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  1. Kanye West Surprises Jimmie Kimmel | Jimmy Kimmel Live Indy
  2. SOURCE: The Still Report So Rex Tillerson and Kelly ask Niki Haley to join "The Resistance"? Interesting, very interesting! Indy
  3. @bostonangler Do you express this same concern for Labor Unions? Isn't it interesting that you were quick to demonize corporations but yet not mention Labor Unions? Indy
  4. @bostonangler I have a value has gone up because my corporate stock has gone up. Why is this bad? Plus, with the corporate tax windfall that our corporation has seen over the past few years, we are investigating $Billions in New infrastructure. We are hiring more people and our profit sharing has been spectacular. I know that I am giving you anecdotal evidence, but how many other corporations are doing the same? You really do have a hateful view of the the wealthy, corporations, and the Capitalistic system in general. Rethink your distorted views and remove your blinders. Indy
  5. When half of Americans pays no income taxes, and the poor in America are considered "RICH" by any standard in any other country in the world, I am okay with the wealthy controlling as much wealth as they do in America. I am also okay with the Trump Tax Policy because it is encouraging the reinvestment of this wealth back into America, which will only benefit the Middle and Lower Class through jobs and economic growth. This is an example of "The Democrat Clown Car Is Broken And Only Steers LEFT" ideology, because instead of wanting all Americans to increase in wealth and economic standing, they try to make all Americans suffer by penalizing those who succeed. Why don't they point out the achievements and accomplishments of the successful in America as examples for ALL Americans to strive towards. Instead, it is a message of demonize the wealthy as if their financial gains are always at the expense of the Middle and Lower Class. Indy
  6. It's amazing how the simple question of, "Name one thing that the Democrats have accomplished in the past three years," results in total mental vacuous responses of LEFTIST'S platitudes. The 'Green New Deal' and 'Resist Trump' is the best that they can come up with? Indy
  7. @ladyGrace'sDaddy, Don't worry, you are only seeing a microcosm of the LEFT on this forum and in your daily life activities. Some on the LEFT are so blinded by their hate for DJT that they will never be swayed. However, there's a large swath of America that is largely apolitical and for them, we are seeing a large number move away from the Democrat Clown Party and the insanity that they are exhibiting in broad daylight for all to see. There's been Collusion and it wasn't Trump...the Political Left has been caught and will be measured appropriately. Indy
  8. Leaked Emails Expose Impeachment And Joe Biden, Trump May Have Been Right The Whole Time | Tim Pool Indy
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