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  1.إلعب-بيها-ياكاكا-لوحدك--أنباء-عن-هروب-عبد-المهدي-الى-باريس-وتوكيل-فؤاد-حسين-برئاسة-الوزراء-وقيادة-القوات-المسلحة- Private sources revealed the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to escape to Paris on Friday. The sources confirmed that Abdel-Mahdi issued an order to Fouad Hussein to carry out his duties as prime minister and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, even though Thamer Al-Ghadban - the fugitive is also - is the first vice president! Whoever guarantees that Fouad Hussain will not take sensitive and serious decisions in the interest of the region at the expense of Iraq as a whole, is not Allawi mandated to prevent Prime Minister Al-Mahdi and the rest of the ministers from traveling, especially since Adel Abdul-Mahdi occupies the position of Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, and there are serious bloody events During the empty and previous period, events in which people were killed, blooded and accused, occurred, in which arrest, investigation, corruption and accountability warrants are involved, including Abdul-Mahdi and Al-Ghadban before other wanted ministers, and the Iraqi judiciary may issue travel ban orders for them and their colleagues?
  2. Thank you Adam....What Ron said! Thanks for the chat are appreciated..!
  3. BYE!
  5. Burn Notice or not ... You got a lot of people on overwatch that have your 6 Chuck!!!! Count me in ...
  6. I think I have heard that one before ... twice...I am embarrassed to say
  7. Military Might is Power Financial Strength is Power The "gold" tie is back this morning With one eye on Iran, Watch the G-20 next week This President is navigating a swamp filled with mines Many placed by "members of his own country" Traitors Justice is coming! Behind the MSM facade is a very delicate balancing act. Being unpredictable to some right now is a necessity it exposes the ambushes, mines and the traitors arming them ... Justice is coming! The Golden Rule Double meaning? MIGA
  8. Intelligent strategic planning AND proportionate AND disproportionate power applied at the right places at the right time will reveal traitors AND defeat enemies. Our leadership for the first time in a long time is thinking long term big picture ... and win win win...if you do not see that...visit you local optometrist. It is a great man who defeats a strong enemy, it is an even greater man who makes his enemy his friend...The fool continues to shadow box with the lives of innocents as a sacrifice to hell. We do not have a fool in the Oval Office. We will Win...Watch ... If you are here in this forum you are invested in it....
  9. Folks 2 weeks from the 14th is 28th right? The G-20 is meeting again ...on that date in Japan, ( before and after) ... Central banks have and will be meeting there too...
  10. Top of the Morning to you Synopsis! And may each day of this week better than the one before it! 😇
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