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  1. 5/3 in Nashville used to handle Dinar several years ago are they handling it now or is there any indication they will when the RV is close or about to pop
  2. Kap in entitled to his opinion but if you will notice it is always negative....this person must love it
  3. He has been trying to tell us something for years but now he is stepping up the pressure before its time
  4. You guys ever notice that Kaperoni is always about the negative side of this thing. Seems like everything he post is negative
  5. IF those people caught in lies under Oath are not charged then there is no Rule of Law in this Country. Why..... because we the citizens have to abide by the laws of the land made by and passed into law knowing they have immunity ....This needs to be changed.....IT IS A GREAT TIME FOR AMERICA TO DEMAND, NOT ASK FOR, NOT REQUEST BUT DEMAND TERM LIMITS......This Crap has gone on long enough.
  6. Frank does have good info sometimes but he sure likes to add his silly expressions which sometimes makes him look like he has smoked one to many
  7. They better listen to the warning....IMF has told them if they don't get it together they will suffer Chapter 7 once again
  8. Kap has for years been preaching the same opinion and thats his right to do so.....I don't think a Lop will benefit that country at all
  9. Frank has changed a lot since years ago....he has good opinions but the dramatics he uses as if he has smoked a few to many.
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