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  1. Okie is still around? WOW, Some things NEVER change. The number of Guru's and the rate. LOL GO RRRRVVVVV
  2. Ive been involved with the Dinar since 2010. Seen a lot of good men and women come and go. Seen a bunch of guru's spout off a lot of junk just to be heard. Ive had my share of strange happenings concerning this speculation. Quickly I was on my way to Sturgis back in 13, was out cleaning my bike from the days ride and this guy and his dog stopped to talk. He looks at me and says I See money coming to you in a GREAT BIG WAVE, like a tsunami. Never seen this guy in my life. This will be a windfall for us that are invested, make sure we do whats right. Take care of people,. Its coming quicker and sooner than we expect. Make sure to invest in people, they matter.
  3. Having been a holder of dinar for the last 9 years, I can honestly say that this is a GREAT time to be involved with this speculation. Things are looking UP for sure.
  4. there will be NO 800 numbers !! We will take our dinar's to a bank that exchanges Foreign currency and get the exchange rate with any perks we can work out. Or if you are VIP, Adam has that already worked out. GOOD GRIEF
  5. This guy calls it every day. Really needs to get a job. Him and Luigi, LOL
  6. Feb 2010 for me. Looks like we were close a couple times. Alas, NO fruit yet. SOON
  7. would of been really NICE to get a drive by with all the talk goin on !!
  8. Lets face it, if Trump were not President, what is he known for. FINANCES, MAKING MONEY. Personally, I think we are in a GREAT POSITION the next couple years to see this POP. What a feather in his cap to bring down the debt in this country. JMO and thinking OUT LOUD.
  9. We must admit, this is a GREAT window to be in. The wheels are certainly spinning quite nicely. Security is coming, Abadi is doing his job as PM. Trump the biz man is taking office SOON. Looks like things are lining up for a GREAT 17. GO BIG, GO TRUMP, GO RVVVVVV
  10. When push comes to shove the LEFT is NOT tolerant at all. They scream, they hate, they cry for the injustice that is done to them. When in reality, they could really care less about people. I have seen this with my own eyes. They would rather help a homeless dog ( i do it all the time) than help a homeless person. EXAMPLE : just got back from California. Literally no public restrooms. WHY? Because they don't want the homeless using them. Well, dont the homeless need a place to clean-up, brush their teeth, use the toilet. Yeah but they mess things up, their not clean. OK, but they are still people. The left talks a good game and thats about it. JMO
  11. Don't get to high or to low. Read the post that are legitimate. Read the hype if you can do the balancing act with it. This is coming, however we or anyone else knows the date or rate!! GO RV
  12. Sounds like they are KICKIN BUTT & not taking any prisoners. Serves'em right.
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