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  1. Finance Bader: Golden increase balance dinar to strengthen its position against global currencies BAGHDAD / Mohammed Kazem 02/15/2013 World Gold Council revealed in its report issued by the global demand for gold for that Iraq had bought 24.1 tonnes of gold during 2012. The report noted that the world's central banks raised their purchases of gold over the past year 2012 record levels and the highest level since 48-year-old in 1964. Noting that Iraq, which raise oil production over the past year benefited from oil مداخيله in increasing its gold reserves, where he bought a CBI 24.1 tonnes of
  2. Upper: Directors of the Central Bank acting to weaken him on 01/07/2013 | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BAGHDAD / Farah Asim al-Tai Independent lawmaker Hassan said upper management of the Iraqi Central Bank by proxy is to fold cash for this institution and its strength and durability will be the strength of the Iraqi currency and have the weight of the fiscal balances. The top of the newspaper "integrity electronic" For this reason, we note that the law gave the staff of the Central Bank of Iraq immunity similar immunity given to membe
  3. BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah Revealed to the oil and energy parliamentary, that political blocs agreed to pass the draft law of oil and gas for the year 2011 made by the government to the House of Representatives, pointing to the mini-committee set up by Parliament worked to make some amendments to this draft according to the political consensus. The Kurdistan Alliance, expressed optimism Ptousel parties to agree on a draft oil law, stressed that the enactment of the Oil and Energy is an end to the political crisis in which we live a long time ago, revealing that the Kurdish negotiating delegati
  4. "as explained during his answers to the financial value of the dinar after the change will maintain its position fully".......lets hope so.
  5. is then thinking away to make the U.S. dollar is equal to DT through the development of long-term plans after settling the political situation inside and outside the country and at the subspecies fiscal revenue of the state..... NICE!
  6. Date: 2012-08-15 09: 57: 06 Wednesday Baghdad (News) ... The Central Bank of Iraq, confirmed that banks selling dollars aimed at withdrawing liquidity from the market exists in most of central banks. The Bank said in a statement received (News Agency news) on Wednesday: that most of the markets where the official price parallel rate, the Bank seeks to reduce the difference between the two prices through the inspection teams, to comply with the instructions of the Central Bank, which buy the dollar to all Government and private banks and branches of foreign banks and not civil only to banks.
  7. CBI agrees to add the code Turkmen in the new currency « on: Today at 01:29:39 PM »QuoteCBI agrees to add the code Turkmen in the new currency 02/08/2012 17:13 Baghdad, August 2 (Rn) - The nickname of the Iraqi Central to add the code on one of the Turkmen banknotes will be issued new next year. This came during a meeting between the Parliamentary Finance Committee and officials of the Central Bank on the removal of three zeros from the Iraqi currency and the issuance of a new Iraqi currency over the next year, according to the announcement by the Parliamentary Finance Committee. A membe
  8. Enoch8 breaks down this article on a conference call posted on this sight. It looks like Iraq does or will practice fractional banking according to this article...says Enoch.
  9. Monetary policy and trends in the money supply .. An alternative vision 07/26/2012 0:00 D. The appearance of Mohammed if the money the Iraqi Central Bank issued and traded a cash basis of base money, which is considered as the liabilities of the central bank capable of generating or creating money by doubling bank credit to form an essential component of money supply, which originates or creates usually by a multiple of bank credit affected by the cash basis (no balance sheet impact of the Central Bank to double credit through open market operations) which confirms that the banks are tradit
  10. OK back on topic. Can anybody add there thoughts to what Delta was talking about?
  11. Monday July 16, 2012 Aakdt Finance Committee meeting on Sunday, 15/7/2012 under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman of the Committee Haider Abadi, and the presence of gentlemen members of the committee and its advisers. The meeting was hosted by the appearance of Dr. Salih, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq and the delegation accompanying him. During the meeting discussed the objective to replace the existing currency and delete zeros of which and the mechanisms that will be followed by the central bank in the process of replacement and places and to identify the banks that will be un
  12. Member of Finance Committee: The process of withdrawal of the old currency will continue for two years through banks Question: I posted this article a few days back and got very little response. The link does not match the body of the words below but if this statement was made doesnt this sound somwhat past tense? The cbi and fc has taken many measures to relpace the iraq currency include the withdrawl of old currency over the years and handed over to the banks etc...This would bring the dinar count down to a more manageable level....very positive. Or am I reading this wrong? On: Friday 06/0
  13. On: Friday 06/07/2012 13:54 Baghdad (news) .. According to a member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Najiba Najib Ibrahim, that the central bank has taken several measures to replace the Iraqi currency in coordination with the Finance Committee. The answer (of the Agency news): The Central Bank and in coordination with the Finance Committee has taken many measures to replace the Iraqi currency include the withdrawal of old currency over the years and handed over to the banks which in turn will deliver the currency to the Central Bank over the ten years to destroy.The j: in e
  14. Friday, July 6, 2012 12:16 {Baghdad, Euphrates News} A member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Salman al-Moussawi said the central bank attempts to replace the currency is unconstitutional and will lead the country towards the unknown, which may not be bad consequences. Al-Moussawi said in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, "no right to the central bank currency exchange because Article {110} of Dezturalaraca stipulates that the right of the federal authorities to draw financial policies and the issuance of currency in the
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