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  1. Thanks Adam & Team! Merry Christmas to all on DV. Go RV!
  2. WOW....Fingers Crossed and Hope it comes into fruition quickly! Thanks Adam!
  3. Exciting stuff here Adam! As always Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise. GO RV...... Thanks!
  4. I don't believe they have to give notice.... Thanks!
  5. Thanks Adam for the info!! Hopefully this long wait will end soon....I want to see that text message 💲😀
  6. Wow...excellent news! Thanks for the update!! Best Wishes!
  7. Excellent news and Thanks Adam for all you do! A lot of us have been waiting for many years for this and hopefully it will finally happen. Thanks Again!
  8. Thanks for keeping us informed on the status as always! We appreciate your consistency; not only on this particular post but on everything regarding this process! Go RV!!
  9. Excellent News and Thank You for the information!!
  10. Thanks Everyone and have a Great Day!!
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