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  1. The colors in the "GOOOO RRRRRVVVVVV" are the colors are of the Iraq flag.
  2. A quick Google search found that the FBI is investigating them.
  3. It's working now ( Monday morning in the U.S. ). Main Index 430.47 Latest Update 26/04/2020
  4. When you look at the line below the graph in the link above, they don't use comma's, only decimal points. AVERAGE: [2807.9762582417584] | STD VAR: [0] | MIN: [0] | MAX: [462830] | Median: [0] | Mean: [2807.9762582417584]
  5. I'm not much into conspiracies. I don't know much about the deals between Iraq and China that took place a few months ago. My question is, would / could China have released the Coronavirus to help Iraq with this RV/RI? Maybe reset the global currencies? And in the end China believes they will come out on top as the worlds leader instead of the U.S.? I haven't given this subject a lot of thought, but wanted to get your opinions. Am I way off base or is this plausible? Or was Coronavirus and accident?
  6. So, have we been upgraded to "Really Really Soon"?
  7. Is it possible that the CBI would change the value in 2015 and then delete zeros in 2016?
  8. Congratulations! Your life has just changed forever.
  9. Is it possible that OPEC is behind some of violence in Iraq? The longer they can keep Iraqs oil off the market, the more OPEC profits.
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