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    I consider myself honest, loyal and genuine.

    If you need to know more than that...... join a dating website

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  1. It's like reading a script between Yoda (aka Sailors' Inn) and Forrest Gump. HAHAHA
  2. Well that is a lot closer to me than Reno, and a safer than downtown Baghdad ! ROADTRIP !!!!! who's with me ??? Lol
  3. Hahahaha. When did Wells Fargo start making press announcements from the staff canteen ?? All Wells Fargo announcements are scripted on the company website, and I can't find Any with 'Rita, Sue and Bob too'on it ! Doe's anyone know where I can find a Warka sign for my wall, I want to make a video ?
  4. This guy really needs tooooooooooooo get his sticky keybooooooooooooooooooard fixed !
  5. Do they run an all inclusive buffet style menu as well ? Oh, and what about Bagdad central open top Humvee trips ?
  6. The have got the sword back, but the hunt is still on for the large pencil on the tray in the picture ! Come on guys.....give them back the pencil ! They need it to sign the RV paperwork! Hahaha
  7. Hi All, There's more of us than I thought ! I'm form East Anglia/Midlands, but currently live in Germany. I bought my Dinar late 2004, and it's stayed in a shoe box ever since. My opinion on date and rate ?? I don't think anybody is more wiser than the next, but hope that one day I can make a few quid. Anyway that's me, Pilchard
  8. I am more than a bit suspicious ..???? 2 Newbies asking "week one, day one" questions, but both have bought Platium VIP membership ?? Maybe they should be read some of the literature that Adam provides with the pack. I thought the VIP membership had closed ??
  9. I think I have just found TonyTNT's 'Get out of jail Free card'. Don't pass go, and don't collect $200
  10. [quote name="rothsdad" post="1175434" timestamp="1369675624". At least you would take your hate out on me and not some innocent brown person that they want you to take your hate out on. That's a bit presumptuous ! Me....... I'm a lover not a fighter. Hahahaha
  11. Rothsdad, I hope we meet one day, so we could discuss you point of view further. As for your posts, I think it's better I say nothing. Rip Lee Rigby. Royal Regiment of Fusilers. God watch over your young family.
  12. Three years ago I was driving I-95 and was praying the question as to whether I should invest or not, just at that second a white dove began to fly alongside my car, mind you I was doing 60 - 65 mph. It flew alongside my car for so long that it literally astounded me, at least a good half a mile. I took that as a good sign. I was driving down the road and a bird did a sh*t on my windscreen. As it ran down the glass it clearly spelt out the word OAKIE. I think that could have also been a sign. )
  13. I'm unsure what the problem is as the link works for me. However, you can see the News article on any of the mainstream UK news websites. Shocking....Just schocking
  14. I am utterly speechless, enraged and heartbroken that this has happened to one of my Brothers in Arms. Rest in peace my brother.
  15. Well it made me laugh..... And as a bonus......the wifes not talking to me..
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