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  1. I'm not a fan of MilitiaMan at all, I've always viewed him as a pumper. But this is a nice long list of just some of the things Iraq has accomplished recently. Very Encouraging! I just gotta feel like we're close. But with Ramadan starting Monday, unless we get super lucky this Sunday, I think we'll probably have to wait for June. But I will say, I'd love to be proven wrong! Thanks for bringing this over.
  2. For anyone who wants to join a prayer group to support President Trump (by phone - or even just praying on your own at the same time), they do it every Sunday and Thursday night at 9:00pm eastern time.
  3. Great 11 minute video showing how the pharmaceutical companies have lied for decades about the benefit of vaccines. Let's hope that since Baron Trump has autism, that his father is aware of this dangerous scam. This is a great video to share with others who still think vaccines are a good thing.
  4. Yes, that's exactly what we're saying. There are no "tiers" for people to exchange (cash in) their currency. If you are exchanging at your bank, you can call ahead for an appointment with a manger, but you call their regularly phone number - there is no new 800 number. Everyone will get the same rate (for example, 1 dinar is worth $.10), but the bank will add a fee to cover their costs and some profit. The Dinar Vets VIP certificate will get you a discount on those fees. As far as I know, that will be the best, net rate available. The whole "tier" concept is used by con artists to get people to hand over their dinar, or the control of it, to them so they can steal it. If your friend's trust owns their dinar, tell him NOT to give control of that trust over to anyone. And certainly tell him not to give his physcial dinar (or control over it, for instance like if it was held at Warka Bank) to anyone else. If your friend let this tier group talk him into putting his dinar into a trust owned by the tier group, they may have already lost his dinar. Perhaps he can go to the group and tell them he wants out of the arrangement and threaten to go to the police if they don't return his dinar. Or he could go to the police and try to get help that were. I hope nothing like that has happened to your friend, because there are many very sad stories of people who lost their dinar this way. And yes, your friends can go to the bank with you, but unless they have their own VIP certificate, they will pay a little higher fee, that's all.
  5. Those are just estimates so to be precise, each dinar is 1/1190 of a dollar or $.00084 so 1 million dinar is worh $840. The U.S. dealers are currently selling 1 million dinar for $1050-$1090 which includes a mark up for their fee and profit. You can buy 1 million dinar on ebay for $999 plus shipping. For most of us who bought our dinar from a currency dealer, we paid over $1000 per million.
  6. I clicked on the original link and google translated it. It said the purpose of doing this is to "facilitate the sale and purchase between citizens and owners of shops". So, while the 250, 500 and 1000 dinar are worth only about $.22, $.45 and $.86 respectively, one can see that a shopkeeper would need to make change in those small amounts - just like shopkeepers all over the world need to make change in amounts under $1. BUT, the thing is (unless this has changed recently), I believe that inside of Iraq - they transact business in the USD and not the IQD because the dinar has so little value that they'd have to carry around too many IQD to regularly use it there. So the fact that the CBI feels it needs to start providing these smaller notes (or even coins, if that's the case - though the picture in the article looked to me like it might be a stack of 500 dinar notes), means that Iraq is going to de-dollarize. As long as I've been in this (since 2011), I've always heard that for Iraq to de-dollarize and get the people to use the IQD, they have to add value to it. If the CBI thinks shopkeepers are going to need these lower denoms soon, I think implies the RV is near. Thanks for sharing this PP! And just for fun, there's another thread where someone stated that 18 out of the 22 times that Iraq RVd their currency, it happened on April 30. I don't know how to verify that, but wouldn't that be nice!!!
  7. What do you think are the odds of the RV happening before Ramadan? I see it starts May 5/6 this year. So much positive news (Trade Bank of Iraqi opening its first branch in Saudi Arabia, UK announcing an over $1 billion increase in trade support, China stating it's ready to contribute to rebuilding Iraq) is happening. The current IQD value is laughable and since Iraq is pushing so hard for new foreign investment, surely they need to increase the value soon so that foreign investors will have confidence investing in a country whose national currency is not a joke.
  8. For U.S. Citizens who may want to sign....
  9. I just heard from Shannon (my alternative health practitioner) and she just now did the second treatment on the RV (she'd been super busy). This is what she said: The session on dinar was really clean and clear, much different from the first one. It had a lot to do with clearing the path around it, transforming the mindset around it specifically to be linked with infinite source energy as money is infinite (earth resources are not). There was alot of oil energy tied in with it; I cleared this, and even though that may be the case, it needed to be separated from that kind of limited thinking. There was alot to do with transforming how its seen. Holy Grail energy came up too which cleared in the tonal transformation. I really felt a shift at the end, and clear energy coming from it in all directions. An increase in self-worth/value. Hope this helps! Honestly, U'm not sure I understood all the nuances; I don't really know what Holy Grail energy is (other than that it's the top prize so to speak) but I guess it sort of makes sense that it's associated with the RV. Anyway, the upshot was that by the end of the treatement, she felt it was clear in all directions. I just realized Ramadan starts on May 6 (give or take a day) and goes through the beginning of June, so I'm really hoping it happens in the next four weeks since May doesn't seem very likely being that it's Ramadan. Come on RV! You're clear in all directions now so let's just do it!
  10. In 2012 Kim talked about a secret weapon in a human mind and it's associated with the letters A and . And it's associated with Russia and Pakistan (which is on the verge of war with Inida right now, so maybe this part is soon to play out).
  11. Best post ever!!!!
  12. I used to follow Phoenix but he's called the RV a couple of times and been wrong. Plus for years he was harping on a remote viewing prediction he called "the shot heard round the world" about a potential assassination (or attempt) in front of an arch like structure which would be the trigger for the RV. He likewise called that and was also wrong. I stopped following him a couple of years ago but apparently he now he says the trigger for the "global currency reset" (which includes the dinar) is Mueller's report which vindicated Trump thereby making the rest of the world trust him (Trump). Personally, I don't believe in the global currency reset, though I definitely think there's a Deep State running the world. The idea that there is going to be an equitable redistribution of resources around the world doesn't seem likely to me. But hey, what do I know and I totally admit that I could be wrong. So when I saw Phoenix shamelessly post this video about the zim revaluing, I took the bait and listened to it - until I got to the part where he says it's for "ELECTRONIC" zims only..... basically bank to bank or international transfers- and not for the people who hold physical zim currency. Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) was once the breadbasket of Africa with generations of European farmers deligently working their land. But, just like the blacks in South Africa are doing today, in the late 1970's the blacks in Rhodesia took over the country, renaming it Zimbabwe, and confiscated the Europeans' farms. But since they didn't know how to farm and didn't have a very good work ethic, the farms stopped producing and the country fell apart - it's been in crisis for years - run into the ground by despot Mugabe. Finally they got ride of him last November but the new leader, Mnangagwa (known as the crocodile - not a good sign) may not be much better since he's likewise associated with great atrocities and even his winning election has been disputed as legitimate. I don't know how his attempt to create these new electronic zims - tied to bonds (which is a differerent zim the regular currency which is not tied to bonds) will work out, but it was grossly misleading of Phoenix to advertise his youtube post that way. He trying to establish his new youtube channel (for years he did a radio show) and has found that he can rapidly increase his subscribers by posting about the global currency reset. He knew full well that by titling his video the way he did that he would sucker in people who hold the old, physical zim notes (which are still basically worthless), but you have to listen to most of his video until he finally admits that. But if you listen to the video, Phoenix does absolutely admit that this new $.0003+/- value does not apply to those physical zim notes that some people bought at a cost of less than US$1 for 1 billion zims. Those zims are still virtually worthless. Sadly, I don't see Zimbabwe's economy improving anytime soon (particularly with Mnangagwa) and without that, I don't see how the value of it's regular currency is going to increase. But hey, again I'm no expert and that's jmo. The good news is that everyone here also owns IQD, and the IQD is a legit investment and the country of Iraq has excellent prospects of revaluing soon.
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