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  1. I agree with most of what you said, except that the LEFT and the RIGHT are equal in their disrespectful speech. The LEFT has mastered this aspect of political discourse in America (with the help of the LEFT leaning academia, media, and Hollywood) and when someone on the RIGHT steps into the "political fighting ring", everyone goes crazy on the LEFT. This is a two-way street and I believe both sides can do better, but when it is primarily a one-way street with the harmful rhetoric and political jargon coming from the LEFT, this is why President Trump is seen by many on the RIGHT as a refreshing push back on the LEFT's crazy claims and accusations. In the past, the Republican presidents would never counter the false and degrading statements by the LEFT...Fascist, Nazi, Racist, Sexist, et. But when a Republican President such as TRUMP takes a stand, the LEFT doesn't quite know how to deal with him because he is not your traditional Republican (take it in the shorts) kind of President. Indy
  2. SOURCE: Mark Dice I would say that Larry takes shots at all of the big news networks, including Fox News. Equal criticism for all... Indy
  3. From Fox News - Judge orders White House returns press pass to CNN's Jim Acosta Indy
  4. @bostonangler, I took it as a joke...but the current political environment is very tense right now, and it is hard to interpret sarcasm through the written text. Indy
  5. @Shabibilicious, Man, you sure do bring the Red Barron your way...someone has got your number... Indy
  6. Gutfeld Reacts To Avenatti Arrest | Fox News I second Avenatti's right to "Due Process", even though he felt Kavanaugh should not be afforded the same rights. Indy
  7. Just in case my comments were misconstrued, they were "tongue-in-cheek". Indy
  8. There is a simple fix...tell CNN they can take Jim Acosta's press pass and give it to someone closed! Indy
  9. If you think that the Kavanaugh Hearings were bad, get ready for the next round of CRAZY, LUNATIC, UN-HINGED behavior by the LEFT!!! Indy
  10. Broward Voters Tried To Vote Twice During Rick Scott FL Senate Race With Bill Nelson | H. A. Goodman This gives new meaning to, "Vote Early, Vote Often". Indy
  11. Democrat Calls Out Brenda Snipes And Election Fraud | TimCast Indy
  12. Broward County Staff Filled Out Blank Ballots | The Still Report If the signed affidavit by the Broward County Election Employee is confirmed, looks to me like the Democrats are trying to steal the election. Indy
  13. They Blocked Journalist From FL Election Recount | TimCast Indy

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