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  1. Gutfeld On Trump's Letter To Pelosi | Fox News Now, that was funny, right there! Indy
  2. SOURCE: Fox News ***/ BEGINNING OF ARTICLE ***/ It was a rough day for author and CNN legal analyst Areva Martin on Tuesday. Martin accused Sirius XM radio and Fox Nation host David Webb of “white privilege” during a segment on a radio program before he broke the news. “Areva, I hate to break it to you, but you should’ve been better prepped. I’m black,” Webb said. The embarrassing moment occurred during a discussion about experience being more important than race when determining whether or not someone is qualified for a particular job. “I’ve chosen to cross different parts of the media world, done the work so that I’m qualified to be in each one. I never considered my color the issue, I considered my qualifications the issue,” Webb said. “That’s a whole, another long conversation about white privilege, the things that you have the privilege of doing, that people of color don’t have the privilege of,” said Martin – who also hosts CBS’ “Face the Truth.” A dumbfounded Webb asked, “How do I have the privilege of white privilege?” Martin responded, “David, by virtue of being a white male you have white privilege.” The Fox Nation host then explained that he was actually black. “I stand corrected,” Martin said. Webb scolded Martin for running with an “assumption" and she then blamed her team for providing inaccurate information. “That’s actually insulting,” Webb said. “It is and I apologize,” Martin replied. “I was given wrong information.” Martin’s spokesperson declined a request for comment. ***/ END OF ARTICLE ***/ Indy
  3. I am sure you already knew this, but GPS is not a function of the Earth's magnetic field, but of triangulation from satellites. In any case, the changing magnetic poles could be catastrophic, if we have a full pole reversal. This could be one of the biggest cataclysmic events mankind has seen. I hope this never occurs. Indy
  4. Laughter When Trump Slams Reporter With The Same Question 8 Times Over Shutdown | The Charisma Matrix Interesting analysis on Trump's speaking and people skills... Indy
  5. SOURCE: John Stossel Indy
  6. Thanks LGD...+1 for a well thought out and inciting read! I too have come to take notice in signs that on the surface could easily be argued away as coincidence, but in quantity should make any skeptic take notice. We live in very interesting times and I believe that God is moving in our Country and in the world in ways that are on BIBLICAL proportions. If you are a skeptic, stop and take notice because things will pass you by if you don't understand God's sovereignty and will for this nation and the world. Indy
  7. CNN's Chris Coumo Shuts Down Don Lemon In Debate Over Border Security | DronetekPolitics Indy
  8. SOURCE: TimCast Pay special attention to the graphic showing the total annual budget versus the $5 Billion Trump is requesting for the wall...makes the arguments by the LEFT pretty insignificant. Indy

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