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  1. I said it yesterday, and I'll say it again today. Ol' MarkZ is dyslectic. It ain't gonna be $4.71 I can see $1.47. I, personally have been hoping for the $3 range. I don't think 4 will fly! ✈️
  2. Freeway Rule Pro Tip: If someone passes you on the right, he's a jerk. If three people pass you on the right, you're a jerk...
  3. Maybe Guru MarkZ is dyslexic and the rate is gonna be $1.74. That is a rate I have been seeing mentioned lately. Just say'n 🤷‍♀️
  4. Where in N. Ga. and E. TN do ya go? I live about 25 miles from TN state line. We love going over there every chance we get. Would go today, but gotta go to another family thing this afternoon. Had one yesterday also.
  5. Have fun at the beach. Good thing you are in Texas. Here in the Smoky Mountains we woke up to temps near freezing! Had to have a fire in the woodstove! Make them monkey's, er, uh, kiddo's behave while you're drivin'!🤣 🐡🐋
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