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  1. Corporate Welfare? Last I looked, we have the lowest unemployment rates since WWII. And for your Identity Politics view of the World, Blacks, Latinos, Women, and even Men are seeing the best economic expansion in their lifetime. If you feel this is 'bad' for America, then you are living in an alternative reality. Indy
  2. How many times did during the 2016 Election did we hear people say that they would leave America if Trump was elected...I wish they would leave America and I am sure a majority of Americans would agree. If you are for policy that hurts Americans, you are not for America. For example, the Democrat stance and actions on Immigration Policy is pathetic...not one thing they stand for is good for Americans (immigrated or not). Indy
  3. I don't believe in Identity Politics but since the primary argument by our friends from the LEFT seems to be that Trump is primarily a "Racist" (how many times will we go down this path?) I will make the counter argument that he is a Nationalist'. The LEFT looks through a lense of Identity and must make judgements based on only immutable characteristics, rather than content of one's character. And who are the 'Racists' in this Country? In fact, the LEFT are becoming so fragmented from Identity Politics that they are eating their own. Look at AOC calling Pelosi a racist just last week. Trump has given a large portion of Americans the courage and the desire to stand up to Political Correctness and say, "STFU!". We are tired being called some "ism" because someone might perceive the argument as offensive. "GROW UP ALREADY!". Indy
  4. Some people just have too much time on their hands... Indy
  5. Anyone Living In America That Hates America, LEAVE! | Patricia Dickenson The sentiment and feelings of most tell it GIRL! Indy
  6. Oops, I posted in wrong Forum. Can a MODERATOR please move this to Off Topics Thread? Indy
  7. SOURCE: SciManDan Take special note around the 10 min mark of the video where this Flat Earther explains why the NASA Cassini Satellite could not possibly take pictures of Saturn. I didn't know that cameras require "Conscious Observers" in order to take pictures...this is a new one for me. Indy
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