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  1. A man whom cannot compete and win in his biological sex division has to resort to lies and cheating in order to claim he is a champion. No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  2. Well Well Well it's been 15 hrs since I made the plea for help for the poor starving immigrants heading to our southern border. Yet no one has stepped up with their contact information. Could it be that all the liberals on this site are actually not being truthful about the responsibility of the American people to help to house and feed these poor starving people. That are just trying to escape the tyrannical violence of their own homelands. Come on liberals here is your chance to put your money where your mouth is where is your humanity. Volunteer to house and feed the oppressed starving people. Prove to Trump that you are right when you state that the majority of America wishes to help these people No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  3. Well it is now November 6th and and Hannity is still at fox news. Maybe Bostonangler should think about changing his news source to a real news station. of course it might be that he like CNN,MSNBC and others enjoy lying and have no concept of truth. I don't know if you know this BA but truth is freedom. Then again maybe you enjoy being a indoctrinated slave not in charge of your own future. No Retreat No Retreat and No Compromise
  4. Tomorrow I have a feeling they are going to turn to the Court's they will argue that Court needs to restore balance to the house and Senate Otherwise there will be no check to Trump. They haven't accepted the results of the last election and they are going to freak out just like the video above over this election. No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  5. Oh yes I forgot that it was Obama who actually got the pipe line started and created all the jobs He also is the one who ended the war on coal and put the miners back to work. And we must not forget that it was Obama that waved his magic wand and the manufacturing jobs came back and manufacturer s started moving back into the U.S. Obama was a fake the Democrats party is a fake and you are a fake. The word is out the light has been shone on the lies the Democrats party has been spewing and you lose. No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  6. When God gives you an assignment he also gives you the tools to succeed. Trump has proven that he is not afraid to take on Satan alone if necessary now God will give him the back up. Was the plan all along just need to have faith the size of a mustard seed. Have faith not hope. Faith is knowledge that God is going to do what is best. Hope is what you have when you have no faith. No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  7. Muscle memory is a good thing. No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  8. If you support the caravans coming up on our Southern border please leave your name, address and phone number below as they will need a place to live. No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  9. If Trump's economy and his economic policy's are so bad for the country why is Obama out there claiming credit for them? No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  10. Class act LGD class act No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  11. Unfortunately this tool will only get probation when he should get serious prison time. No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  12. No you brought in a story that you believed no one would could despute. You just wanted to make the rest of us victims but as usual being a Democrat you failed. You keep bringing videos and articles over here to convince the rest of us that being a self reliant independent American is an act of futility. The Democrat party cannot survive without hopelessness and hate . Trump finally woke up America to the lefts true agenda of false promises and bullying. The left keeps saying we need to have a national conversation about everything which means we are going to bully you until you surrender to our way of thinking. Conversation is over we are now in the action phase and we are going to phase out the left one way or the other. No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  13. One thing that the Democrats hate more then anything else is a rip roaring economy. If America is doing good financially they lose their victims. Democrats try and paint the American people the victims of the rich and industry. They insist that only way to rectify this injustice is to take the money and redistribute to their pet projects. Their pet projects induce victimhood and dependency which the Democrats depend on to gain and hold power. A strong self reliant happy American people are not slaves and cannot be tolerated by the left. In order succeed socialism needs unhappy victim's not a strong independent people. No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  14. I figured it out. Because of global warming causing the seas to rise the upward pressure on the islands is too much and they broke free. Now we have floating islands that is why the seas are rising every place but the islands. Now we have a bigger problem islands floating around could strike and sink shipping. Not only that if the inhabitants inadvertently move too much weight to one side or the other it will capsize killing all. How much does that job pay? No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
  15. If you fill up a bathtub with water then put a fat little baby in it the water level goes up. If you put a second fat little baby in the tub the water level goes up more. So climate change freaks where is the water going? No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
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