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  1. Agreed Bohica. Enough is enough! Just came home for lunch, turned on FOX, lookin at the train wreckage. The enemy is so angry at the reformation that’s currently taking place. He plays dirty. We have to stay postured in prayer with fasting until we’re free. Did you see those angry faces last night?! This is no coincidence. We the people are being liberated from a very dark grip. Power and finance and freedom are returning to us. We are exiting Egypt. We are being awakened, transformed, and reformed, at the same time. This shift is bigger than us. A different, greater kingdom is being established in the earth... while another is falling. There is such great joy ahead, people! Hang on for the bumpy ride! We will surely arrive at our appointed destination. For you guys that may not understand my above perceptions...I’m not politically inclined...I’m just an intercessor like a few others know...we’re like Kingdom CIA, right? Lol! Oh and Jesus/Yeshua...He’s neither Democrat or Republican. He’s not American. He’s not even a Christian! I’ve coined a couple of phrases from my two favorite modern day prophets: “The sky isnt falling; the Kingdom is coming!” ...and...”You’re somewhere in the future, and you look much better than you do right now!” God bless you all as we continue moving forward. 😀
  2. Me again! Oops! The article entitled August- My "Awe- Gust" is Coming was actually written by Helen Madelaine- His Light Tower and can be found on Facebook at the Australian Prophetic Council. There are many amazing articles to enjoy if you like this stuff. I'm on my IPhone and not to savvy with links. Sorry. Enjoy your weekend!
  3. I don't post often, but I'll share this: On Dec, 5,2011...I was working in a client's home and praying in my heavenly language when I went into an open vision. I won't share the details of the faces who appeared in front of mine. Definitely, Father was revealing something re what we are awaiting. No, I did not hear or see dates or rates. However, at the close of this 60 second picture, He said, "Limbs are next!" I began to weep and tremble as I am so hungry for Glory to manifest around the globe in my lifetime in a way that ALL will be transformed...a reformation, if you will...the restoration of ALL things...Lately, I find myself driving down the highway decreeing," Sons of God, MANIFEST!!" The pain of the purification/ preparation process is about to pass as we enter the time of our lives...the time we've dreamt about, fought for, believed for. " Triple sweet surprises" is another phrase I often hear. Currently, some people I know are getting instant results when praying for physical healing , mostly in the marketplace. Amazing increase! I'm a '90's river chick, a '70's renewal recipient, and was filled with Holy Spirit right after the 6 day war in a messianic Jew's home at the age of 6. God's grace is so amazing, especially since I haven't always stayed IN Him. What's coming won't compare to previous moves. So let the King tide come in! It will be so refreshing to freely "move" and "become" without financial pressure holding us back, right? Sorry so chatty. Read Lana Vawser's prophetic post about August...gusts of AWE. Be blessed!
  4. In the name of Yeshua, we dismantle the schemes of the enemy and cast down this Jezebel spirit who speaks against the anointing of the King of the world in and upon Pres.Trump, his family, cabinet, and worldwide supporters.We decree that the Kingdom of heaven is being established in the earth realm and that the light of glory dispels the darkness. Absolutely no weapon formed against us shall prosper. We plead the blood of Jesus/ Yeshua against anti-christ spirit! The god of this world is a defeated foe. HA! We are courageous and strong, by Holy Spirit, and we take dominion of this earth and its life and beauty. We declare that God's agenda for mankind prevails!
  5. This is an amazing program for you Holy Spirit filled warrior sons and daughters. Enjoy...the best is yet to come!
  6. That's cool, Waterman13. In the same way that LGD heard, "SUDDENLY", I have been hearing,"TRIPLE SWEET SURPRISES" for about a year. could happen tonite...or "soon". LOL! I sense that it's time to feed the multitudes...gettin' excited here! Thanks, everyone, for this most exciting DV thread.
  7. I concur! Hallelujah! Triple sweet surprises! Suddenly!
  8. Apparently, someone else was also told to expect "changes" at some point. I think you two guys,especially, may find this article interesting...I did. God bless you all!
  10. lynnie

    Who Am I

    Thanks again, RUM, for creating such an atmosphere of worship on the DV site for us and with us tonite. I have suffered 24/7 for the past month with horrific back pain. I just realized it's gone! No kidding! By His stripes!...Yeah...
  11. Yeah! Yay God!! Thank you, Markinsa!
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