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  1. Just hoping something will happen....I figured nothing would come until Obama was out....... Trump winning gave a an especially good feeling about this all.
  2. My heart goes out to her and her family. May she rest in peace.
  3. Crow


    lol.... It's been eight ball side pocket for like 12 years now for me! Just got back from Sarasota....yet again I was not there to pick out my house!
  4. lol...Thanks GP.... only the second time this year i have come in here to see whats going on. As usual things look the same. Read Adams post and felt a little better, but I realize with everything going on.............just keep hoping and waiting..... see you all in another three to four months......
  5. Confucius Say--- man with hands in pockets feel cocky! man who stand on toilet... high on pot! baseball wrong!! man with four balls cant walk!
  6. next week... it is gonna happen next week!!!
  7. Yeah this is true and it happened at the beginning of the month. Are you surprised he would do this? I am not....typical.
  8. Not mad at all Adam. I agree with you on almost everything. I kind of been the guru <not by choice!> of my click of people and I told them that if Obama got re-elected...forget about if for another 4 years. You nailed it when you said he cares about nothing but himself. I just hope this country HERE can survive another 2 years of this clown. YES...HE IS A CLOWN..nothing more or less... Progressives are a danger when in charge!
  9. As far as I am concerned if it does not RV, then I have a real cool collection to frame on the wall of the game room
  10. Thank you dontlop. lol...yes dreams are important! I still have my spot pick out on the west coast of Florida...... but with my luck I buy it move in and get gobbled up by a giant sink hole! lol thanks for the update!
  11. Be nice, but I could not take the next week or the before or after Ramadan.... Has anything happened of importance....should i have exchanged my currency three months ago????
  12. Jim Lowery..a constant guess to this site passed away yesterday in the AM hours here in Oakmont PA. Please everyone say a little prayer for a TRUE friend and an all around great guy. I know we all have friends and family passing away everyday, but this one hits my home squarely! You can never truly feel the impact till it affects you! I could not wait to get that email from Adam and scream for joy then call Jim to tell him and the family to start packing for Florida...... I know now that Jim will have the best intel to send to me and he is the almost ultimate guru there, next to God himself of course! May your new wings spread wide my friend and may you rest in peace...Semper Fi MY FRIEND! Should have put this in off topics...sorry all
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