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  1. SMH also can mean SMACK my head
  2. Wish we had one. My husband has been a farmer nearly all of his life. They never had anything this sophisticated. Just a shovel and a pick-up/farm truck with a dump bed.
  3. Pimpy If you would STOP scratching it, it would grow a scab! Then you would have "scabbily" .
  4. I would say it was a shaker. It was probably 100 miles or so from me. But it was felt all the way to Atlanta, to the south, and Ohio to the north. Like I said, I was asleep and it woke me up.
  5. Hubby and I did not feel the quake, but it is probably what woke us up. It woke my daughter, and she said she did feel it. The dog barking was what us up. The dog was probably barking because of the quake. I read another report that said there were "fore shocks" at about 2 AM this morning registering over 2 on the Richter scale. The main quake was also felt all the way to Ohio! I also read that it is possible that this could be a fore shock, and that a bigger quake could come. But they are hoping this is all there will be. Paul Goodloe on the Weather Channel said earlier that we could chalk another unusual event up to 2020!
  6. ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — News 13 is following breaking news of an earthquake on Sunday morning, August 9. According to the USGS, a significant earthquake took place near Sparta, North Carolina around 8:07 am. This is near the North Carolina/Virginia border and approximately 95 miles northeast of Asheville. Chief Meteorologist Jason Boyer said it registered (preliminary) as a 5.1 on the Richter Scale, one of the stronger to occur in this region in decades. THIRD EARTHQUAKE RECORDED NEAR HENDERSONVILLE IN UNDER A WEEK WLOS - clip Volume 90% WLOS Reports of feeling the earthquake are coming in from all across Western North Carolina, and as far south as Atlanta, Georgia and Columbia, South Carolina. Property damage is likely, closer to the epicenter. Boyer says a magnitude 5-6 earthquake happens every 200-300 years, so this will be one for the record books. On Sunday, the USGS reported that the most recent 5.1 earthquake reported in the region was a 5.1 magnitude in 1916. However, some previous records may show otherwise. In 1926, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Mitchell County, according to Dr. Kenneth B. Taylor, a state geologist. ARE EARTHQUAKES IN THE MOUNTAINS REALLY BECOMING MORE FREQUENT?
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