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  1. Adam addresses this in his chat this morning
  2. Topic: Adam impromptu chat in progress, please hold the typing [Adam Montana] hold typing [Adam Montana] hold typing [Adam Montana] hold typing [irie Herb] morning all dinarians [Adam Montana] hold typing [Adam Montana] hold typing [Adam Montana] There are... as many of you know... a couple of issues going on right now [Adam Montana] the first I will address is the departure of one of our respected members [Adam Montana] I regret his decision, but the door is always open if he cares to return [Adam Montana] luckily [Adam Montana] this investment doesn't hinge on him [Adam Montana] and others will step up to offer words of wisdom [Adam Montana] and we will see the return on our investment with or without him [Adam Montana] so on that note... the subject is officially closed [Adam Montana] And the drama ends [Adam Montana] and we can all go back to being adults, and worry about what is important - the RETURN on our investment! [Adam Montana] now to the important topic [Adam Montana] the other issue [Adam Montana] Frank-Dodd Law [Adam Montana] there is a rule in place that prohibits small guys like most of our members [Adam Montana] from making large transactions [Adam Montana] one of the "other sites", or "other gurus" [Adam Montana] misinterpreted this law [Adam Montana] and has everyone scared that we won't be able to cash in after july 15 [Adam Montana] due to this rule [Adam Montana] I understand how the mistake was made [Adam Montana] because I have the education and have passed the Series 65 to be a Registered Investment Advisor [Adam Montana] itsinthemx is now banned from chat [Adam Montana] there is NOTHING to worry about with this rule [Adam Montana] and I'll explain why [Adam Montana] the law is reagarding "Accredited Investors' [Adam Montana] to be an Accredited Investor, you need over $1,000,000 net worth [Adam Montana] the law is reagarding "Accredited Investors' [Adam Montana] to be an Accredited Investor, you need over $1,000,000 net worth [Adam Montana] or an individual income of over 200,000 USD for the last two years with a reasonable expectation of the same in the current year [Adam Montana] or a joint income of 300,000 for the last two years with a reasonable expectation of the same this year [Adam Montana] as long as you are an "Accredited Investor", the F rank-Dodd Law does not apply to you for this investment [Adam Montana] (keep in mind that the 1,000,000 net worth excludes your primary residence) [Adam Montana] bottom line is this: [Adam Montana] if the Dinar RVs and you are the owner of over $1,000,000 in assets (Dinar) [Adam Montana] then you are an Accredited Investor [Adam Montana] I don't fault the "gurus" for not understanding this [Adam Montana] it's a complicated subject, and that's why they don't allow every Tom Joe and Harry to open an investment practice! [Adam Montana] I am also very thankful i was able to dedicate the time to getting this education [Adam Montana] because otherwise i would have had to pay a lot of money to get the answer I just gave you [Adam Montana] that's it, i will open the floor to F rank-Dodd Law questions ONLY [Adam Montana] for about 5 minutes [DaveH] is that going to effect people that only have say 250,00 dinar then ? [irie Herb] Hello Adam, I am new here so, nice to meet you. I have a question, isn't the law set up mostly to stop small investors from buying on Margin and driving prices up ? [Adam Montana] then I have to run Topic: Frank-Dodd Qs only [FishMan1969] Adam Montana I listened to Phoenix take on it and feel very similar to his opinions... did you have a chance to review his opinion? [DaveH] and thank you for clearing that up [Adam Montana] DaveH depends on the rate of course [DaveH] right [straightshot] Adam Montana if your post rv dinar adds up to 900,000 you are screwed... right? [Adam Montana] Straightshot not necessarily, there are still ways around it [Adam Montana] it will just involve more paperwork [straightshot] Adam Montana ... straightshot breathes [Adam Montana] will still get to cash in, if the rule gets applied the way they are talking [sassyk] Adam is the Mil-- net worth ----after the dinar rv--- [Adam Montana] sassyk if you have 500k in gold [Adam Montana] then your net work doubles [Adam Montana] sorry, then gold doubles [Adam Montana] so does your net worth [sassyk] Adam Montana Don't have gold -- [Adam Montana] sassyk same applies to Dinar [sassyk] Adam Montana thanks [bobbidoll] Adam Montana I have to leave but thank you very much. [Adam Montana] bobbidoll welcome [Adam Montana] wow did I really do THAT good of a job explaining? [Adam Montana] Straightshot yw! [Adam Montana] glad I could clear it up [texasspark] Adam Montana [4Horsn2] Adam Montana ... thanks for the insight! [Adam Montana] I know a lot of fearmonger gurus out there do some shady stuff for attention [sassyk] Adam Montana calmed some nerves --- [Adam Montana] I just wanted to clear that one up real quick [texasspark] Adam Montana any dates we should be looking for? [Adam Montana] texasspark don't forget your anniversary [Adam Montana] or moms birthday [texasspark] Adam Montana [Adam Montana] those are the only dates I'm going to give today [Thankudad] As usual Adam Montana thank you for all you have done for all of us, I only got half of the chat, will this be posted? [Adam Montana] Thankudad i believe so [texasspark] Adam Montana Ty [Adam Montana] mods - anyone get it all? [pleasantvalleySunday] Adam Montana got it [pleasantvalleySunday] ready to post [Riley] Adam Montana Thanks Adam [Adam Montana] thank you PVS, go ahead - I'm done here for now. got a lot of work to do today! [Adam Montana] thanks all [Adam Montana] have a great day!
  3. Sulaimaniya, June 18 (Rn) - A member of the coalition of Kurdish blocs House of Representatives of Iraq, said on Saturday that the Iraqi parties, and particularly Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi, will meet next Monday in Baghdad at the home of President Jalal Talabani, in order to solve the problems of the country. The head of the Legal Committee of the parliament, Khalid Huani, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "it is due to meet Iraqi political parties, especially Allawi and Maliki, next Monday at the home of the President of Iraq Jalal Talabani in Baghdad, in order to resolve the differences between my Iraqi rule of law." He Shwani that "the attempts made by Talabani aimed at ending the problems of parliamentary blocs in the parliament, especially the question of security ministries to the government of Nuri al-Maliki and the Supreme Council for the strategic policy." And the political blocs agreed within the initiative of President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani on a number of points, including the commitment to the Constitution, and to achieve both harmony and balance, and end the work of the accountability and justice, and activation of national reconciliation and the formation of a government of national partnership. The agreement within the initiative, which resulted in the formation of the government, given the position of prime minister of the National Alliance and the formation of a new council called the "Strategic Policy Council" shall be vested in his list of Iraq, specifically, Iyad Allawi. Was not completed the formation of the government as of now, because the ministries of interior, defense and national security has not been filled, as well as the National Council of the Supreme policies. From: Idris Abubakar, the Open: Sarbaz Saleh, see: Ehsan Aervani
  4. well it is going to close it, but only because I'm the OP and didn't expect or predetermine the outcome (duh what was I thinking?). I did NOT post this because it is from some left wing org (as some so clearly pointed out). I posted it cause I thought it was another look at the numbers and where we are --- guess I was wrong --- oh well, lesson learned
  5. Gibbs427 --- I've been worried about you since the other night in chat! Now I know where you went to --- but are YOU ok???? I too am saddened to hear of your overheard conversation --- and while I hate that people are sometimes so gullible they swallow any and all rumors as if they were the truth --- I have to wonder if the young man you described doesn't drive the way he did on other occasions as well ... we've all experienced the other car that seems to be in far to big of a hurry for the conditions (traffic). I humbly submit that imo most of the experiences we have in life are meant to teach us something --- often the lesson goes unheeded --- as often even if we seek for the lesson it remains somewhat elusive. Perhaps there are a myriad of lessons we can glean from this experience. I do NOT believe you have to live the experience to learn from it Blessings and good health to you Gibbs427 --- and to the young man as well. pvS
  6. just so we're all on the same page --- guar·an·tee noun1.a promise or assurance, especially one in writing, thatsomething is of specified quality, content, benefit, etc., orthat it will perform satisfactorily for a given length of time: amoney-back guarantee.2.guaranty ( defs. 1, 2 ) .3.something that assures a particular outcome or condition:Wealth is no guarantee of happiness. (love the example used!) –verb (used with object) secure, as by giving or taking make oneself answerable for (something) on behalf of someone else who is primarily responsible: to guarantee the fulfillment of a undertake to ensure for another, as rights or possessions. The legal definition is even MORE fun! ....hhmmm it IS in writing
  7. This guy seems to draw a pretty good picture (literally) of where we're at right now --- so we know the problem --- it's a solution that is lacking
  8. ain't nuthin ther i cudunt git either --- whilst i ain't usally a blaino fanatik I am a John Wayne fan lol and I don't think old John woulda minded that at all but I can't do it justice lol just have to put on your John Wayne glasses
  9. I think it's all a personal choice, but here is a link outlining the specific benefits of joining as a VIP member:
  10. 7:57 PM [Adam Montana] hey all! 7:58 PM [Adam Montana] No responses at this time please 7:58 PM [Adam Montana] I have to apologize 7:58 PM [Adam Montana] I did NOT get to read the Question thread 7:58 PM [Adam Montana] and I've been in meetings literally all day 7:58 PM [Adam Montana] the good news is 7:59 PM [Adam Montana] kind of like what's happening in Ira1q 7:59 PM [Adam Montana] "The writing is there for all to see" 7:59 PM [Adam Montana] I'll just get into what I know, and what I can share 7:59 PM [Adam Montana] first 8:00 PM [Adam Montana] I mentioned a few months back that June was a "high potential" month for me 8:00 PM [Adam Montana] that never changed 8:00 PM [Adam Montana] and part of it had to do with the DFI expiration that you're all probably aware of 8:00 PM [Adam Montana] even if you're not 8:00 PM [Adam Montana] it doesn't matter 8:01 PM [Adam Montana] many of you saw a thread sonny1 posted last night 8:01 PM [Adam Montana] and I talked to him about it this morning. 8:01 PM [Adam Montana] I'm not going to spill what exactly was discussed... because some of the details are personal to him 8:01 PM [Adam Montana] but our information is closer than it ever has been 8:02 PM [Adam Montana] and I'm inclined to CAUTIOUSLY look at his 3 week prediction as VERY POSSIBLE 8:02 PM [Adam Montana] I stress CAUTIOUSLY, friends! I don't want ANY of you spending a penny on Dinar based on my optimism 8:03 PM [pleasantvalleySunday] TonyDownTheShore -- Adam has the GOI been completed, and does the GOI have to be 100% in place for this RV. 8:04 PM [Adam Montana] GOI is NOT 100% completed 8:04 PM [Adam Montana] but it doesn't have to be 8:05 PM [Adam Montana] when you go to work and someone calls in sick, others cover the responsibilities - right? 8:05 PM [Adam Montana] some people are not replacable - some companies that is a President, some companies it's the Accounting Manager, in the DinarVets company it's Sara 8:05 PM [Adam Montana] 8:06 PM [Adam Montana] but Iraq doesn't have any irreplacable people missing - they can proceed 8:06 PM [Adam Montana] next please PVS! 8:06 PM [pleasantvalleySunday] ablaze96 ---I know that you've never suggested any reported "date" or "deadline" set by any government or IMF, WTO, CBI etc. that would hint to an imminent RV. That being said, what is your opinion on yesterday's news article from the Kuwait News Agency which reported the replacement of the DFI Fund with a new account on June 30th? Does this new account, not necessarily the date, have any impact on the RV? 8:07 PM [Adam Montana] ablaze96 good question - I actually knew about this months ago, but didn't have any evidence to back it up 8:07 PM [Adam Montana] and I hate to come out and say "oh a contact told me X" because it makes me look bad LOL 8:07 PM [Adam Montana] but this is one of the reasons I have been optimistic about this general time period 8:07 PM [Adam Montana] and I still am 8:07 PM [Adam Montana] 8:08 PM [Adam Montana] next please PVS! 8:08 PM [pleasantvalleySunday] Voittattoo -- Do you believe the Bilderberg meeting had anything to do with the revaluation? 8:08 PM [Adam Montana] No I do NOT! 8:08 PM [pleasantvalleySunday] Darin --My question for AM: We may only speculate what type of influence a R/V may have on crude. What are your opinions in the long-term as post-R/V for what we can expect out of crude? Will it shoot up? Drop? Remain rather stable? I know many people are looking for investment opportunities post-R/V with anything crude related. In my opinion, post-R/V may help bump up the production of crude, and could potentially drive down the price upon the market. Is this something the GOI would have to consider? 8:09 PM [Adam Montana] Darin I hate to avoid a question, but I'm going to. The reason is I have spent a ton of money researching Post RV investments for the VIP members. 8:09 PM [Adam Montana] and my opinions on that particular question would lead me to give too much information on one of the deals I have lined up 8:10 PM [Adam Montana] 8:10 PM [Adam Montana] next Q please PVS! 8:10 PM [pleasantvalleySunday] Luigi1 --Will there be a time limit to trade in ID or will the new ID RV just be allowed to float against the US Dollar indefinately with no time limit? 8:11 PM [Adam Montana] Luigi1 I wish I could give adefinitive answer on it 8:11 PM [Adam Montana] but history shows us it has been done both ways 8:12 PM [Adam Montana] every time Kuwait changed currency there was at least 90 days to "cash in' 8:12 PM [Adam Montana] in some cases, countries have introduced new currencies and there was a much longer time 8:12 PM [Adam Montana] however, the Iraqi currency is a bit different 8:13 PM [Adam Montana] this currency has the possibility of increasing much much more than other currencies 8:13 PM [Adam Montana] it SHOULD be worth a lot more 8:13 PM [Adam Montana] so there is a chance there could be a low RV 8:13 PM [Adam Montana] then a 30 day or 90 day mandatory cash in 8:13 PM [Adam Montana] we just have to wait, I wish I could tell you for sure! 8:13 PM [Adam Montana] next please PVS! 8:13 PM [pleasantvalleySunday] disciple7--- Does the fact that the US has hit their debt ceiling speed this RV process up at all? In your opinion is it possible the US government is masterminding the RV to be announced around election time? 8:14 PM [Adam Montana] disciple7- - no, an RV will help the entire world but it the US doesn't have more weight in this than many other countries 8:14 PM [Adam Montana] I know a lot of guru-pumper-type people like to throw that out there 8:15 PM [Adam Montana] but it's not true. Iraq will RV when IRAQ can sustain the rate, not when our spend-crazy country finally bankrupts our great great grandchildren 8:15 PM [Adam Montana] next please PVS! 8:16 PM [pleasantvalleySunday] well there is really only one more you haven't covered --- 8:16 PM [pleasantvalleySunday] J.F.---Since we all know it is going to rv this month there really is only one question left to ask Mr Montana, I think I got this from Scooby Doo... Is it boxers or briefs? just putting a little humor here, things way to uptight, 8:16 PM [pleasantvalleySunday] sorry hadta LOL 8:16 PM [Adam Montana] LOL 8:16 PM [Scooby Doo] LOL The melay to follow was impossible to copy --- guess ya just haveta be here!!
  11. not that I'm aware of --- he does it live on blogtalkradio and then it's available to listen back to shortly after the live show is over
  12. welcome to DV (not that we need more Psyco's here --- but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for now ) I do not do that lightly like some do, nor end every post I make that way --- but current conditions warrant a good ole' GOOOOO RRRRRVVVVVV!!!!!!!!
  13. factor in the over $7000 it will cost you to get there
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