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  1. CL- Only us old guys know where those words came from.....nice. -ddprint22
  2. Shedagal- Good point. In lieu of incoming news from many directions and with the increase in big picture info., I have done a bit of soul searching myself. Even now I am trying to get my priorities in line with what I should do regarding on-or-off shore investments. I do love what is going on with the voting issues. At the end of my pursuit, I'm going along with God's plan. -ddprint22
  3. Let's start with this one. *** Breitling *** Here's what's interesting. I want you to understand this. Especially the pro Trump people. You know I'm a conservative. The people that created the Iraqi dinar are hoping that Biden gets in. That's Cheney, Bush Jr., Donald Rumsfeld all these guys. Isn't that kinda strange? A lot of people are incorrectly thinking that if Trump doesn't stay in office this thing is over...Cheney, Bush Jr., Donald Rumsfeld all these guys they want Biden to get in. Completely against what I want but that's the reality prism you need to look through... Is a Biden type entity the only way or reason to bring back the previous value of the Iraqi dinar? Is a Trump type entity interested in restoring economies in the USA and show other countries how it's done - by example? I would think that allies of the USA would mirror our capitalist ways and strive to do the same. I would think that allies of the USA would mirror our way of prosecuting corrupt government entities from all political flavors and restore their Constitutions and in turn, restore what previous bad players have done to lower their ways of life and monetary systems. At the end of the day, the bad guys get spanked and the good guys reap the rewards. Maybe I watched too many episodes of Lassie as a kid.... ok, it was last week. Just a thought . . . (time for supper, later.) -ddprint22
  4. USA starts in October.... - ddprint22
  5. I think I read a few years back that many Governments start their fiscal year on October 1st. Just a vague memory though... Nope. Just checked. Normal calendar year. I got nuthin... - ddprint22
  6. WOW ! Gonna step out of my comfort zone for a second. 'Why can't women just accept us (Joe B.) for who we are? Always trying to change us'. I digress into my male chauvinistic self. Just a joke here. No hatters. ddprint22
  7. Maybe this needs to move to another topic (or not) All - Special thanks to Julie at Dinar Vets for the step-by-step process to accomplish this VIP Member sign-up ... Solution to additional VIP Memberships for friends-and-family - (sounds like a cell phone commercial) when you take the initiative to include them in this ride at possibly your expense. Obtain from the individual(s) or open new email account for individuals. As Caye98 - said in the previous post, "Make sure you are not logged in to Dinar Vets when you add a new membership. " Have the individual(s) 'or you' sign the individual up to be a member of the Dinar Vets web site using a new user name & their new or old email address of the potential member. Once signed in as that member(s) user name and email address, you can have them or 'you' can purchase a VIP Membership for whatever term. B-dee B-dee, dats all folks. (Special Note: If you are paying for another new member, make sure you drop the recipients name into the billing box to show them and not you as the new VIP Member) Don't worry, if you are paying for your kiddo's membership and his/her name is in the billing box - you will still get the freakin bill! Otherwise you just purchased another VIP Membership with your name on it ! oops ! Done. -ddprint22
  8. Adam M., I can't move forward on purchasing two (2) additional 'monthly paid' VIP Memberships for two (2) of my sons without some direction. I would appreciate it if Adam 'or' someone with the answer would respond. No guesses, just factual process please. Thanks in advance. -ddprint22
  9. - Caye98, Yes. That is my concern. Unfortunately I can not purchase for other family members with the link provided. Once in the cart . . . I can not purchase two (2) additional VIP Memberships The cart does not allow a different name to be inserted (Only billing and card information) I would hope I can alert Julie to make these memberships to two (2) other names after I pay. What's your opinion? - ddprint22
  10. Good morning Adam Montana ! I have been all-in for a few years now. As you may already know by my past history, many of my bases at DV are covered. Not to be a downer here, but judging by my family genes I may not live forever. No big surprise. After this stint, I've got someplace else to be anyway. Question: So . . . would it be prudent to go ahead and include (add) a few additional family members to the VIP Group to carry on the family legacy? They are not engaged with this web site nor investment, but they will be responsible in managing and the continuance of my legacy at a later date. Concern: I would hate the idea of taking one of them to an out-of-country investment meeting, but have to leave them in the waiting room while the learning process and experience is in-the-works behind closed doors. - ddprint2
  11. Dinar Thug - I know you are just re-posting here, however If this quote from Guru Breitling is true . . . 4-22-2016 Newshound Guru Breitling How is the dinar going to be taxed? How I discovered how it’s going to be taxed, I went back through some of my tax records and one of the project I had was Brazil …It was actually a very significant amount of currency I brought back and I looked to see how I was taxed and it was ordinary income…it was a big chunk and that is the way they taxed it. I’m NOT a tax guy alright…It’s different in each state on how you can set things up and how you categorize things and how you can spend it…so you get the gist. Ordinary income is going to be across the board in the entire country. [NOTE: At the appropriate time you will want to speak with your tax expert...everyone's situation is unique.] All I can think about is . . . Go IBC Group. Wiez gunna bie en uh goot plase, wile duh masses ure gunna git takun tew duh cleenerz. (I know - (sp) spealin ain't write, I'm bored with correctness. For now on, outside the lines for me) - ddprint22
  12. Seeing this in Yahoo/National news is good -
  13. Adam - Ok . . . Now that I've had time to digest your post . . . ...... You're a Cheese Head? ...... You have an opinion? ...... Someone a few posts before lovingly described you as a dictator on your own site? ...... Your a Cheese Head? ...... Cheese Head? Other than the Cheese Head stigma, (just kidding) I hope that someday we live in the same neighborhood, maybe in The DR . I don't want to live next door to you. You'll probably have too many visitors and friends across the world stopping by all the time. Lotsa noise and partying. I only have enough happy drinks and back-yard grilling stuff for a few friends and neighbors. So . . . I'll come over to your house. Yer da man - -ddprint22
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