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  1. Sidney is asking for prayers. Calling our warriors to step up and support her to the best of your abilities!
  2. This was one of my favorite youtubers who got deplatformed in the recent purge. He does these "quickburns" occassionally and this is the best one I've seen from him. It's several different ones strung together, so be sure to listen all the way to end, the abacus vignette is the last one. Super funny! 5 minute video
  3. And yet again, here's Lin Wood tweeting it's as if the Deep State knew they would be caught and asks "Why would they not care?" This is beginning to feel like the old Q drops - from back in the day when I believed he was ligit. I wonder if Lin and Sidney are now becoming a re-imagined version of Q, maybe like Q2.0. But this time it's with people who are true blue patriots and are 100% pro-Trump and saving our Republic, and not some person or group who has been co-opted by someone else or some group that is not. If so, I think, instead of calling the clues they drop breadcrumbs, we should c
  4. I periodically check ebay to see where their prices are. I think the last time I checked was 2-3 weeks ago and the "SOLD" prices were still around $2,000 per million dinar. This morning I checked and the SOLD prices are less then $1,500 per million. I don't know if that is indicative of anything important. It may just be that people are focussed on other things, like the elections (I would think most of the sales are US buyers), lockdowns, covid and the upcoming holidays. But it's interesting information and here's a screenshot of the most recent idq sales.
  5. But wait..... the Pennsylvania GOP Legislators are stepping up!! So good to see this!
  6. Pennsylvania GOP Legislature Will Seek to Reclaim Power to Appoint Electors: State Senator State Senator Doug Mastriano, a Republican, said Friday that the GOP-controlled state legislature will make a bid to reclaim its power to appoint the state’s electors to the Electoral College, saying they could start the process on Monday, Nov. 30. Mastriano told War Room that he has been in communication with Republican Pennsylvania House and Senate members to reclaim their constitutional authority from the secretary of state’s office. The reason why, he said, is due to a hearing
  7. Pennsylvania Court Rejects Trump Appeal, Campaign Lawyers Say It’s ‘On to SCOTUS’ The U.S. Third Circuit of Appeals in Pennsylvania on Friday rejected President Donald Trump’s campaign appeal in their challenge of the state’s election results, a move that Trump’s lawyers said will allow them to expedite their lawsuits to the U.S. Supreme Court. “The activist judicial machinery in Pennsylvania continues to cover up the allegations of massive fraud. We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to present proof and the facts to the [Pennsylvania] state legislature,” Tru
  8. So glad you posted this Caye, because I wanted to post this info somewhere without having to start a new thread. A good summary of Signey's 104 page lawsuit in Georgia. link Sidney Powell Suit Makes 30 Allegations in Bid to Invalidate Georgia Election Results The software used by the Dominion machines was accessed by agents of malicious actors, such as China and Iran, “in order to monitor and manipulate elections,” including the 2020 election. The allegation is based on a redacted declaration of a former electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence.
  9. Or, maybe Trumps 2018 National Emergency declaration for the 2020 election, which gives the Feds to right to freeze assets of those who interfere in elections, will end with the US confiscating Gates billion's and using it to pay of the US debt. Rigging the election is treason after all and since the government routinely confiscates assets from criminals, surely can you do that with traitors, too.
  10. Nope, I don't think so and I stand by what I originally said, I think there's something more going on. Oh how I wish my favorite youtube sleuths were not deplatformed! 😟 I still say Sidney and Lin Wood are dropping us clues. I found 3 more from Sidney this morning. 1. Listen to what Sidney said in this 1/2 minute audio which she just retweeted. This is the 3rd time in about as many days as she and Lin Wood say this. It's only a 24 second audio clip in which she says their fraud was too blantant, it's almost as if they wanted to be caught, or maybe something else is going o
  11. Sidney powell retweeted this complete thread last night. Yippee-k-iyay muther pluckers! link BREAKING: Phill Kline, former Kansas Attorney General & current Director of the Amistad Project: “We already have suits in 6 states, but we’re filing more based on this new data. A series of decisions at the local level, funded & encouraged by the flow of $350M of Mark Zuckerburg 2. monies that allowed for the infus
  12. Unbelieveable, look how the Melboune (Australia) security guard threw this boy face down onto the floor after he first choked him out for not wearing a mask. Dems are already talking about "sending us Trump supporters to re-education camps". article Watch the video that shows the new medical police state brutalizing a young man and choking him unconscious Watch this video from 7 News Melbourne to see for yourself how non-mask people are being treated in Australia:
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