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  1. Alrighty then! Understood!! Alas, I guess a lot people do not read what I post. A little sad to learn, but at least I know where I stand now. I am VIP but this particular issue is about "Politics", and that section is only in the general/free forum. I had actually suggested a second solution, which was to add a "Politics" topic in VIP, but I guess no one read that post either. Oh well.......
  2. Her final words are telling... "Democrats like to ruin your life." So true, so true....
  3. So I understand Johnny Dinar/BostonAngler has now been banned. But GEEZE! I was the one who started the thread and that's not what I asked for. @Adam Montana, I know you're busy and you probably didn't have time to read this whole thread, so it looks like you just read the comments made by the more esteemed members here. But how about something for us regular folks too? A lot of folks here have the same issue as I do, and would like to see something done about it. What I asked for was to put Shabilicious and Caddieman on mod review, just like Johnny Dinar was at the time. I'm not asking that they be banned, just that they be shown that they need to be respectful to other members. These two deliberately goad pro-Trump members into an argument, then escalate the argument until the pro-Trumper gets angry says something unkind. Then they blame the pro-Trumper for being mean when they orchestrated the whole thing. It's classic passive-argressive behavior and I believe their goal in doing this is to feel powerful. And while they are only two people, they are aggravating so many more people here. And now, since they've been getting away with it, it's escalated to the point where Shabs has taken over the politics section. Both Boosterbglee and I posted screenshopts that show Shabs is posting in the majority of threads and his posts are almost always anti-Trump, done in a condescending way. Their passive-aggressive behavior is really a type of bullying and I consider it abusive. But, once you realize what they're doing, it's pretty easy to recognize it, so if they were put on mod review, the mods could easily see when they're trying to bait people into an arugment, and then just not let those comments be posted. Hopefully, if they can't continue to do pick fights with members here, they'll soon stop trying or possibly go to another forum where they can get away with it. So, can you do something to help us? Because it really irritates quite a few members here. Thanks
  4. For the umpteenth time, not reading their posts is the answer. If you stop engaging with them, they'll give up and go somewhere else to find new people to abuse. But very few people here are willing to do that and continue to be baited by these people. This only encourages them to be more aggressive, so that now, as I pointed out when I started this thread, Shabs has hijacked the Politics section. Boosterbglee just posted a screenshot showing that he is still actively posting in the majority of threads there. And since these are such precarious times, it'd sure be nice to be able to go there and quickly see if any of the people, whose opinions I do respect, have posted recently. Instead I have to maneuver around Shabs, and to a lesser extent, the other two's excessive number of disrespectful posts. But I am unclear as to whether Adam is going to do anything about this. If not, is it possible for us to start a Politics section in VIP? Most if not all the people whose opinion I respect are in VIP, so that would be a good fix for me.
  5. I just want to say that I am absoultely for free-speech. I constantly say there's a reason Freedom of Speech is our first Amendment right. But these 3 people are NOT trying to share information or even opinions - at least not most of the time. Their real goal in posting is usually to aggravate pro-Trumpers so that can fight with them. They say horrible things about our president just to make us angry. That's why I no longer will read their posts. But the people who read their posts usually get angry and respond by saying something unkind, which is exactly what these 3 people want. I believe it probably makes them feel powerful to be able to exert control of strangers. And I'll say it again, this is classic PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR. They pick at you until you snap back, then the criticize you for snapping. And this is abusive behavior..... let me repeat, this is abusive behavior. I first decided to submit a support ticket on this rather than post on the forum, but then I noticed Jonny Dinar's post about being on mod review. So I read that thread and it looked to me like Johnny Dinar was likely put on mod review for innappropriate posting. So I think deliberately baiting and attacking other members here certainly must also count as inappropriate posting. Hopefully the good folks in admin can read this and understand why I'm asking for this. I don't want to censor these 3 members' from sharing information or opinions. But there's a proper way to to that - a respectful way and these people are deliberately disrespectful in their posts because there intent is not discourse, it's to pick a fight. None of us really care that they hate Trump, heck we're used to people hating him. The problem is not about liking or disliking Trump, the point is that these people's intention is to deliberately infuriate the majority of members here. Really, it's a form of bullying and I don't think it should be tolerated. Can any mods bring this to Adam's attention please?
  6. So a friend emailed me and asked me what I thought about it. I'm copying my reply below because I think it's pretty spot on, if I do say so myself! I think it was good, but for gosh sakes, I don't know why he didn't cover the following! He could have skipped most of the 45 minutes and just said the 2 following things. This was from PA, on the Wed before thanksgiving when Rudy was presenting: 1) I think it was either a tech expert or else someone who works in PA who pointed out that some 1.8 million mail in ballots were sent out and 2.5 million were returned. OMG, that makes it super clear that there were MASSIVE amounts of fraudulent ballots 700,000+ in just this one incident alone. I mean, seriously, it's a drop the mike, even a child could clearly understand, one sentence statement that proves unequivocally that there was massive voter fraud. 2) There was a tech export who said 600,000 votes appeared out of nowhere, of which 577,000+ (I don't remember the exact amount) were for Biden and only 3200 (or thereabouts) were for Trump. That is powerful data - from a tech expert, that is super clear and super indicative of massive cheating and he backed it up with data. All those other things Trump talked about were not anywhere near as powerful as these. Big numbers prove the case so powerfully, and he just mentioned tens of thousands, rarely low hundreds of thousands. And while what he mentioned was technically enough to turn the totals in his favor, how much more shocking and powerful would it have been if he took only 1-2 minutes to say, "you want proof of massive voter fraud, here it is.....": BAM, he says 1) and 2) above and perhaps even runs the brief audio of the tech rep and/or PA worker stating those 2 things. THe Dems hate Trump and they resist everything he says, but if he says it in only a few sentences, and then shows relevant experts testifying to that and backing it up with proof, BAM, no more disputing it, case closed, no doubt there was massive voter fraud. Instead, the MSM is going to pick apart his 45 minute speech and focus on irrelevant aspects. If he'd made it short and sweet with what I just said, he would done so much more for his case. Alas, he doesn't ask my opinion, lol - but still I know I'm right about this!! But I'm still hoping they can turn AZ and hopefully PA and MI in the next week or so. Also, Sidney GA case got expidited and hopefully she can get an injunction to stop the use of Dominon for the re-vote there, and get the electoral vote delegation back into the hands of the legislature - who's hopefully honest, instead of the corrupt RINOs. Plus, Kayleigh said big news is coming from Nevada this week, so hopefully Trump can get those votes. I just want this to be done soon, and with crystal clarity that there was massive fraud that was found so the results are legitimately and properly reversed, so that there is the greatest chance of acceptance of Trump's re-election by the masses as possible. There will always be the libs who have Trump Derangement Syndrome, but I have to think the majority of the Dem masses, are decent people, they just were hoodwinked into thinking Trumps the enemy instead of a great thing for this country.
  7. These are scary times as the majority of members here are pro-Trump and we are very concerned our Republic may fall to socialism if we can't expose and undo the voter fraud in the last election. So right now, I like checking the Politics section often to see what others are posting. I just went there and found that 6 of the 7 most recent posts are from shabilicious. This member, like johnny dinar who is alaready on mod review, is disrespectful and most of his posts are attacks on Trump, done with the intention of getting pro-Trump members into an argument as the try to defend him. Shab's goal in posting does not seem to be respectful discussion, but rather to push the buttons of Trump supporters. I've actually stopped reading shab's, along with johnny dinar's and caddieman's, posts because I refuse to let strangers pull me into an endless argument. I believe their real goal is to push the buttons of people they don't even know in order to feel powerful. Their modus operandi seems to be to get people angry enough to say something unkind so they can then attack them for being intolerant. It's classic, passive agressive behavior in my opinion. I've tried to explain this to others here more than once, pointing out that the solution is to stop engaging with these people who are trying to bait you into losing your temper. If you just ignore them, they'll eventually go away and target other people, hopefully on a different forum. But nobody listened and now these people are taking over the Politics section. I started a topic about Covid being partisan, and sure enough shabs replyed to it and hijacked the subject to be about Trump losing the election (I didn't actually read it, but I read Coors reply to him from which I could gather what was said). So I replied and politely asked if people would not pull that thread off topic, and no surprise, all three of them, shabs, johnny and caddieman quickly replied. As I said, I don't play their game so I don't read what they post, but I'm pretty sure they were not making construction comments but rather their posts were attacks of same kind designed to start an argument. Also, here's a screenshot I just took showing how much shabs is posting in the Politics section now - 6 out of the 7 most recent comments - in 7 different threads, were from him/her. Again, I don't read what he/she posts either, but I feel confident that if you do read those posts, you'll find they are attacks of some kind designed to get a rise of out pro-Trump people and pull them into a never ending argument. I invite other members to comment about their experiences with these 3 members as well. If others are also bothered by their behavior - and I believe they are, can admin put the last 2 on mod review, like you already have done with Johnny? And just censor their posts when you see the intent is to goad people into arguing with them. As I said, these are scary times and it would be so great if we could all respectfully share our opinions about what's going without being baited into meaningless, unending arguments. Thank you
  8. I'd like to ask people not to take this thread off topic please. This is not a thread about Covid per se, and it's especially not about the contested election. It's a thread about Republican leaders catching the vivrus while the Democrat leaders do NOT. And that's particularly troublesome given Democrats routinely flaunt the safety protocols much more than Republicans. Yes, it's true that the virus is much less serious than the media and Fauci claim. But there are plenty of other threads in the Health section that discuss this. I would really like this thread to focus on why it is that Republican leaders - and hardly any Democrats - are the ones that get sick from it. I have considered the possibility that Covid, likely created or at least modified in a lab, contains some kind of nanotech which allows those with the proper knowledge (i.e., the CCP who is no doubt working with the Dems to remove Trump from office) to activate the virus within specific people to make it rapidily replicate itself such that it overwhelms that person's immune system and they contract it. At this point, Covid is well entrenched in most larger cities, including Washington D.C., so the mojority of people have likely been exposed to it. Fortunately, for the majority of people, their immune systems are strong enough to keep it at bay. But I would think that a small number of live Covid cells still live in their bodies, and just like cancer cells (which we all have already within our bodies), there are usually not enough of those live Covid cells to overwhelm our immune systems so we get sick. But if the CCP doctors can trigger, through nanotech, something in those Covid cells to accelerate their replication, and if there's some way to target specific people when they do so, this would explain why Covid seems to be partisan. I know this is a stretch, but I'd previously noticed that Covid cases and deaths increase at the least opportune times for Trump. I'm not a fan of coincidence so I'd already wondered if it was deliberate. So when Lin Wood recently tweeted: Have you noticed that no Democratic leader has suffered Covid-19 but Republicans leaders have had more than their fair share? Or is it just me? Or is Covid-19 partisan? It inspired me to start this thread. Apparently I'm not the only one who notices how Covid targets Repulicans and not Democrats. So if anyone one else has something interesting to share about this, please do. Thank you.
  9. How fortuitous for the Dems that the PA Senator who is trying to get the Pennsylvania Legislature to take back control of choosing which candidate the state will give its 20 electoral votes to, comes down with Covid today. The day he planned to have the Legislature vote on taking back their power to designate who gets PA's electoral votes. Does anyone else think this is too coincidental? Pennsylvania's Mastriano forced to leave White House meeting after coronavirus diagnosis
  10. Interestingly enough, I just read an article today noting that Kamala has not been scene in public lately, despite her being erroneously-declared-President-Elect Joe Biden's VP. That is pretty odd given that she's so power hunger. Then I came across the article below about her connection to Dominion, as well as Clif High's recent tweets where he talks talking about Anons on the deep web making bets about which Dominion worker will be the first and second ones to turn up dead. If things go bad for Biden, and they should because the voter rigging evidence is overwhelming, I wonder what will happen to Kamala. I wonder what she's up to these days. Ummmmmmm... Dominion Rep Who Scanned Ballots in Georgia County Where Thousands of Trump Votes Were Uncounted Also Worked for Kamala Harris A Dominion representative who has been scanning ballots in Floyd County, Georgia, appears to have worked as an official photographer for Kamala Harris’ campaign last year. Over 3,000 votes, the majority of which were for President Trump, went initially uncounted in the county. Aric Thompson, Dominion representative and one of men scanning ballots there, worked as an official photographer for Senator Harris in 2019, according to his LinkedIn profile. He even has a portfolio online with photos he took of her. link
  11. Clif High has been playing around with the hashtag biden cheats. He has a pretty good following and since Friday, he's been getting people to repeat that hashtag. On Saturday, he found that by getting enough people (around 75,000 in this instance) to retweet #bidencheats, it basically broke twitter's algorithm forcing them to remove all biden trends. It's complicated, but you can go to Clif's twitter and scroll back to what he posted Friday and Saturday where he outlines what he was doing and how twitter responded to it. After his success with Biden, he went after Michelle (who most of us believe is a biological man named Michael - there are even video clips where Barack slips and actually calls her Michael) and started working with #michelleobamadick, which apparently was retweeted enough that it caused twitter to remove the obama trend. Clif's tweets from today explain how people can use this to defeat twitter and reclaim free speech. I don't have a twitter account, so I had a bit of difficulty understanding it all. But for those active on social media, and twitter in particular, this is great info.
  12. There are a total of 538 electoral votes so whoever gets the majority (270 or more) will be the winner. As of Sunday the 29th, these are the actual figures. Trump currently has 232 electoral votes and Biden has 227. There are 6 states (in gray) still in dispute. These 6 states have an additional 79 electoral votes to be declared as follows: PA=20, GA=16, MI=16, AZ=11, WI=10 and NV=6. See 2nd chart for the 13 possible combination of states that Trump can win in order to claim victory. See the 3rd chart for the 10 possible combination of states that Biden can win to claim victory. At the end is a chart showing the 3 possible combination of winning states that would result in a tie. This is a good reference to come back to as these 6 states get called in the coming weeks. link to full article
  13. Sidney is asking for prayers. Calling our warriors to step up and support her to the best of your abilities!
  14. This was one of my favorite youtubers who got deplatformed in the recent purge. He does these "quickburns" occassionally and this is the best one I've seen from him. It's several different ones strung together, so be sure to listen all the way to end, the abacus vignette is the last one. Super funny! 5 minute video
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