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  1. depending on the broker u use , you can put in a stop loss. you can hold the coins for as long as you want to. ive been holding on to a small amount of wanchain for 3 years. i bought them at a high price and since then its been steadily losing value. in this bull market its starting to make a comeback. do your own due diligence. dont just jump into anything like i did! lots of opportunity in this market atm. cryptos dont force you to get out. you own the coins, digitally of course. you can keep them on the exchange or you can put them in a wallet.
  2. Fantastically? Is that even a word? 😂😂😂 just messing around!! Thanks for the update!!! Goooo rrrrrrrvvvvvv!!!!! welcome back Thugs!!!
  3. Dr Adrian Rodgers said in one of his sermons years ago that the Lord is more focused on “timing “ than he is about “time” Goooo. Rrrrrvvvvv!!!!
  4. Appreciate the time and effort you put into these weekly updates! looking forward to a time when they won’t be necessary (at least in this format) anymore!
  5. Excellent “big picture “ thinking caye98! I do remember the new administration saying taxes are going up! Sombody has to pay for the “green new deal” right??? Ugggg always appreciate your input! thanks!
  6. If there are no amendments, i think they need three readings??? anyone know if this is true??
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