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  1. TITLE: Chella Marie "Divine Intel News" SOURCE: Currency365 Prophecy about the tide turning in Trump's favor starting Dec 1st. Indy
  2. Your giving the Democrats too much recognition for something other than, "everything they do is to make Trump look bad and get him out of office." I believe God has a bigger plan that involves exposing the corruption on not only the LEFT, but also the Rhino RIGHT. These cohorts only want POWER, and they will stop at nothing to get it. But God has the FINAL say, and I believe they will all be exposed as corrupt and removed from places of power or position. The corrupt politicians, the MSM, the Social Media Tech Giants, etc. Indy
  3. TITLE: The Pennsylvania Prophecy SOURCE: The Still Report This prophecy, which Bill reads again, was given almost two weeks before the election. Isn't it interesting how Pennsylvania is being called the first domino to break the enemy. Indy
  4. TITLE: Apostolic Decree Over America | Election SOURCE: Daughter Of Zion Excerpt from this prophecy: The King says I will now deal with the oppressors of my people. I have heard their cry and will break the hold of the taskmaster's rule. Though they bow their necks in stubborn resistance, I will harness them with nose rings, and lead them to their place of destruction. Like oxen to slaughter I will pull them to their place of defeat. The words of their Pharaoh will be as chaff in the wind as my
  5. If the SOS and Governor did as claimed, I think at a minimum they should be spending many years behind bars. I could make the argument that this is bordering on "treason", but would need to see the final evidence before jumping to this conclusion. I have evolved over the years from feeling that the "Death Penalty" is only appropriate for the most egregious of crimes. This might fall into this category. Indy
  6. TITLE: Meet Sydney Powell's Expert That Tucker Wouldn't Interview SOURCE: The Black Conservative Patriot Indy
  7. TITLE: Hank Kuenneman "Supreme Court" Prophecy SOURCE: Eyes Open Media Indy
  8. SOURCE: Key To Heaven Ministries Everything in the 'carnal' is painting a picture that Biden is the 46th President. Everything in the 'spiritual' is painting a picture that Trump will be reelected. Who do you believe? This is a gut-check moment for true believers. Will you humble yourself and pray for God's will to be done in this country and trust in the spiritual promises, or will you give up and believe in the lies coming out about the future of America. Indy
  9. TITLE: Michigan County Re-Refuses To Certify Election SOURCE: The Still Report Here's an interesting voting irregularity in Wayne County, the largest county (~17% of the population of the state of Michigan) - 71% of the Absentee County Boards (vote tallies) were filled with irregularities. Is this because Absentee and mail-in ballots that were cast and counted do not align with the number of registered voters in the county? Indy
  10. It doesn't surprise me that the Clinton's are involved...they can't seem to go away. Indy
  11. TITLE: Ted Cruz Twitter CEO's Response To Own Him And Expose Their Blatant Censorship SOURCE: Dinesh D'Souza Indy
  12. TITLE: Rudy - Stay Tuned For Big News Tomorrow SOURCE: The Still Report Dominion SW will be the undoing of the Political COUP by the Democrats... Indy
  13. SOURCE: Sid Roth's It's Supernatural Vision given about the election on Aug 20, 2020, and it all points to Philadelphia. Indy
  14. The only way Democrats can win is if they lie, cheat, and steal their way into power. They have been doing this for decades. This is the the first President to stand up to this criminal behavior by the LEFT. Indy
  15. TITLE: 'Judgement Is Coming' Interview & Who Will Win 2020 US Elections | Dr. Sharon Stone SOURCE: RIG NATION She starts talking about US Elections at the 1:16:30 mark. Quite interesting how she calls out that we won't know who the President will be until 'end of the year'. She also calls out how the remnant needs to humble themselves and pray, as there's a spiritual battle for the control of the US and the US will be the first dominoe to fall that will cause nations all over the world to follow the changing of abortion laws to protect the unborn.
  16. TITLE: Sidney Powell MASSIVE And COORDINATED Effort To Steal This Election SOURCE: The Report Claims being made: 1) Democrats had dead people vote 'En Masse' 2), Democrats created FAKE Ballots and submitted them in favor of Biden (~450,000 ballots marked only for Biden) 3) Computer program glitches that flipped votes in favor of Biden Indy
  17. You are missing one key point...the Democrats will control the voting process and the corruption we saw this cycle will never allow another Republican or Conservative be elected to office. This is a Spiritual Battle and if you are a believer in anyway, get on your knees and pray for God to expose the corruption and lies that are blinding most Americans. It's now or never or there won't be a 2024. Indy
  18. TITLE: The Voter Fraud Sting Is Legit! Evidence Emerges From Former & Current Intel Patriots, and Don Jr. SOURCE: The Black Conservative Patriot Indy
  19. TITLE: Far-LEFT Freaks Out As GOP Surges And Trump Approval Skyrockets! SOURCE: Dr Steve Turley If Trump wins FL and OH, it will be pretty rough road ahead for Biden Campaign. Can you say, "2016 Presidential Election deja vu"? "The Democrat Clown Car Is Broken And Only Steers, NO Veers LEFT!" Indy
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