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  1. Yep! We love our guns. And we ain't afraid to use them. My son is an excellent shot, and my nick name is "Granny the groundhog slayer" !!! We are armed and ready to defend our family, property, and anything else we need to defend.
  2. HMMMMMM! New Moon = "Dark Of The Night". Could be they will do something HUGH in the "Dark Of The Night" ! ???
  3. @ronscarpa I have a question. Is this guy, Ray, the same Ray that used to post with Steve Irwin? Steve, for those who don't know or remember, was invested in Dinar, and had his own website. Unfortunately, Steve passed away a few years back, from cancer. Ray used to contact Steve with info he would get from people he knew, or did business with, in Iraq. I don't remember now exactly who he knew, and how he knew people in Iraq. I just remember there was someone named Ray, that would post from time to time, with Iraqi info.
  4. I remember him making "an appearance" a few months back, after a long absence. Then he slithered away again. 🐍
  5. Never have trusted a goat! Still don't, and NEVER will! 💩
  6. Works for me! I have a sister whose birthday is next week, on the 15th! She would love an RV birthday present!
  7. I'm thinking it is still going to be a little longer, because the have not gotten the HCL taken care of yet.
  8. “Charlie Daniels was a reverential innovator. He was a fiddle-playing bandleader, like King of Country Music Roy Acuff. His music fused the immediacy of Southern Rock with the classic country storytelling that he heard as a child in Wilmington, North Carolina. He brought new audiences to country music, pointing people to the sources even as he explored the edges. He was also a delight to be around, always with wife Hazel at his side. Just as fiddler Johnny did in the famous song, Charlie Daniels beat the Devil.” — Kyle Young, CEO, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
  9. We The People need to demand the TRUTH! Covid is NOT killing as many people as they claim. ALL deaths in America are being ruled as COVID even when the person doesn't have it. I have heard about countless numbers of CANCER patients who have died during this, and they DID NOT have the COVID, but that is what the doctors were ORDERED to put as the cause of death! ALL DEATHS are being classified as COVID. That is totally wrong, and shows just how evil the deep government is. WAKE UP AMERICA/WORLD!!!!
  10. It could be. I'm not sure what their rate is. I haven't heard anything about Kuwait currency in a while. I just want to have enough to not worry about money. Also, my 2 children have a little, and I want them to be able to afford what they want/need.
  11. Well, isn't Kuwaiti currency over $3.00 internationally? If they want to be in line with Kuwait (something we have been told since the beginning of this journey) then they need to RV/RI at more than 1 to 1. Don't they?
  12. Guess they didn't learn.........they supposed to round UP!!!! ⬆️ $2.00 works for me!
  13. I am sorry for messing up this topic. I thought I still had it on the Silly Posts topic. You can either delete or move them to where they need to be.
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