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  1. Wow did he really just say” if robert e lee was in afganistan we’d of won”?? hmmmm what did general Lee stand for/fight for? Kinda sounds like this president likes general Lee? Maybe a hero to him? Unbelievable!
  2. You have some verbal diarrhea there. is there anything productive you can add here?
  3. Thanks yota I appreciate you sharing what worked for you
  4. Thanks Fred. I didn’t know you could buy them together
  5. Not at all trying to promote another site but i was listening to the joe rogan podcast with dr. Bret weinstein and dr. Kory. They said to take quercetin along with zinc. The quercetin helps the zinc penetrate the cell walls for much greater benefit. I listen to so many podcasts that it might not have been that exact podcast but it was definitely a peer reviewed doctor that suggested that
  6. I truly wish he would. i saw a 10 second clip of him talking about how he ran things before he became president. I can’t remember where i saw it. He was saying if you donate to me and my party in a big way then you can walk right into my office and see what i can do for you. Sorry i cant provide a link. Definitely a pay to play operation. I seriously doubt he has changed since stealing the election. JMO MASSIVE amounts of money being funneled thru big pharma
  7. Dr Kory was on a big podcast talking about this very thing. ivermectin about 2 bucks vaccine about 3 thousand And on a side note “ivermectin “ didn’t show up on my autospell. Lmao
  8. 👌SPOT ON from Dr. Adrian Rogers…Isaiah 59:14 14So justice is turned away, and righteousness stands at a distance. For truth has stumbled in the public square, and honesty cannot enter. because truth has fallen, equity, judgement and justice cannot get by
  9. Badges are cool…i like them! the movie blazing saddles just popped in my head though 😂😂😂
  10. No sir….all good here
  11. did you use a thesaurus to find these words? i wonder , whats another word for "thesaurus"? 😂 thanks for bringing this Thugs!!!
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