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  1. Great to see your reappearance LGD
  2. Good Morning Adam and Thug and All ...thanks for the facts and smiles 😂 I sense a momentum shift
  3. Some of us need to ban together, so that we can pool our millions after the event and after the Clown News Network CNN goes bankrupt and put OUR Clown THUG in the board room at the new Clown News Network and make it the Accurate, Hilarious, Prosperous Network again ...That board room will defiantly not be boring! Millions into trillions and lies into Truth! With a side of Humor to make it palatable. I see a transformation dead ahead ...
  4. Synopsis that is either a very serious breakdown ... OR ... a masterpiece! I am hoping it's hysterical masterpiece Either way it sums it up lol Blessings 😇
  5. Britain appoints Iraqi professor Sinan al-Shabibi as chairman of monetary policy committee Agency of the orbit - Baghdad The British central bank issued a decision on Monday to appoint Iraqi professor Sinan al-Shabibi as chairman of the monetary policy committee. "The Bank of England decided to appoint Professor Shabibi as chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee, which was previously governor of the Central Bank of Iraq," the English media reported. "This decision came to benefit from the experiences of al-Shabibi to maintain the exchange rate of the British pound and to prevent the British economy from getting into trouble, especially after the exit from the European Union." Iraqi sources told al-Madar that Professor Sinan al-Shabibi had been deposed from the post of governor of the Central Bank of Iraq by the previous government headed by Nuri al-Maliki, because he did not agree to sell the dollar to Iran.
  6. T- Minus --- & and counting Anticipating a beautiful long delayed launch Thank you Adam 😇
  7. I lived in Eau Clair once upon a time....Do stay safe and warm Adam & Team!
  8. Thank you Adam....You name the day and we will be there
  9. Thankful for your input over the years Adam ..God Bless you and the family this Thanksgiving!
  10. Scotch tape and a bottle of scotch...Starrider Hope you still have some tucked away Dinar that is...To all: disinformation is just need the master decoder ring and the knowledge that when your tracking someone or something and your getting close there will be more and more subterfuge ... etc
  11. Great to hear your confirmation! It seems that a lot has built up here and there on different and connect issues and that pressure is about cause sudden explosive movement ...may the wheels gain traction fast here and there ... Adam I got the Presidents text today...Now I am simply waiting on your's. No Pressure
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