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  1. .....would've appreciated this encounter...gotta C/F issue....
  2. ....Yea they ought to take after our government as an example...Iraq can't get rid of Maliki because of the corruption, greed and basic ignorance of fact...the USA has a black homosexual with big ears....that hasn't the dignity of honor...
  3. Thanks KristiD....Hell...If I was Abadi I'd demand a severance package in IQD cash in the newer small denominational notes...Let'em know it's been real and fun but not really fun...take the money and run...Let this finely come into fruitation and see how fast I become a figment of imaginations....
  4. Thanks Yota... ....This brings to point of the issue that seems to be taking on a common complacent in government transition...The affirmative action programs seem to have produced the product of decades of up lift by reducing the entry levels of equality...Is there equality...or has our own republic been reduced to what was demonstrated at the supreme court hearings of the highest intellectual court considered in the world and witnessed by the world...The political process in Iraq will take away a political immunity that has been the only protection that will eventually lead to the gallows...Where in our own backyard decades of corruption are being protected by a political correct deep state so entrenched into our government that there is actual contentment against the American patriots that have the integrity to shine the truth of light on an outright corrupt swamp of a degenerated political process...
  5. Thanks Yota...The entire situation seems to have taken the complexity toward electronic banking transaction as a normally accepted form of payment...The attitude toward building confidence in the integrity of the CBI seems to be on a stable progression...jmho
  6. Thanks Yota/Butifldrm....This in my opinion plays right into our foreign strategic policy of distancing our trade policies and reinforcing the international sanction put upon Iran...jmho
  7. Thanks blueskyline....The UNSC is suppose to be convening also around this time...They met sometime in May and scheduled Iraq's agenda for review during this meeting...
  8. Thanks Yota....Wish I still had the picture of Miss Hennes we had pinned on the "Babe-Board" in the barracks...Janine helped considerably with moral...we all became Dutch supporters after we got a few inside photos of Miss Hennes in one ever collected the winning pot for a visual...Damn the luck...
  9. .....It's been in the plans for half a century...TPTB wants control of all world currencies...Iran is just the next prospect for the ..."War-Machine"...
  10. Thanks Butifldrm....Yea, yea...that's all well and fine....Let these simple minded people run around in the heat with their turbines raped tight...Thanks for the warning...wouldn't want to b3 anywhere close when "Mad-Dawg" replies...jhmo
  11. Thanks Butifldrm....Not since the Reagan area has the United States showed any signs of a backbone....The past administrations couldn't call a spade a spade....The people that put the big eared homosexual with his crossdressing boytoy...into office are the real problems our country face....people with a shab mentality need to be addressed and silenced...America was awakened by the demographics of the bozo era...but rallied to put DJT into a position to reverse the past 8 years of a weak culture mentality that has been allowed to fester...America will still have to deal with blacks that can't get over their history...and want the world to support them because of their color...America will still have to deal with ill-legal immagrants that just can't grasp the idea of a legal process that has allowed millions to enter our country legally...America will hopefully be the first country to inform the Muslim community's that that Mohamed jerk was nothing but a pedophile...and that we here in the United States could give a rats azz about him or his koran.... and they need to get with the program and fine a local clothes shop and start showing some skin...There's not only a new sheriff in town...This new sheriff will not only give the citizens their weapons back...President Donald J Trump will..."Give me back my bullets...."....jmho
  12. ....Umbertino...This article caught my eye and after reading the entire article...I went back and negged you and your little butt licker shab...on every article you posted...And for your, as usual, low intelligent response shab...I just want your loud mouth to know that not only will "I" tell "you" every time I neg you...I'm going to make it a point to look you in the actually settle things....and find out just how far that spewing mouth will take like talking about being manly and cry like a little b!tch...
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