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  1. Heartland Institute Debunks Bill Nye | Heartland Institute Indy
  2. SOURCE: Glenn Wood's Bold Republic Radio Show The way that "Global Warming" / "Climate Change" alarmist put their faith in a sham of so-called science (Climate Science) that has been overrun by LEFTIST and GLOBALIST befuddles me to no end. I equate this to a religious cult of extraordinary proportions. Indy
  3. SOURCE: Reason TV If AOC can get a Bachelor's Degree from Boston University, then this makes perfect sense... Indy
  4. We are heading down a very scary path...the LEFT pushing social justice ideologies through Big Tech Censorship and Association. Indy
  5. SOURCE: TimCast I have been saying this for some time now, and when you have most if not all of the Democrat Presidential Candidates backing The Green New Deal, the Democrat Party is dead to most of Middle America. Indy
  6. SOURCE: AdamAndEveNotSteve Hopefully this will bring sanity back to letting men who have transitioned to women compete with women. Indy
  7. We Are At The Gates Of Civil War...And Nothing Can Stop It | TimCast I have to say that I am not fully to the same point as Tim, but I do believe we are quickly headed there...I just hope cooler heads will prevail in the end. Indy
  8. Same with me...the title of this article seems like click bait because the article does not prove the premise. Indy
  9. SOURCE: Louder With Crowder Indy
  10. CNN Hit With $275 Million Defamation Suit Over Covington Fake News | Tim Pool Throw the book at CNN, the Washington Post, and the rest of the FAKE NEWS reporting around Covington... Indy
  11. SOURCE: PragerU I have to say that the more this woman speaks and others on the LEFT join her line of thinking, the Democrat Party train looks like it is driving off the cliff... Indy
  12. SOURCE: James Allsup I lived for 6 years in Charlotte, NC and the first year that we entered spring and the pollen started to fall, I thought a volcano went off and we were getting the ash fallout. If you have lived in the south for any period longer than a year, you must know about the pollen. Indy
  13. SOURCE: Turning Point USA Three steps to not being a slave to POVERTY: 1) Graduate High School 2) Don't have kids 3) Get a job Sounds like a plan to me! Indy
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