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  1. For those interested in crypto currencies...DINARCOIN is trading on Here's the coin website.. ......................... Just one of several that I have a position in. Maybe one will take off.
  2. JCPenney shares were up about 25% yesterday cause they only lost 68 cents per share, lol... Beating the analyst forecasts of an 85cent loss. I rarely trade stocks.. but I'm gonna start targeting a short entry if it can manage to creep up and fill that chart gap at $8.
  3. Here it is... Should be on the exchange that I posted above within 48 hours.
  4. 30 minutes later he's back to posting... Under his real name. Rotfl!
  5. Dinarbeliever just said this on another site... "BI i will keep to my word I won’t post again on any dinar community – my personal opinion of the dinar will remain my personal opinion. I won’t cause anymore trouble"
  6. .......... JCP set to gap up 1.30ish on the open. Going to be eying a good short entry. Dat thing going bk.
  7. ............ Dinarbeliever(Patel) thinks lobsters are GOVERNMENT trolls. What a riot that guy is.
  8. I didn't need a warning....I knew the risk. I was playing with money I could absolutely afford to lose. ................. Darin says... "That is sad & hilarious at the same time." And very TRUE. Just watch.
  9. I know one of the creators of that coin.
  10. A buddy of mine had his bitcoins released from Mt. Gox! Just got off the phone with him. ............... Look for the release of DINAR COIN over the next couple of days at this exchange... The symbol will be IQD I'm not joking.
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