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  1. SOURCE: Viva Frei The Riots this summer resulted in this couple from Missouri getting charged with "Brandishing Firearms against 'Peaceful Protestors.'" The prosecutor was later shown to have tampered with evidence and it appears, the politicization of this case to raise money for her reelection. Indy
  2. TITLE: SCOTUS Docket Forces States To Respond - Jordan Sekulow On Newsmax SOURCE: OfficialACLJ The fact that SCOTUS did not dismiss this out-of-hand, and immediately gave a deadline for the Defendents (PA, MI, WI, and GA) to respond by Thursday indicates that SCOTUS is leaning heavily towards the Plantiff (TX, and the rest of the state's). Indy
  3. TITLE: MSM Caught Lying About Georgia Election SOURCE: Louder With Crowder Indy
  4. TITLE: Dominion Machines Seized! What They Found SOURCE: Louder With Crowder Indy
  5. Let's put this in perspective...the Democrats Impeached Trump because of an "anonymous" Whistleblower who would not sign a sworn AFFIDAVIT, or come before Congress and the American people to testify. And yet, there are over a 1000 people who have signed sworn Affidavits and are willing to testify, and the DEMONCRATS and Marxists Commies are saying there is nothing to see here...move along. TITLE: At Least 289,866 Ballots ILLEGAL? Expert Breaks Down Alleged Voter Fraud | Arizona Hearing SOURCE: NTD Indy
  6. This is FAKE! The only way that I would believe this is with pics of them 'perp' walking in handcuffs. Indy
  7. TITLE: Jenna Ellis On The Michigan Judge Who Gave Team Trump Access To 22 Dominion Voting Machines SOURCE: Donald J. Trump Indy
  8. TITLE: Rudy Giuliani Brings Witness Forward To Expose Shocking Claims Of Voter Fraud SOURCE: BlazeTV Indy
  9. TITLE: 'A Trump Loss Is Improbable To The Point Of Impossible' - Look At The Math SOURCE: Eric Greitens The "math" does not lie! Indy
  10. TITLE: Sidney Powell: I Have Huge Bag Full Of Shredded Ballots SOURCE: Gateway Pundit Indy
  11. TITLE: Trump Wins Michigan Judge Ruling On Forensic Images Of 22 Precinct Tabulators And Memory Cards SOURCE: H. A. Goodman Indy
  12. TITLE: GA Governor Orders Ballot Audit After Shocking Video Evidence Of FRAUD Emerges! SOURCE: Dr Steve Turley Indy
  13. TITLE: New Video Shows Suspicious Activity In Nevada, Georgia Voter Fraud Evidence SOURCE: Shepard Indy
  14. I second the theme of keeping this site to support a vigorous and meaningful debate with all views and ideas presented...this is one of the values of this forum over any other forums available. I didn't know that @bostonangler and @johnnydinar were the same person, but it makes sense since BA stopped posting about the same time JD came back into the forum. I also have found myself on the edge of stepping across the debate line into personal attacks and disrespectful banter, but I feel if anything, this lively debate with those who have a totally different world view and perspective has improved my debate skills and understanding. It's for this reason (and the fact that I am 2A supporter to the death) that I feel @Shabibilicious, @utah rock, and @johnnydinar, and any others should be allowed to speak, albeit respectfully. If this site goes the way of FB, Twitter, and YouTube then we are no better than those we are currently fighting against as they tear down the Constitutional rights that we all believe in. Indy
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