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  1. Hang on... It's a roller coaster ride... But it will end, when the ride ends. We're seat belted in, now enjoy the scream : )
  2. I think you just have GEICO a good idea for another pig commercial... lol : )
  3. Okie has proven from past statements his insight is not reliable... The real proof is in the evidence of what we are witnessing in the real world... Stay tuned... Avoid the Lunes : )
  4. Can anyone confirm if Iraq parliament took a break until Feb 24? If so, any intel on how this will prolong an RI or RV? Any comments on the possibility of waiting through past March 1st? For those a Crystal ball... lol : )
  5. I speculated... I investigated... I calculated... I have no need to be frustrated... I am waiting having expeculated... I continue to be I optomated... That one day I will be vindicated : )
  6. Yep... Convinced me. Same story. Thx Djgabrielle : ) I don't like to judge people for testing sources and info before getting too deep into a matter. I came to the one source I believed would reveal the whole truth. Thx to all, JayLynn
  7. Thx Roadrunner... I wouldn't have expected it. But your info is a piece of the puzzle that tells the story.
  8. Reports have been made to confirm US Vice President Joe Biden made a special trip to meet with top US financial planners in Aspen, Colorado during his scheduled trip to Denver, Colorado these past days. Sources have reported Aspen, Colorado Airport lined with privet jets to bring top US financial planners. Statements made, meeting included discussion about Global Currency Recet (GCR), & the Iraqi Dinar (IQD). My sources have reported, while discussing GCR & IQD with at least one meeting attendee outside meeting attendance, was asked what sources knew about the topics. After further discussion, sources were asked if they were invested 1-mil IQD or more. Sources reported meeting attending assured them they would be able to afford any one if these jets soon. Though I am confident in my sources, If anyone can confirm or deny any additional information to fill in the blanks will be helpful to all. Go RV : )
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