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  1. Well if you read your Bible you will see that God uses people in different situations for his cause. You don't have to be a Holier than thou Christian for him to use any one of us to accomplish his task. At this time and the way the Nation was being engulfed in evil, I don't know if there was any body else that could stand the heat.
  2. It amazes me the remarks that people make about the sitting president...Let me say this...he has been hit from all sides, every turn, coming from every direction and it rolls off him like water on a duck's back, Is there any other person that could withstand all this and still smile, they would throw up their hands in disgust. I believe this man was put there by God and if so then God has his hand on him. I believe that he was placed there because there was no other that could be found with integrity, honesty, can't be bought off mental if he bowed down and sided with the destructionists all the attacks, all the hatred would be gone. Like it or not he is there and he will succeed. If you are following hearsay and have no proof then that's wrong.
  3. Well if the people push will happen, she is not functioning in the mind set for the security of our nation. Her hatred of our President is driving her insane.........Time for her to go
  4. Pull a surprise attack and let her rip......RV, float, reinstate whatever just let it rip
  5. This man has no business saying things like this. He is proving to be what history has said would happen concerning him. He is the last pope and he will bring about evil intentions all across the world. Where does he fit in, The Anti Christ could be from some of the things he has said, is he the false Prophet, sure looks like it. Look what influence this man has and keep your eyes and ears on him and your going to see and hear things you never though would happen.
  6. It would be nice to see this thing pop not only for us but for the people of Iraq who have suffered greatly under all the conditions of the past
  7. Heavyduty053


    Some of this has been put on YouTube, some of it refers to names that has been caught up in stings and others refer to guilty by association. You just have to dig if you want to know
  8. Heavyduty053


    According to deep down research there are over 9000 indictments that is sealed right now but will show next year. Senators, House of legislators, Justice dept, private citizens, some from the religious circles and even other countries will be brought to justice by military style tribunals for crimes against The United States. The Cartel of financiers, power struggles, George Soros all trying to bring in the New World Order with Muslim influence and Muslim rule in this country has failed as for right now because President Trump won the election. If Hillarious would have won the US would be following a different rule. She wanted to scrap the Constitution and rewrite it just like Obama did which would have served to underworld powers to conquer this nation. The United States will never be brought down with military from another country so they have been working from the inside to overthrow. It didn't get to happen but you can bet even though we are not seeing evidence of this on the media it is being hidden until such time as it is brought forth. People you would have never thought will be going to jail for their crimes. Sit back and remember better yet research it yourself. Not much there but its enough. JMO
  9. Crimes are crimes...if they commit them while in office that means that they had all the means and all the avenues to do what they done while thinking the people will not care.....IF he is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be guilty of something then so be it....but Meuller has been at it for two years and hasn't come up with nothing. Don't get me wrong I don't approve of no elected official abusing the trust of their office.
  10. There are two things that can set this country into a Civil War.....trying to take our guns away and trying to Impeach a sitting president that we the people elected with no proof that he has done anything wrong while all the other criminals in Congress and govt run free.....They better think again before they commit such an act or the streets will be filled with rage directed at them
  11. Ok boys time to let it roll before your own citizens revolt against you.....quit stalling and do it

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