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  1. Dinarlady, Not interested in buying, but would like to hear how sonny1 is doing? If you read this, would love to hear a quick update.
  2. Excellent story and symbolism Heavy. I wish this was the right of passage for every young man, and the father was there when the blindfold came off. Great story.
  3. Amen DD6, Unfortunately, we live in the time of (All of the above).
  4. Crow, Words can't express. Just remember that we are thinking and praying for you right now. Rich
  5. I think I saw my buddy Bumper64 in the lead of the pack. No, maybe just my imagination, running away with me.
  6. Unitedrich


    And yet we still wait, par for the course, although my handicap is still what it has been for the last few years, looking forward to the 19th hole.
  7. I listened to Paul Harvey growing up, and as the case may be, I think he is dead on in his assessment of what and where we are in the seriousness of the situation now. It is scary how his predictions are now coming to fruition. God Bless and help our country.
  8. Don't know of a school with that mascot, but GO PARAKEETS!
  9. Too many decimal points, too little sense. That about sums it up
  10. Agreed caz, I have absolutely no idea about Neno anymore, havn't heard anything in probably a couple of years my friend. Rich
  11. Hey Caz, Umbertino, I laugh at my folly on reserves now, why not, lol, but used to follow Nenos place as well. Good to hear from you both! Rich
  12. Yeah me too waterman. Like to go back then and change a few things. Biggest one of them all was wasting money on reserves Boy did I learn a lesson there. But, still, looking at the big picture, with all that is happening in the Middle East, gonna sit quietly on the sidelines, see if anything ever develops, and if it doesn't move on with life.
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