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  1. Attached is the updated Cash-In Guide Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf
  2. Julie.Moore

    Need some help after E-mail change.

    nstoolman1 - I have fixed your account. You all back to the correct settings!! Julie
  3. Julie.Moore

    Renewal of VIP membership

    brbrlocke your VIP should renew at midnight. i'll check in the morning to be sure it went through skibot i have updated your vip now that i have your email address / user name
  4. Julie.Moore

    Upgrade to Lifetime Membership

    Try this link instead: Use discount code "blackfriday"
  5. Julie.Moore

    Questions for Adam's Chat 10-3-2012

    *sigh* after seeing multiple requests to approve or decline this member's posts, I am going to answer it here. Everyone, please disregard this post... this site is here for dinar, not drama. Thanks I'm going to "woman up" so the rest of the members don't have to suffer the answer in chat. Why are you being moderated: Because the mods gave you a few warnings on your posts, and you chose to ignore them. Then you got put on permanent post approval status, because it's easier to hold your fork than it is to clean up your spilled bowl of spaghetti when you can't handle holding the bowl. If you continue to post multiple times in the same thread (like you did here) simply to ask why your posts are moderated (like you did here) which takes our time and doesn't contribute to the purpose of the thread (like you did here).... you're just going to be banned permanently. Sorry to be harsh, but enough is enough. If you have a problem with the mod's actions - email Adam directly. You've been here long enough to know how to contact him. Everyone else - let's get back to Dinar. I know Adam gave me a pretty good update today, so there's good things happening here. Texas Granny thank you for stepping up here!
  6. Julie.Moore

    unable to access website

    Ok everyone, I think it's almost official... the site is just about back to normal! Some of you may be having issues if your browser is using a cached version of the site. To fix this, simply clear your browsing history and cache. Do NOT use old bookmarks to DV - simply open a new window and type "" into the address bar. Thank you all for your patience! I would have to do it for every VIP member manually. Sorry, but that's just not going to happen. The actual VIP benefits were not affected, only access to the site was a bit buggy. Please don't email VIP support for trivial matters, every email we get means the next person has more delay. Thanks for your cooperation.

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