. Most people over here have no idea or even care anymore about Iraq. However I did hear that several large UK banks bought dinar in about 04,05 and as we printed the stuff over here and I’m pretty sure we still do, I imagine there is a lot of it stashed away somewhere.
  2. After over a decade of waiting for something to happen, 2017 seems just around the corner to me
  3. well i sure the reason Kuwait has the highest currency is that it is backed 100% by gold, so that puts $3+ RV out the window, the Kuwaiti that got me into this always told me to hope for a .33 so thats what i been doing for last 9 years . i wonder how many Negs i get now
  4. Ask a neighbour or a friend who is not invested in Iraq what Chapter 7 is and they wont have a clue, that will be why its not reported, nobody gives a monkeys chuff
  5. you must know by now i wont bother reading your thoughts or opening my any links you send me, you carry on saving the sheep sherlock, after 25 years fighting terrorists i know a terror attack when i see one, and yes when it comes to fighting the bad guys we use some dirty tricks, but there is a line that is drawn, and everything you spend your time looking at is way over that line, relax go out enjoy the sunshine, the whole world aint trying to kill you or deprive you of your rights, take a day off ya might enjoy it
  6. P issing in the wind there roths, i think driving offences were pretty irrelevant compared to the other crimes that were committed that day. surely you have better things to do with your life than this. I hope you never have to lose someone you know in this manner then come on the internet and read that his murder was a hoax or a set up.
  7. Rothsdad please dont use the death of a brave young soldier to spout your BS....i find your post sick
  8. over the years there have been a few arabic speakers and even a couple of Iraqis on this site, but due to the camel jockey, ******* etc comments they dont tend to stay around for long and who can blame them
  9. So You will wager its a Corporation ?????? so you dont Know, you have no evidence, and yet you tell me to Educate Myself
  10. I dont think anybody is naive enough to believe what the worlds politicians tell us, but the recent internet craze of blaming every bad thing that happens on the government, Elvis or big bird is comical.
  11. Is it just me or does anyone else think reading conspiracy theories and 70,s porn music go pretty well together ???
  12. mate i even though i agree with you, are you going to get bashed by a few for that post
  13. Thanks for posting that some, I used to read a similar poem written on a wall in a bar in Medicine Hat.
  14. Found it, good old Indian TV are showing it :) now i happy
  15. Thanks for the tip but unfortunately i live outside the wire, so no AFN for this callsign,
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