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  1. Ron I like the way you put these things together so we don't miss one........Great Job my friend....Thanks
  2. Come on guys while quoting scriptures is true and honest references to what your trying to say, it can also turn people against what your trying to say, as one said one might take it is being a bully because you know more than them. It is better to approach subjects of discussions about God, Jesus and religion with simple non evasive ways so the others can see the love of God represented in his word. You are the representatives that spread the word when you engage. Show a little kindness in what your trying to say, don't be forceful and make someone feel turned off. It is better to not say anything than turn away someone who might come to understand the truth meaning.....I read the posts and the answers quoting scriptures one after the other and this will turn someone away and then you have committed an offense. Be nice, be kind.
  3. I will weigh in on this subject: Each of us was allowed to be created to serve a purpose and that purpose is supposed to be to further the kingdom to spread the good news. No one can say who is not going to have a chance to go to Heaven because God said man will have a chance to repent up until the last breathe is drawn in this life and then your destiny is decided.....Now.... Free will of Choice is a gift and it is as powerful as the gift of love. You have a choice to believe or not to believe while you are still alive and breathing. As for people who base their beliefs on how a God of love can torture with the pits of Hell, the Book of life spells this out, if your name is not there then you will not spend eternity in Heaven. When this time comes and it does to each one of us there is only Heaven and Hell. God will not allow a mouth to open to rattle off excuses of why you spent your life the way you did, he already knows the comment was made that God already knows the outcome of your life, he does but he wants you to take the fright road. Pushing God and his son into a corner and saying you don't need him only brings condemnation to yourself. He wants no one to leave this life without asking forgiveness and repenting of your sins. I could quote scripture after scripture stating the truth to back up what the Bible says but I had rather be sensible and be down to earth. I will use myself for example, my dad who is gone on to be with Jesus was a Baptist minister for over 50 years. When I was young I had to go to church whether I wanted to or not. One Sunday morning when I was 8 years old, I don't know the sermon he was preaching but it spoke to me and I got up went down and give my life to Jesus. Through the years I drifted and fell away from the church. I went to parties, did my share of drinking served in the Air Force when overseas. I did everything a person was not supposed to do then one morning at the age of 32 a thought hit me and I wanted to go to church. I walked in with an uneasy feeling and the preacher was a minister preaching our revival. That man preacher my whole life down my throat and I cried, I went up and all I could say was I was sorry lord over and over. I was baptized again. My mom told me she had be praying that I would return to Jesus for years but she never told me. I am now 65 years old and I have been sharing the name of God ever since. It is just a feeling that you will never experience unless you give him a try. He turns away no one. All the things you have done in your life that was wrong will be forgiven, you have been washed with the blood and he promised to stand beside you and never leave you The beliefs that Heaven or God is not real has been handed down through the years for especially young people to believe. Course it is hard to believe in God if you have never been touched by his spirit, but also he will not push himself on a person who has a hardened heart. It all starts with you, you got to take the first step and see for yourself. All I can say is give him an honest try, pray for him to show you he is there waiting on you, he will.......what you got to loose, you will see.
  4. Thanks Brother I like the comparison of what Guru's say. I will say that Adam has really lost interest in this site compared to years ago unless you are VIP. But that's his choice.
  5. Heavyduty053


    I know lots of people choose to drink Diet drinks, soda's but they really don't realize what one of the ingredients is to make that product. ASPERTAME is used as the sweetener instead of sugar. Aspartame turned into Wood Alcohol inside the body when it reaches body temperature. This has cause joints to ache, Muscles to soften to the point of not being able to walk and yet the Food and Drug Administration will not investigate or pull it because of its high dollar products. Look it up it can do much harm over a stretch of time.
  6. Thanks Ron....Good to see you still kicking
  7. ITs about time the legal system quits playing paddy cakes with the people who cause trouble, threaten harm, or produce liable and slander against govt officials in office otherwise we have no rule of law.
  8. This woman and I don't care that she is black, she is using that to spread her hatred around. She should be held accountable for making threats. If she had said this 30 years ago she would be arrested for threats against public officials.
  9. Funny they mention the Book of Discipline on this because the Methodist Conference have a vote coming up in February concerning letting Gays and Lesbians step into the pulpits. This is spelled out in the Discipline that it is against it and they shouldn't even consider a vote on this issue. God will not like this one bit for even considering this because they know its wrong and if it is approved I will be one that will resign from the Methodist.
  10. Heavyduty053

    Hello everyone

    I am doing good and I hope everyone in the DV family is doing good
  11. Heavyduty053

    Hello everyone

    Just checking in to let you I am still alive....miss me yet
  12. I'm sorry these people chose to be this way, to defy laws, to kill, mutilate, and destroy......They should be tried and given a choice of death, Hanging, firing squad or electric chair....lethal injection is to easy for what they have done.
  13. Heavyduty053

    An Unlikely Pair

    Ahh nannab how sweet the meme....I will remember that
  14. Heavyduty053

    An Unlikely Pair

    This will be my last story for a while, I am taking some time off, so much sickness in the family and so many other things to tend to. I wished all you guys much health and happiness and Please remember that God is there and ready to talk with you and guide your path. Those who choose to walk the path by themselves will stumble........God is good and he makes an awesome friend. You can tell how long ago this story comes from On a recent trip to the grocery store, I stopped at the Customer Service counter to pick up some pictures I'd left for developing. As I held out my pickup ticket for the clerk, an elderly gentlemen placed an empty water container on the counter beside me. The clerk looked at him and rudely told him that he would have to go to the back of the line and wait if he wanted his deposit back for his container. The gentlemen asked if he could leave the container with the clerk and pick up his deposit after he had done his shopping. I watched her even get meaner and she told him No, go to the back of the line and wait. Even now the gentlemen was polite but the woman clerk wasn't. Everyone in line could see that the old man had a bad limp and a bad leg and probably as old as he was had waited in more lines in his lifetime than all of us would ever see. This clerk didn't have to be so mean to him. I stepped back and told the old man to go ahead of me and then I turned around to ask the man behind me if he would mine. I also asked all the people in line of which all said no problem. The guy right behind me was tall had a red bandanna on his head, big bushy beard, tattooed arms the size of rain barrels and a leather vest with silver chains. I swallowed hard and asked him if he would mind if this elder gentlemen go ahead of us. Not at all, not at all. He looked at the clerk and then turned and told the young fellow to step up and go ahead. Then he turned back to the clerk and said you don't mind do you. It took a whole ten seconds probably for her to give the man his money and he was on his way. I stepped up to the counter and handed the clerk my pickup ticket. While she was doing my order, she mumbled these old people think they can walk right up to my counter and get served before everyone else. I placed both hands on the counter and looked her straight in her eyes. Now I was beginning to loose my cool. Did you noticed the old man had a bad limp, probably from the war or some mishap in his life that caused it. That gentlemen didn't deserve to be treated with your attitude. You should learn to be kind to older people because you have no clue to what life his served them. What he was asking you would not have hurt you in the least but it would have helped him. If you need this job to pay your bills and feed your family then I suggest you better take a step back and learn some patience otherwise your employment might end. About that time is when the big fellow right behind me said, "That's right and the next time I see you do this to someone else I will ask the manager to remove you." The clerk was pale faced and didn't know what to say. Between me being medium size and the big man behind me who's appearance fooled me came together with the same answer. An Unlikely pair but our hearts were in the right place. May GOD bless you and keep you, may he make his face to shine upon you now and forever more........Amen
  15. Heavyduty053

    Adam Montana Weekly 4 April 2018

    I appreciate that everyone has a different opinion...that is a fundamental right for all of us......have a good day

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