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  1. Sorry I haven't responded, I was out of town. Sonny is doing great, he is working and taking care of the family. He doesn't come on the dinar sites much. The 3 million is still for sale. I should of waited til I got back home to post this. My e-mail is ntn0404 @ gmail
  2. I have sold dinar without any issues 3 times on here already. Not that it matters but I am sonny1 aunt. Need to sell 3 million more. I have done cashier's check in the past and it worked out great. 800 per million. 750 per if you buy all 3 million. I will pay shipping. Will send with-in 48 hours as soon as cashiers check is verified by my bank. Thank you.
  3. I'm sonny1's aunt, he got banned from here, but he wanted me to say hi to all the old timers, he also thinks keepm is 100% right on this, if they release a new code were screwed. He thinks its funny that people would rip on keepm for actually having a job, and raising a family the right way. Obama must be rubbing off on people. Lol.
  4. How I have done it in past is cashiers check. As soon as I receive it and it clears I send out dinar. I have sold 9 times over years, without any issues. Private message me and we can go from there. Thanks..
  5. He's doing good, yes he still has his dinar. I don't think he is as involved in posting and stuff anymore, but all in all he is good.
  6. Selling 3 million. 800 per million would like to sell by the million. Have sold 9 million already without issue. No drama please
  7. Just sold 500 thousand upon western union pick up. Have 2 million left. Will sell 2 million for $1350. I will pay shipping, have tracking number e-mailed to you with-in an hour. Thanks.
  8. Ok, I am sure it will be gone by then. Thanks..
  9. Unfortunately I am not. Sonny1 is my nephew, but he is out of town with his family until next friday, he only lives an hour from chicago, but I need to sell faster than that.
  10. Its a mixture of notes. I can do all 25's if you would like, or I can mix and match. I bought 7 million when I bought it in 2009, so I have all denoms. Thanks. Not that it matters, but I am sonny1's aunt the co-founder of this site. I live in northern Wisconsin almost u.p border..
  11. No, I do not. I just lost my job, and need to sell fast. Thanks for the inquiry.
  12. Selling 2.5 million for $1700. Would like to sell st once. No games. Bought from dinartrade have all paperwork.
  13. finally someone with a brain, this site is going down the crapper with all the saving us from us attitudes. legalos i will admit its getting kinda sad, if you sold move on. sonny brings up the best response i have heard during this. if it were a scam, why can you get your money back?
  14. first i want to say i respect everyones opinion, 20 incredible job, dinarck the imf will surely allow iraq (u.s east) to be the wealthiest country, think about it, iraq has the third most oil in the world and the 2nd most natural gas in the world. iraq wants to be the next kuwait and iraqs dinar should really be at the $3.00 range (even though we wont see anywhere near that upon rv) if iraq wants there dollar to be $3.00 plus the imf would surely let them. iraq has the oil, natural gas and gold to allow it.
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