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  1. It wouldn't have made me sad if they'd hit the target. That Halliburton and ol' **** Cheney deserve to be run out of Iraq, and better yet, bombed out of existence, imho
  2. You wouldn't need to have paypal. Our gifts would all be pooled together here at DV and then you would apply that to the purchase of the VIP membership. Depending on the total, you should at least be able to start with the quarterly plan (good for 3 months) and then they have longer terms which cost more. But if we can at least get you into the quarterly plan, that will hopefully be all you need since we all really expect to RV fairly quickly now. You also get access to the VIP section which contains the crypto sub section, which has good information. But probably the best benefit to VIP that Adam is negotiating at least a 25% discount in bank fees when you cash in, because of the large volume of dinar holders he has. Recently someone said he called his bank and was told 1% is their normal fee, so with Adam's discount we would be at 3/4% or hopefully less. Please if a mod reads this, can you help us set this up? Thanks
  3. YOWZER!!!! Let's hang the crooks! This guy isn't holding back anything. Good for him! I hope it produces some action. Mary B, I just want to say how much I, and others, appreciate all your posts. I especially like that you post relevant and informative articles and leave out the inconsequential ones. So, thank you! I see that you are not VIP and as a way for us to thank you, I wonder if the mods could get admin to set up an account for you under Gift Cards (because right now, you can only send a Gift Card if you have the person's email address). Then those of us who would like to demonstratively show you our appreciattion, can send you something ($1 or whatever) that you can apply toward a VIP membership. You've become a valued member here and it seems right you that should save some money at cash by using Adam's group discount on bank fees (that comes with VIP). Can one of the mods look into this and see if this can be done? Thanks!
  4. I used to trust Q until last year when he said we'd have indictments in 2019 and then we didn't. And to make it worse, he never addressed what happened, he just totally ignored that he'd said this. The lack of arrests is the major thing that everyone complains about. I don't trust a leader who commits to doing something so important to his followers, and then who doesn't deliver on it. And then instead of owning it and explaining what happened, he just prattles on about Q proofs and trust the plan. I generally don't trust any leaders, so I'm always watching to see if their actions match what they're saying. People change, and just because someone's been honorable for a while, doesn't mean they always will be. At this point, I don't trust Q anymore, though I'm certainly willing to change my mind if what he says starts coming true. However, I do still trust Trump, because he continues to pretty much always do what he says. And I'm beyond impressed with how's he stepping up to help so many people through this coronavirus disaster. I think he truly values human life and I am so proud and grateful he is our president. And even if Q turns out not to be the real deal, I still think Trump is and that he plans to drain the swamp and restore righteousness and morality to the US. And I will still be very optimistic for the US. Having said all that, apparently Alex Jones is planning on revealing Q's identity this coming Wednesday, and the skittle is that it's not gonna be good. Supposedly people will come to learn they've been played. I'm not a big Alex Jones fan, but I can't deny he's released some important information. So I will be listening to what he has to say on the 15th. This is just a rumor, although it's from a good source. As dire as the current times are, if this information is released and proves to be true, it will be bomshell information that we all need to be aware of. If not..... I'm really sorry for the false alarm.
  5. I've heard this theory but I don't buy it. 5G is bad for sure, but if 5G is what is making people sick, why do people recover from it by taking high dose vitamin C? And why does social distancing slow the contagion rate? Those two things wouldn't make any difference if the problem was caused by 5G. Personally, I think it is a bioweapon, probabably released accidently. jmho
  6. In today's White House breifing, Trump was asked about Russia and Saudi Arabia coming to an agreement to lower production to keep oil prices up. Trump responded by saying he believes the two countries will reach an agreement because they have to, low oil prices is devasting for both of them. Then he said, (I paraphrase) that if they don't , he will put tariffs on all imported oil. So it looks like the above plan did turn out to be Trump's back up plan to stabilize oil plans. I think this is good to know.
  7. Thanks for sharing this Pitcher. I so hope things can turn around for Iran too. Those poor people! You can tell your friends to take high dose Vitamin C, 5 to 10 grams (5,000 to 10,000 mg) per day. It really strengthens the immune system to protect against coronavirus and is cheap. Vit D3 (5,000 iu) and zinc (can't remember how much right now but I know ionized Zinc is best if they can get it) are also really good. Also, if you catch it, you can double or triple the Vit C and it's been shown to help people recover quickly.
  8. This won't have an impact on Iraq!! Karsten was kind enough to share this link earlier that explains what this program is. This program will target countries (like China Germany and South Korea) who undervalue their currency for the purpose of shortchanging the US. Those governments subsidize (effectively lower) the purchase price of US goods they import by deliberately undervaluing their currency. And they lower the amount of tariffs the US collects when they export their products to the US by effectively lowering their cost to produce those products (thereby reducing the amount of tariffs collected by the US). In the same way Iraq deliberately lowered their dinar value after Saddam so they could rebuild their country cheaper, these countries do the same (to a MUCH lower extent) with the intent to pay the US less, both on their imports and exports to the US. This doesn't apply to Iraq! Iraq is not doing that! Iraq's currency manipulation had a much different purpose and has been going on for close to 20 years. They will not be a target of additonal US tariffs on April 6th and this program will not affect the RV date. On top of all that, every major country is dealing with coronavirus now. Even those countries who were trying to take advantage of the US via manipulating their currency, are not trying to do that now. Much of the world is now asking the US for help or at least (like China, Iran, North Korea), trying to pretend they're in control of their coronavirus situation. Trying to save money by shortchanging the US is not high on their priority list these days. So I wouldn't expect to see the US put any new tariffs on countries come the 6th when the program goes into effect.. I do think (hope) the RV is imminent, but this won't have an affect on it. The Trump administration said Thursday that it planned to penalize countries that undervalue their currencies, the latest effort to prevent foreign competitors from trying to undercut American producers and import cheap goods into the United States. Under a rule change proposed by the Commerce Department on Thursday, the United States would expand its ability to penalize countries that manipulate their currencies. The move, which could be aimed at China, Germany, South Korea and other countries, is likely to provoke controversy among foreign allies and could result in challenges at the World Trade Organization. The department has proposed expanding a type of remedy that is typically used to levy tariffs on products that are determined to be unfairly subsidized by foreign governments. Under the proposed rule, so-called countervailing duties could be imposed when foreign governments “subsidize” their products by weakening their currencies relative to the United States dollar, the department said.....
  9. Trump has said twice now that if Russia and SA don't come to agreement, he has a plan to keep oil prices up. He gave no hint as to what that plan is, but I think he's one of the absolute best, if not the best, businessmen in the world, and he's true to his word. I did read this oped earlier this week, and it puts forth one option that I think would work. It might even be Trump's plan. He does have a way of finding simple solutions to big problems. The Cheapest Way For Trump To Save US Oil The President of the United States has the power, at his sole discretion without any other authority, to place a fee on imported oil or products. It becomes variable when a base price (floor price) is set and a fee is paid on any imports where the price on imports is below the base price. If the base price for oil was set at $50.00 per barrel and the import price is $30.00 per barrel, then an import fee of $20.00 per barrel would be paid to the United States Treasury. Likewise, if the import price (world price) is $50.00 a barrel, then no fee is paid. Thus, the fee is variable depending on the price paid for an imported barrel...... ...... The Effects of the Fee The majority of the oil in the world is owned by a government and therefor a government will set the price of oil. The United States is the largest consuming nation in the world, however, because our oil is owned by private industry, the United States does not currently have a role in setting the price. We have long been held hostage to the policies of OPEC and other governments. It is estimated that the current consumption in the U.S. is approximately 20 million barrels per day. Production estimates range between 11 and 13 million barrels per day, meaning a deficit between 7 to 10 million barrels per day. If an import fee with a base price of $50.00 per barrel is placed on oil and the US imports of 7 million barrels per day then the price of the imported barrel would be $50.00 (price plus fee). Any seller would seek this price and prefer to sell to the U. S. as opposed to selling at a lower price set by some financial market indices. Likewise, other consuming nations, seeking to maintain supply, would pay a higher price to purchase oil. Purchasers in the U. S., required to rely on imports would in turn pay a higher price for domestic oil than market indices. As such, the world oil price would seek a level set by the United States base price (floor price) as set by the import fee. Accordingly, the United States, would become a vital participant in determining the world oil price. Trump has said previously that he wants oil below $40, so I think this author's $50 price is too high, but it explains the plan well and I think it would work. At this point, I still put my money on Trump, but time will tell. In the meantime, come on RV!!!!
  10. At least 17 Iranian officials have DIED from coronavirus – 13 other prominent officials infected As of Monday, at least 17 current and former figures in the Iranian government have died from the coronavirus, and 13 other prominent officials have been infected since the Iranian outbreak – the deadliest in the Middle East – which began in late February. Hamid Kahram, former member of parliament (MP), is the latest official to die from COVID-19. His death was reported by state media on March 19. Kahram represented the city of Ahwaz in the southwestern province of Khuzestan from 2000 to 2004. He was also Khuzestan’s regional campaign manager for Iranian president Hassan Rouhani during the country’s 2017 presidential election. The latest current regime officials to die are Habib Barzegari and Ayatollah Hashem Bathayi Golpayegani. Barzegari was a founding member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Before his death, he was serving as a close adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. Golpayegani passed away on March 16, just two days after he tested positive for COVID-19. He was a member of the Assembly of Experts, an 88-member council of clerics and scholars of Islamic law that has the power to dismiss and appoint the country’s Supreme Leader. Dozens of officials dead or infected At least 15 other current and former regime figures have succumbed to COVID-19, including: Nasser Shabani and Hossein Asadollahi, both senior IRGC commanders. They passed away on March 13. Mohammad-Reza Rahchamani, former MP and reformist politician. He died on March 9. Farhad Tazari, former head of the Political Bureau of the IRGC. He also died on March 9. Fatemeh Rahbar, MP from Tehran and Mohammad Ali Ramazani Dastak, MP from Gilan province. Both officials were recently elected, and weren’t able to begin their terms as MPs before succumbing to the coronavirus. Mohammad Mirmohammadi, member of the Expediency Council, an assembly of officials directly appointed by the Supreme Leader that arbitrates disputes between the parliament and the Guardian Council – the governmental body that vets electoral candidates. The Expediency Council also serves as an advisory body for the Supreme Leader. At least 13 other officials have been infected with COVID-19, including: Eshaq Jahangiri, Iran’s First Vice President, and second in the line of succession to the Iranian presidency. His case was confirmed by Iranian news agencies on March 11. Ali Asghar Mounesan, Minister for Tourism. Reza Rahmani, Minister of Industry. Ali Iravani, member of the Expediency Council. Iravani is also a member of Supreme Leader Khamenei’s office. Masoumeh Ebtekar, Vice President for Women and Family Affairs and the highest-ranking woman in the Iranian government. Iraj Harirchi, Deputy Health Minister. Before Harirchi’s case was confirmed, he was publicly downplaying the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. He was also seen in a news conference coughing occasionally and wiping away fever sweats. Mojtaba Zolnour, Zohreh Elahian, Mahmoud Sadeghi and Masoumeh Aghapour Alishahi, all of whom are current MPs. A spokesman for the parliament told Tasnim News Agency on Tuesday that at least 23 of Iran’s 290 MPs have tested positive for COVID-19, or nearly eight percent of the legislators. This is the highest number of parliamentarians in one country that have tested positive for the coronavirus. See Krishna Mishra's other Tweets President Rouhani: Criticism of Iranian government’s response to COVID-19 a “political war” President Rouhani reacted on Sunday to criticism of the country’s lackluster response to the coronavirus pandemic by describing the international outcry as a “political war.” Despite the growing number of deaths and confirmed cases, President Rouhani has still, so far, refused to impose nationwide lockdown measures because of its potential effects on Iran’s already beleaguered economy, which is being heavily impacted by United States sanctions. (Related: Iran’s coronavirus crisis is so bad they’re excavating mass graves so large they can be SEEN FROM SPACE.) “Health is a principle for us, but the production and security of society is also a principle for us,” said Rouhani. “We must put these principles together to reach a final decision. This is not the time to gather followers. This is not a time for political war.” Iran is currently urging the international community to lift their sanctions on the country. They are also asking the International Monetary Fund for a $5 billion loan. As of writing, official reports state that Iran has 44,605 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 2,898 deaths and 14,656 recoveries. Kianoush Jahanpour, spokesperson for the country’s Ministry of Health, said that they had 3,111 new confirmed cases. He further said that 3,703 of the country’s cases are in critical condition. 445 people are talking about this On Wednesday last week, government spokesman Ali Rabiei warned that Iran may be facing a second wave of infections as many Iranians continue to ignore guidance issued by the country’s health officials. In response to this open defiance, Rouhani finally relented to calls for a lockdown, banning inter-city travel. Furthermore, he banned traditional gatherings in parks. “Unfortunately, some Iranians ignored advice from health ministry officials and traveled during the [Iranian] New Year holidays… This could cause a second wave of the coronavirus,” said Rabiei. “All the new trips between cities are banned and violators will be confronted legally.” While many institutions and public places, such as schools, universities, cultural and sports centers and parks have been temporarily closed, President Rouhani’s government is still refusing to impose a lockdown on movement within Iran’s cities. Officials, including Rouhani, have dismissed concerns, stating that all the necessary measures Iran needs to combat the pandemic have already been taken.
  11. Could be. We are definitely in a precarious time, but if Trump's involved, my money says he'll get what he wants. But we'll see I guess.....
  12. It is a poor grade of oil, but still..... Storage capacity is already a problem. It's Happening: Oil Producers Are Now Paying Clients As Wyoming Sour Price Turns Negative When Goldman's crude oil analysts wrote on Monday that "This Is The Largest Economic Shock Of Our Lifetimes", they echoed something we said last week - nameley that the record surge in excess oil output amounting to a mindblowing 20 million barrels daily or roughly 20% of global demand... ... which is the result of the Saudi oil price war which has unleashed a record gusher in Saudi oil production, coupled with a historic crash in oil demand (which Goldman estimated at 26mmb/d), could send the price of landlocked crude oil negative: "this shock is extremely negative for oil prices and is sending landlocked crude prices into negative territory." We didn't have long to wait, because while oil prices for virtually all grades have now collapsed to cash costs... ... Bloomberg points out that in a rather obscure corner of the American physical oil market, crude prices have now officially turned negative as "producers are actually paying consumers to take away the black stuff." The first crude stream to price below zero was Wyoming Asphalt Sour, a dense oil used mostly to produce paving bitumen. Energy trading giant Mercuria bid negative 19 cents per barrel in mid-March for the crude, effectively asking producers to pay for the luxury of getting rid of their output. Echoing Goldman, Elisabeth Murphy, an analyst at consultant ESAI Energy said that "these are landlocked crude with just no buyers. In areas where storage is filling up quickly, prices could go negative. Shut-ins are likely to happen by then." While Brent and WTI are hovering just around $20 a barrel, in the world of physical oil where actual barrels change hands producers are getting much less according to Bloomberg as demand plunges due to the lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Oil traders believe other crude streams are likely to see negative prices soon at the well-head as refiners reduce the amount of crude they process, leaving some landlocked crude without easy access to pipeline trapped. Goldman's Jeffrey Currie explained this pricing divergence as follows: As we noted last night, when we asked who would see zero dollar oil first, several grades in North America are already trading in single digit territory as the market tries to force some output to shut-in. Canadian Western Select, the benchmark price for the giant oil-sands industry in Canada, fell to $4 on Monday, while Midland Texas was last seen trading just around $10. Southern Green Canyon in the Gulf of Mexico is worth $11.51 a barrel, Oklahoma Sour is changing hands at $5.75, Nebraska Intermediate at $8, while Wyoming Sweet prices at $3 a barrel, per Bloomberg. While there is very little hope of a dramatic improvement in the situation, late on Tuesday, President Trump said the U.S. would meet with Saudi Arabia and Russia with the goal of halting the historic plunge in oil prices. Trump, speaking at the White House Tuesday, said he’s raised the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. "They’re going to get together and we’re all going to get together and we’re going to see what we can do,” he said. “The two countries are discussing it. And I am joining at the appropriate time, if need be." It's unclear what if anything Trump "can do" in what is effectively a collusive war between the two nations meant to crush shale oil. Trump’s intervention comes as April shapes up to be a calamitous month for the oil market. Saudi Arabia plans to boost its supply to a record 12.3 million barrels a day, up from about 9.7 million in February. At the same time, fuel consumption is poised to plummet by 15 million to 22 million barrels as coronavirus-related lockdowns halt transit in much of the world. There is another problem: oil demand has been so battered by government lockdowns to stop the spread of the coronavirus that any conceivable oil production cut agreement between the U.S., Canada, Russia and OPEC members would still fall well short of what’s needed to shore up the market, Goldman calculated. In fact, assuming roughly 20 million in excess supply currently, the only thing that could balance the oil market is nothing short of both Saudi Arabia and Russia halting all output together. And that will never happen. Finally, below we put the "long history" of oil prices in context:
  13. No, I don't think that's right.... The reserves are "quoted" in USD, but some of it is held in USD and the rest in IQD. Whatever amount is held is IQD, if you increase the dinar rate, then that increases the USD value of those dinar. And even if you only increase the dinar rate to $.10, that would increase the USD value of those IQD by 100 fold - 10,000% (since the current value is about 1/10 of a penny = $.001). Heck a 1 cent RV would still increase those IQD 10 fold or 1,000%. The rub is, I don't know how much of that $60 billion reserves is held as IQD. But however much that is, any kind of RV would be a huge boon to Iraq. And Iraq has got to be worried about going through their reserves quickly, since as you say, their future does not look good for a long time. I think the government writes articles like this just to reassure everyone that the situation isn't that dire, even though it really kinda is. I disagree because after 6 months, I think Iraq is finally making good progress in seating a temporary government. This is only a temporary government after all, and after that, then they can focus on new elections to put in who they really want, the coronavirus situation notwithstanding. You are right, the oil wars, glut and storage issues are HUGE problems. But where you see all that as blocking the RV, I see the RV as a way to counteract it. By revaluing the dinar, they immediately give themselves much more purchasing power with all the dinar they hold. Iraq is really very fortunate at this point of time because they have purposefully kept their rate waaaaay below market, so they are in the enviable position to instantly raise and maintain a much higher value, unlike other countries whose currencies are losing value now. And remember that, in the past year and a half, Iraq sure seems like it has been working really hard in preparation for the RV, so they should be about ready to do it. I think the current dire situation is pushing them to act quickly, and with the currency auctions stopped and the ISX closed, I'm thinking they might be planning to finalize the RV really soon, maybe on or before Easter which is their target date to reopen the ISX (hopefully they won't postpone the reopening again for a 3rd time). Theseus, I really enjoy your posts. You are an independent and critical thinker, and I really appreciate and respect that. I just respectfully disagree with you on a few points here. But I know we all agree on the same goal...... GOOOOOO RV!
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