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  1. So, have we been upgraded to "Really Really Soon"?
  2. Is it possible that the CBI would change the value in 2015 and then delete zeros in 2016?
  3. Congratulations! Your life has just changed forever.
  4. Is it possible that OPEC is behind some of violence in Iraq? The longer they can keep Iraqs oil off the market, the more OPEC profits.
  5. With the stroke of a pen, CT has turned law abiding citizens into felons.
  6. Keep your cool folks. This has happened many times over the last several years. Sometimes there's no update for a week.
  7. I saw a sewage truck last year with a bumper sticker that read, "CAUTION, This vehicle may be carrying campaign promises."
  8. Maybe this is why Snowden wants to stay in Russia, $2.43 compared to $9.08 in Venezuela for a Big Mac.
  9. Sounds more like Hustler to me.
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