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  1. You need to quit getting your news from "FAKE NEWS". Name one news organization that you get your so-called "objective" news from, and I can probably call it out for "FAKE NEWS". Also, you and your "FAKE NEWS" organizations spun a web of lies, deceit, and the biggest "CONSPIRACY THEORY" in American History and you have the gall to say that those who are calling out this debacle are "conspiracy theorist"? You and your merry klan (who have ignored and discounted the DEEP-STATE Political COUP) are going to be shown to have been in the wrong side of history. Indy
  2. The Deep-State Is Coming Apart! Comey & Brennan Turn On Each Other As Barr And Durham Close In On Them | Black Conservative Patriot Indy
  3. There is one way that the "tides of Justice" are flowing and all paths lead away from Trump and towards those who attempted the Political COUP. Hope they are lawyering up because things are not going to go well for them. Indy
  4. are dreaming if you think this is going to happen. Indy
  5. SOURCE: Friends Of Science Now there is a novel idea...a possible connection between the Sun and the Earth's climate...who would have thought? Indy
  6. SOURCE: TimCast Do you think President Hillarious would have given the same reaction? NOPE! She would have been one of the first leaders to say, "Where do I sign?" Thank God for Trump! MAGA! Indy
  7. Truly a comedic genius among comedians...may he rest in peace. Indy
  8. SOURCE: Fox News If they start now, they can hopefully pick out a jump suit that fits...Comey will need a size for Big And Tall. Indy
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