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  1. They better listen to the warning....IMF has told them if they don't get it together they will suffer Chapter 7 once again
  2. Kap has for years been preaching the same opinion and thats his right to do so.....I don't think a Lop will benefit that country at all
  3. Frank has changed a lot since years ago....he has good opinions but the dramatics he uses as if he has smoked a few to many.
  4. Good morning all....i may start back with some stories to help you get through the day if there is enough interest in reading them....Have a awesome day
  5. Thanks Ron for giving us the articles of comparison.... I like that....Have a blessed day my brother
  6. I have noticed that Frank 26 and Delta used to be wide open in their knowledge and reports to this site but in the last two years they are a silent breed. I guess they have grown tired, or run out of collected knowledge from their sources or maybe Frank has made all the money he needs for his nest in Hawaii. Whatever the reason its all good....time and actions tell a lot
  7. Well if you read your Bible you will see that God uses people in different situations for his cause. You don't have to be a Holier than thou Christian for him to use any one of us to accomplish his task. At this time and the way the Nation was being engulfed in evil, I don't know if there was any body else that could stand the heat.
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