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  1. Sounds good Ayrnay! Let me know if I can be of assistance at all, I'll do my best to help guide you through the process as best as possible.
  2. Maybe was interpreted wrong but I can speak for Jackster on this one, he does not believe BondLady, Kaperoni, or Okie. That is for sure!
  3. Trading Spot FX is Decentralized Unlike in trading stocks or futures, you don't need to go through a centralized exchange like the New York Stock Exchange with just one price. In the forex market, there is no single price that for a given currency at any time, which means quotes from different currency dealers vary. "So many choices! Awesome!"<br style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: none; outline: none; ">This might be overwhelming at first, but this is what makes the forex market so freakin' awesome! The market is so huge and the competition between dealers is so fierce that you get the best deal almost every single time. And tell me, who does not want that? If anybody really wants to confirm if the IQD is being traded on the FOREX then download a "Demo" version of a trade terminal such as the MT4 platform. Once the IQD is listed on "Market Watch" then it is traded. If it isn't, then it is not being traded. Some brokerage firms have exotic currencies while others don't, but the bottom line is, get a Demo version and look for yourself. As you now know from the above information, the FX market is a decentralized market so if a currency is being traded by one major bank, there are others that are also dealing with it! https://fxtrade.oand...ter/game/signup Supply & Demand
  4. Hi CSLewis, Thanks for the compliments. I really do hope that they defy all logic and rules of economics for everybody's sake! Best of luck to you CLewis.
  5. Thanks PattyAngel! I'm glad some people are willing to keep an open mind. You're right, deep breaths... LOL
  6. Just a heads up, there are some new Eagle1 and BondLady posts talking about the IQD showing up on FOREX. If I'm not mistaken the new rate is $7.62 or something close to it! Why would you waste your time replying to my post when the people who are "in the know" are claiming that it has RV'd? You should be standing in line at your nearest bank waiting for it to open so you can cash in. Actually, you should be selling everything you own so that you can place another order for as much Dinar as possible since the Dinar dealers didn't get the memo that it is showing up on FOREX! Sorry to come across like that but I find it interesting how people like you drive by a post and make a nasty comment like you did without sharing your opinions and perspectives backed by facts, logic, and reasoning. Is that too much to ask from somebody like you TFK? Low class if you ask me, but very typical of people around here.
  7. I agree with what you're saying. This creates a major problem because people bringing facts, logic, and reasoning are looked down upon and are called "bad guys / negative people" because they are going against what has been preached and taught as forum facts for so long. It is sad because we all know by now that the "Gurus" have their own reasons for doing what they do, whether it is for egotistical reasons or money, they have an agenda where the main priority IS NOT trying to share information and help others in the Dinar craze. I can't believe people still look up to the self proclaimed Gurus, it blows my mind! Why am I the sad fellow? I am not the one counting on the IQD RV to make my fortune! In my opinion, after reading such a simple minded posted, it would seem to me that you are the sad fellow. Your post has nothing of substance, at least I bring facts to this forum. What do you bring? Oh well, you are living proof that 95% of the world's population will remain broke and only 5% are successful. With a post like this, I feel for you TFK...
  8. Well, to me it personally beats making over 1000 predictions throughout the past 3 years, don't you think? I recently made a prediction for Oil, Gold, Dow Jones, S&P 500, and now I decided to make a prediction for the Iraqi Dinar. Is there something wrong with that Jon? By the way, thanks for your contribution to this thread... See, like you said there have been numerous articles pointing to 2013, so I use "facts" to back my claims, not just random every day guesses to keep the masses following me. I would think that people would rather hear a prediction based off of facts, logic, and reasoning, vs predictions based off of hypothetical scenarios and pure dilusion. Maybe I'm wrong...
  9. They have already revalued their currency manytimes throughout the past 9 years. I also said they will revalue theirmoney from 1166:1 down to 1000:1. Those are pretty significant"overnight" moves for a currency. I prefer not to read"facts" from self proclaimed gurus such as Kaperoni, BondLady, Okie,and others without the financial background necessary to make educatedfinancial decisions. In fact, most of what some of them say are outlandishaccusations that have no truth at all. I have heard lots of hypotheticalscenarios stated by Kaperoni and I can't believe a single one of them! When he talked about the Iraqi Dinar being a reserve currency I disputedevery single bit of that post. Nobody wanted to touch my post, buteverybody cheered when Kaperoni talked about the impossible. So what itboils down to is who do you want to believe. And then you need to askyourself "why do you want to believe them?" It is probablybecause what they're saying "confirms" the dream of you becomingrich. I use to hope to become a millionaire off of the Iraqi Dinar, butas I learned and progressed in life, I am now 100% sure that a 100,000%overnight RV is impossible given their circumstances. Having an M2 moneysupply of roughly 70 Trillion doesn't help them at all either, given the factthat if each Dinar was worth $1 it would be more money then the entire globalmoney supply combined! I can't see that being a possibility...if you can,more power to you! Thanks Umbertino! Spot on Jackster! Removing 3 zeroes from their currency will remove 3 zeroes from the exchange rate right along with it!
  10. Thanks for sharing GoldieGirl. I also have an associate who has over 100 Million IQD, not sure if that is considered "heavily invested" but he doesn't have any inside info like you. The 1000:1 rate adjustment prior to an RD is just my logical prediction. I'm glad you are more knowledgeable in regards to this investment than most others. I wish I had some reassuring information, but I must go off of what I know as a currency trader. Thanks again for sharing. Real quick: What was the reason for the delay? Hey DinarKicker, This isn't true at all. Here's why, I use to watch the CBI rate adjust on almost a daily basis, from 2006 to 2008 I watched it go from 1450:1 down to 1170:1 where it stopped for 3 years. The CBI made the adjustments on almost a daily basis. They have always had control of their monetary policy, not the government of iraq, the USA, the IMF, or any other government agency from somewhere else around the world. Do you think the IMF would call the CBI on a daily basis and tell them to adjust the rate accordingly for 5 years straight? No ways! Sorry that just isn't logical... By the way there currency is not worthless. What they lack in each notes value, they make up for in the overall supply of Dinar that is in circulation. Yes this year it will be tough due to the global slow down. Emerging Market economies are more highly leveraged to global growth and low volatility, money flow to these economies could indeed decline going forward, which would put pressure on their currencies. Money has already started to flow to the USD from emerging market economies but the CBI does have the tools necessary to keep their peg and maintain stability. If they were an "open market" currency things could get real bad real fast this year for them. Good thing for them they have their peg! I will spend more time reading about this investment, thanks for the heads up! I won't comment on the rest of your post though. Thanks for the very detailed, informative contribution to this thread siberian_shaddow. Yea its bogus. The only banks open here on Sunday are a few bank branches. On top of that, we don't have Wells Fargo out here in Hawaii, actually, we don't have any of the Big Banks out here in Hawaii... More BS from self proclaimed Gurus.
  11. Hey Storm1, Thanks for the info. Feel free to post back here in another week to give your confirmation / market prediction!
  12. If somebody is looking for safe, long term gains I would highly recommend investing in some dividend paying stocks. If you look under the "Wall Street" section you will find a thread that WallyWeaver started which has a bunch of great dividend paying stocks. The best part about dividend paying stocks is that you don't only need to invest for capital gains, you will get paid regardless. If the stock appreciates in value, well then that is just gravy on top! Here is the thread: All you would need to do is open up a brokerage account with a firm such as E*Trade, ScottTrade, Fidelity Investments, etc... Then buy the stock(s) of your choice. Be sure to do your research before buying your stock. But in the thread that WallyWeaver started there are enough solid dividend paying stocks to get started so you don't need to go hunting for others. **Remember, it doesn't matter if the markets go up or down, you will receive your dividend payment to your brokerage account** “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.” - Albert Einstein Where we park our cash really boils down to personal preference, one thing I wouldn't recommend is allowing somebody to manage your funds. It is very important to maintain full control of your money at all times, if somebody else is managing it, you are at their mercy. For people holding physical gold & silver as a long term hedge against inflation it doesn't matter if it goes down this year, as I see it hitting record highs in the years to come. I personally play the FOREX market and it is a highly leveraged market so I do not recommend it to anybody who doesn't have knowledge in that area. We make money when equities, gold, silver, oil, and currencies go up or down. It doesn't matter! So it is important for me to figure out where the markets are headed a day from now, a week from now, a month from now, and even a year from now.
  13. Hi Nadita, Thank you for the response. Not a millionaire yet... That is exactly what I meant by a hit and run! LOL People don't always have to agree with one another, but they can say why they do or don't in a respectful manner. Your post proves that it is possible to do! Thanks Nadita for your contribution to this thread. I've never told anybody to sell their Dinar as that is their choice. But when I post my opinions I base it off of facts. Best of luck to you Kevin! You are right though, family is more important than anything on this earth. Hey Ayrnay, I feel you, things weren't always so good for me either. It has taken me years and years of extensive research, studying, learning, trial & error, and more trial & error to get to where I am today. **The biggest problem with investment advice is that it is never a "one size fits all" so it is hard to give advice without knowing all the details of somebody's situation. Congratulations on becoming a father! My daughter is almost 5 and she has been a huge blessing for me! My Skype information is in my profile, so if you want to chat outside of this forum I will do my best to help point you in the right direction but I can not legally give you financial advice.
  14. Hey Zul, It actually is done through the Open Market Operations aka Currency Auctions. The financials will not reflect it immediately. However, to get a better understanding on how Central Bank's use their Financial Statements feel free to reference through the IMF document I posted above. Pretty good insight! How do central banks inject money into the economy? Central banks use several different methods to increase (or decrease) the amount of money in the banking system. These actions are referred to as monetary policy. While the Federal Reserve Board (the Fed) could print paper currency at its discretion in an effort to increase the amount of money in the economy, this is not the measure used. Here are three methods the Fed uses in order to inject (or withdraw) money from the economy: The Fed can influence the money supply by modifying reserve requirements, which is the amount of funds banks must hold against deposits in bank accounts. By lowering the reserve requirements, banks are able loan more money, which increases the overall supply of money in the economy. Conversely, by raising the banks' reserve requirements, the Fed is able to decrease the size of the money supply. The Fed can also alter the money supply by changing short-term interest rates. By lowering (or raising) the discount rate that banks pay on short-term loans from the Federal Reserve Bank, the Fed is able to effectively increase (or decrease) the liquidity of money. Lower rates increase the money supply and boost economic activity; however, decreases in interest rates fuel inflation, so the Fed must be careful not to lower interest rates too much for too long. Finally, the Fed can affect the money supply by conducting open market operations, which affects the federal funds rate. In open operations, the Fed buys and sells government securities in the open market. If the Fed wants to increase the money supply, it buys government bonds. This supplies the securities dealers who sell the bonds with cash, increasing the overall money supply. Conversely, if the Fed wants to decrease the money supply, it sells bonds from its account, thus taking in cash and removing money from the economic system. http://www.investope...p#axzz20fbKFQo5
  15. Hey jg1, Here is my prediction for this year: No problem. Thanks for respecting my requests. Best of luck to you as well Tripphood!
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