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  1. That's what I say. But I'll point out that this is the same premise that Adam uses with OSI. If you can gift your dinar to your corporation now at today's rate, then you can also do that with a charity or other legal entity. Since I'm pretty sure Adam verified that six ways from Sunday, personally, I feel very confident we can also do that with a charity. jmo
  2. The reality is that no one can say for sure, either way. Nothing is life is guaranteed. I totally believe it is Iraq's intention to RV, but s*$# happens and plans get thrown off track. We have Iraq's internal struggle to reduce government corruption, then there's the coronavirus, and also a potential threat from locusts. We've made our choice to invest in this, now all we can do is wait and hope and pray that it comes to fruition. I really hope and pray it does, but I also think it's wise to be a realist and have a back up plan in case it doesn't. just saying.....
  3. Great thread! Thanks especially to Coors and Pitcher. I used to think Sadr was basically a good guy, but I was very, very wrong! Thanks for sharing this important information.
  4. Agreed! But I can't help but wonder if something big may happen that prevents the RV. We'll just have to see how much further the locusts travel up through Saudi Arabia and Iran and hope and pray that they die off before they make it to Iraq and before the rains start in the spring and they really proliferate. And then there's the coronavirus..... It's not covered much in our news but it is looking pretty likely that it is indeed a bioweapon and might actually kill off some 15% of the world's population. More time is needed to gather statistics (and hopefully accurate ones since we know that China has been understating the real numbers - assuming they even have accurate numbers to begin with) so we wait and see here just like with the locusts. In the meantime, I was disheartened to learn yesterday that right before the Wuhan quarantine went into affect, several million Chinese left and many returned to Africa. They were just visiting China for the New Year holiday, but actually live and work in Africa (China is greatly expanding its presence there). So it could be that Africa soon becomes the second largest hot spot for it. For anyone who wants to keep up with coronavirus news and learn about how to defend yourself against it, I started a post under the Health section.
  5. Today China had a large spike in the number of cases and deaths, and it's looking more and more like this Covid2019 is, indeed, a bioweapon (regardless of whether it was accidentally released or not). Personally, I have a hard time thinking things will get as bad a many are projecting, but it's foolish not to be well-informed and to properly prepare, in case this does turn out to be a global pandemic and ends up killing 10-15% of the world's population. I've been into alternative health for decades so I go to my trusted alaternative health sources for all health issues. For like-minded people who want to be proactive in approaching this deadly pandemic, Clif HIgh's "Critical Thinking" is a great source. Clif is super smart and well respected in many fields - including but not limited to alternative health. He finds reliable information on Covid2019and then applies critical thinking, combined with his extensive knowledge on health to it, and then presents it all to people via his youtube channel. Below are links to the first 7 videos (he started January 28) on Covid2019. They are in order starting with the oldest one first. They build on information from earlier videos so if you have the time, it's good to listen to all of them. You can also bookmark his youtube channel and watch his new videos as they are released. Next is an interview with a well respected woman who uses sound for healing. She is offering - for free - a way to test yourself to see if you have Covid2019 using your voice (you submit a voice sample online). To date, most Americans are not likely to have been exposed to it since there are only 15 confirmed cases in the US, but over time, we likely will be be. So this free test is something to keep in mind for the future. She also is providing - for free - an mp3 file of the sound (it's music but not like a regular song) that you can use to help fight off the virus. It hasn't really been tested as of this writing since in the US, there aren't people that you can test it on. But it won't hurt you so it's worth a try if you do end up getting sick from this. Also, I have personally found sound therapy to be incredibly powerful, so I will definitely be using this once I feel like I may have been exposed. - the interview - link to the MP3 file which also has the link to the site where you can send in a voice sample to test yourself for Covid2019 As of today, I'm paying Covid2019 more attention than I did yesterday, but I still have a hard time believing life as we know it is gonna change for all of us. I do think it's inevitable that this will spread around the world since China was too late in instituting a quarantine. But there just hasn't been enough time to know how contageous and deadly this really is. And while it does seem likely that this is a bioweapon - it's still too early to say that definitively. Maybe it won't be as bad a pandemic as people are projecting. And it may be that many people will be infected by it, but their immune system will be strong enough to fight it off without them getting any symptoms (or even only minimal symptoms). And the 15% mortality rate that Clif mentions is not a hard and fast number because it's just too early to tell - we need more data.. Plus, we know China has been lying so we don't know how many people have really been infected or the true totals of how many have died, so how can our current estimates even be accurate? Also, Clif believes that Covid2019 may be targeting Asians, and if that's true, China's infection and death rates will be higher than non-Asian countries and populations. So I still think we have to wait and see how this plays out. But, the stakes are high and and I've decided it's best to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared, so I am going to start making some preparstions for worst case. And I'm going follow this a lot more closely from now on.
  6. Both are Iraq's neighbors so this is something to keep an eye on. What with the coronavirus and this, it mkes you think of the "end times". Desert Locust situation update 10 February 2020 Desert Locust spread to Uganda and Tanzania Breeding continues in the Horn of Africa, which will cause locusts to increase further in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya with new swarms forming in March and April. Consequently, there is an unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods in the region. In Kenya, numerous immature and mature swarms continue to move throughout northern and central areas. Mature swarms reached within 50 km of the Uganda border on 6 February and other mature swarms nearly reached the Tanzania border on the 7th. Widespread egg laying and hatching have started, and so far numerous dense early instar hopper bands are present in some central areas. Aerial and ground control operations are continuing. On 9 February, there were reports that Desert Locust arrived in northeast Uganda near Amudat (0157N/3456E). Other reports indicated that Desert Locust had crossed the border into northern Tanzania close to Mt. Kilimanjaro, reaching Arusha and Mushi. In Somalia, second to fourth instar hopper bands are present in the northeast near Garowe. Other infestations are likely to be present in the northwest, central and southern areas where breeding is expected to be in progress. In Ethiopia, maturing swarms were present in eastern and southern areas and additional swarms moved into the Rift Valley from the south and the north. Egg-laying and hatching are likely to be underway but so far it has not been detected. Aerial and ground control operations continue in most areas. Widespread hatching and band formation will occur in the coming weeks in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. There remains a risk of a few small swarms appearing in northeast Uganda, southeast South Sudan and perhaps northern Tanzania in the coming days. Elsewhere, above-normal breeding continues along both sides of the Red Sea coast where hopper groups, bands, adult groups and a few swarms are forming on the coastal plains. Swarms continue to appear in the highlands and interior of Yemen. Control operations are in progress in Sudan, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia and, to a limited extent, in Yemen. In South-West Asia, a few residual summer-bred swarms appeared in northwest Pakistan and there were reports in locusts in the interior of Baluchistan near Kharan. Swarm breeding is on progress along parts of the southern coast of Iran. ....... in April-2019, alarm bells began ringing when large swarms of desert locusts migrated across the Persian Gulf from Saudi Arabia into Iran in a search for more crops to decimate—a never in modern history recorded event Russian doctor-scientists attributed to the shocking amount of rainfall Saudi Arabia was hit with last year—most critical to note because this massive rain disrupted what is known as the quiet periods (known as recessions) of desert locusts who are usually restricted to the semi-arid and arid deserts of Africa, the Near East and South-West Asia that receive less than 200 millimeters (7.8 inches) of rain annually—an area of about 16 million square kilometers (nearly 10 million square miles), consisting of about 30 countries. Upon emerging from their “recessions” when abundant rainfall awakens them, this report details, adult locust swarms can fly up to 150 kilometers (93 miles) a day with the wind—female locusts can lay 300 eggs within their lifetime while an adult insect can consume roughly its own weight in fresh food per day - about two grams every day—and a very small swarm eats the same amount of food in one day as about 35,000 people—which is, most certainly, not what the world is facing now, as just one unimaginable desert locust swarm sighted in northern Kenya was reportedly 2,400 square kilometers (1,491 square miles), that’s more than twice the size of Paris or New York—and within just one square kilometer of this massive swarm, sees it containing 40 to 80 million locust adults—and whose mass of hungry insects can cross continents and seas in search of food. ........ the window to contain this crisis is closing fast—as the world has only until the beginning of March to bring this infestation under control as that is when the rain and planting season begins—as these massive swarms are highly mobile; the terrain often difficult; the logistical challenges immense—but if left unchecked—and with expected additional rains—these already historic locust swarm numbers could increase another 500 times by June. ........
  7. Uh oh..... Me thinks I might be the culprit and one of the "clowns" who supposedly complained about Yota. LGD, please correct me if I'm wrong...... I take total responsibility for what I said, but in fairness, iI was not directed at Yota. The full story is that I was the 3rd person to comment about not liking how, in the News section, the mods have started to change the names of topics and add new articles to older posts, which can make it hard to find the article you want. Adam had previously replied that he was looking into it. 10 days later, on January 22 (the date Yota stopped posting), was when I added my reply. This was the day after Sadr and the protestors both nominated a different Allawi for the interim Prime Minister position. I had wanted to come to DV to read what was happening with that, since DV, thanks in large part to Yota I might add, is the best source of Iraqi news. But that day, there were no new posts about it and I didn't have the time to sift through several older, seemingly related posts to try to find the latest news on the two Allawi's. Frustrated, I replied the following to the other post. LGD, if I am indeed the one who hurt Yota's feelings, please tell him I am very sorry and that I honestly was not complaining about him. I gather now that he is the one who is combining articles and changing the titles, and there's no doubt in my mind that his intent was to consolidate and simplify the News section for all of us. Perhaps he doesn't understand how most of us here are just not near as well informed about Iraqi news as he is and we cannot easily follow his reasoning when he makes those changes. While I'm sure it's clear as day to him how those articles are all related, that really isn't the case for many of us here. Please let him know that he is absolutely, very much appreciated here, and very much missed. He didn't do anything wrong, rather it's just that most of us are not as informed as he is so we prefer a simplier, even if it means a lot more separate posts, format for the presentation of news. I also extend my prayers to him, his parents and loved ones. And I'm very sorry that I put this additional burden on him, especially right now. Also, I'm only responding now because I don't read all of the posts here and it was only today that I read this one. Otherwise, I would have responded and apologized earlier.
  8. Since this thread has pivoted to focus on the Coronavirus and not the price of oil, I'll chime in on that. First, I also believe this nCoV is most likely a bioweapon from the Wahun BioWeapons Lab and that it probably was orginally stolen from a Canadian lab last year. Coronavirus Bioweapon – How China Stole Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponized It But how it started is almost a moot point now because what's important is, "how bad is it - really?" And only time will tell us that, although at least we shouldn't have to wait long. Interstingly, nCoV has HIV components (Coronavirus Contains "HIV Insertions", Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon) and a doctor in Thailand has found success treating it using flu and HIV drugs. He stopped short of calling it a "cure" (because we know that's a bad word to western doctors), but after treating a woman, who had originally tested positive for it, for ten 10 days with flu and HIV drugs, she tested negative (which to me, sounds like a cure as long as there were no lab errors). The thing that cocerns me the most is that we don't know if this was an accident and the PTB are truly trying to contain something very dangerous. Or if it was intentially done with an agenda, or if maybe it started by accident and has been co-opted into a psyop. Will the PTB use it to get a large percentage of the population to willingly accept a new vaccine (though I'd personally opt for the flu and HIV drugs myself before it'd get this new vaccine - but of course that story is not well publicized so few people will know about that option) that has who-knows-what side affects and who-knows-what hidden in it? Will governments try to use it to scare people so they quit protesting all around the world? Or for some other nefarious purposes? Or maybe it won't turn out to be that contageous, or at least not as deadly as they're projecting it to be. I just feel I need to wait for more information before I come to any conclusions about this. But at least I know there's an alternative treatment to this upcoming new vaccine which will undoubtedly not be well-tested due to time constrainsts. And I'll just add, it would make the wait a bit easier if the low oil prices did end up pushing Iraq to move more quickly on the RV.
  9. Chinese lockdowns of cities, closed Chinese business/exports along with reduced flights have significantly reduced the demand for oil and are causing the price of oil to plummet. How far down it will go will be determined by what happens with the Coronavirus. It's hard to know how bad the Coronavirus really is because first, the Chinese government is probably under-reporting the seriousness of it and two, there hasn't been enough time for people to get accurate figures on how contageous it really is and what the real death rate from it actually is. (In the interest of keeping this post brief, I didn't copy the full articles below because I don't think the details are really important. What is important is how much further down the Coronavirus will push down oil prices. But there is no way to predict that, so only time will tell. At least we should have more information about that in the coming weeks (and not months). In the meantime, at least we now have a better understanding of what's happening.) There is a school of thought that says low oil prices will push Iraq to RV sooner since most of their income comes from oil (I believe it's about 90%), and since they need around $58/barrel to fund their country (assuming they will be able to continue to sell their normal amount of oil), if oil stays below $58, they will need to make up for the shortfall and the easiest way to do so is add value to their dinar. That seems logical to me, but really, who knows? Anyway, I had not considered the impact of the Coronavirus problem on oil prices, but after reading these articles, now I understand it's why oil prices are dropping so fast. China oil demand has plunged 20% on coronavirus lockdown; biggest shock since global financial crisis Chinese oil demand has dropped by about three million barrels a day, or 20 per cent of total consumption, as the coronavirus squeezes the economy, according to people with inside knowledge of the country's energy industry. click for full article China consumes 13 of every 100 barrels of oil the world produces, every oil company is being hit to some extent. (That's 13% of the world's oil) click for full article
  10. I know all oil prices are down, but what's going on with OPEC?! Iraq is a member of OPEC although I believe they are still allowed to sell more than there quota right now. The OPEC price has dropped almost 20% in the last 3 days and now is at $47. If Iraq is selling its oil at OPEC prices, they are seriously hurting since their breakeven is about $58. I sure hope Breitling is correct in that low oil prices will push Iraq to RV because adding value to their currency is the easiest way for them to make up that loss.
  11. This practice is currently being reviewed. Thanks for the comment. I would like to add my vote for the mods not changing and combining topics in the news section. Right now especially, I'd like to come here and see what's the latest news about Mahdi's replacement - the protestor's Allawi or the other one. But when I go to the news sections, new articles are tacked on to older posts. That means I have to go through several posts, and sift through the comments (which can cover multiple pages since they often include gifs, personal comments to other members and funny pictures) to find the relevant information. I find it's now easier to go into Rumors because at least there are only 2 threads there that I have to search through to hopefully find the most recent information. I don't know how others feel, but I'd prefer the News section went back to the old way. Even though there were a lot more articles, at least you can tell what's in a particular threat from its title and posting date. jmo
  12. It so happens that I just watched this woman has some VERY illuminating things to say about how Communism has been infiltrating the 3 letter agencies and our government for decades. It goes all the way back to just after the McCarthy era and she includes specifics about Comey, Brennan and others and how they believe their communist goals supercede the oaths they took to serve the U.S. and its people. It also provides insight into Trump's upbringing and early life which will probably give people a better comfort level with him (at least people who are Christian or believe in Christian values). Well worth the listen.
  13. It's hard to know.... But there are quite a vew Christians, including some well respected prophets like Kim Clement, who say Trump is a man of God. I've decided the best approach is to watch what a person does. If they're doing righteous things, then they're likely a righteous person. So far, and pretty much all his life, Trump has been righteous and fair (tough negotiator for sure, but he keeps his word and quietly helps a lot of downtrodden people). But I do think you have to continually observe a person's actions and if you start see that person doing things like infringing on other people's rights, then you need to consider changing your opinon of them. So far I haven't seen enough with Trump to make me change my mind that he's a good man doing righteous things. There have been a few red flags (like when he bombed Syria early on), but so far they've worked out for a greater good. Nonetheless, I continued to watch what he does. jmo
  14. First off, I'm not a tax professional, I'm only trying to share what a CPA told me. But I'll give you my own understanding about how this works. I believe you are wrong to assume that since the receipt is dated post RV, that makes you liable for the gain. That's the whole purpose of the Gift Letter; to document that you legally gave ownership of the gift PRE-RV. I do not believe there is a legal requirement that, once you legally gift ownership of something, that you must also transfer physical possession of it at the same time. The Gift Letter only documents that you transferred ownership, not necessarily possession, as of the date on the Letter. A well known example of this is a Trust that is created for a minor child, but that child can only access it once they turn 21. And as Adam says, this is the same way that OSI works, so think of all the Name Reserve people using this concept. They are creating a Gift Letter today for a corporation that is not even in existence yet - so there's no possible way it can receive possession of it. Similarly, with a Charity, you are gifting ownership of the dinar today, but retaining possession of it until post RV. As long as you get the receipt for the higher value post-RV and can document that you legally gifted "ownership" of it pre-RV (regarless of the value it had at that earlier time), with a receipt for the higher amount from the Charity, I believe the IRS allows you deduct it from your income. But I do understand the confusion. Shedagal is also concerned about there being 2 different dates for the gift. She is going to schedule a personal consultation with Bob (a CPA) and speak to him about this and she said she would report back here after she does so. But I know Bob has spent many years studying this and he's been a CPA for 40 years, so I trust and believe him when he says this works and is legal. If you still can't wrap your head around it, you can either 1) wait for Shedagal to get back to us after she personally speaks to Bob, 2) talk to a tax profession that you know and trust yourself now for clarification, 3) attend one of Bob's free webinars and afterwards do a 30 minute free consultation with Bob discuss it with him yourself, 4) dismiss the idea outright, or 5) create the Gift Letters now so you'll at least have them in the future in case you decide later that you're comfortable with how this works. Your point about not knowing the future RV rate now, so how will you know how much to gift today - is a valid one. Some people choose to leave the amount of dinar blank in the Gift Letter, and others choose to make several different Gift Letters. Those are the only 2 options I know about to deal with this problem. I hope this helps....
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