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  1. I saw a chat stating that Adam is posting in another area and we can access by opening his profile. Where do we find Adam’s profile?
  2. Haven't seen an Adam Update recently and wondering if he is still doing them?
  3. I attempted to purchase a second VIP Certificate, but the shopping cart is down. When will it be up again? ----- Certificate #-------
  4. I've been seeing a lot of info about signing a Non-disclosure Agreement when we exchange. Is that true? If so, what is the purpose?
  5. Where do I find the OSI process explained?
  6. How do I transfer dinar to IBC? Physically or simply by transferring ownership?
  7. If I buy a Name Reserve, can I put the rest of the OSI pieces into place after RV?
  8. I am confused about the deleting of three zeros. When we exchange, will we receive one $25 note for a $25,000 note or one-thousand $25 notes? I understand everything will be electronic, but theoretically, for 1 million dinars would we need to bring a money clip or a briefcase?
  9. I logged into the VIP site and it said I had "no subscriptions." I am a VIP Member and have my VIP Certificate. What do I need to do to be recognized again?
  10. Adam: Is there anything to the story that counterfeiting is a huge problem and will hold up the RV because CBI and GOI are arguing about whose responsibility it is to solve the problem?
  11. Does anyone know what's up with Frank's recorded call that was submitted by Easy Rider? The call stated that JP Morgan Chase started cashing in dinar at 5:30 pm EST Friday and it would move from east to west. The person on the west coast Frank was talking to was told by his Chase Bank they would cash him in this morning. However, banks are still claiming ignorance. Just trying to make sense of all this. I was all pumped to cash in this morning.
  12. Is it too late to purchase a lifetime membership? If not, please post link.
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