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  1. Thanks for all you and the team are doing...I know it has been awhile since the cash in guide was written , is all of the VIP benefits and post RV activity’s still on track?
  2. I am tring to renew as well, but there is no three month option? What should i do
  3. I to spent a while in southern Iraq, I can tell you that the guys who worked for me were just normal men wanting to raise their kids and plant the front yard in grass. They believed in a different religion than I do but we still had civil conversation and shared many lunches and dinners together. I would love some day to be able to go back and actually meet the wives and kids I heard so much about. God Bless these people and may HE shine the light of HIS mercy on their live and families.
  4. the greatest problem of all is the lack of concern from the general public, and some how the dem's can hide their heads in the sand and not see the disaster this administration has been and remains to be!!!! LOW INFORMATION VOTERS (NO INFORMATION)???
  5. hey, I want to be one of those filthy rich folks, just saying!!!!! I did spend two years of my life over their....they is a lot of money to be made.
  6. he can always come through Mexico! NO PROBLEM He doesn't need a passport
  7. I do have more than my avatar shows, I used my rent money back in 2007 to purchase my first batch of Dinar. I almost forgot I had it but I have been getting the dinar vet updates from Adam since 2010. A week or so ago I upgraded to VIP. Sure glad I DID
  8. been waiting a long TIME, so if it is after be it (AMEN)
  9. This has been in my wallet for years, praying that it will be worth something soon. Thanks
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