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Adam Montana Update - 21 March 2021

Adam Montana

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This is the closest we have EVER EVVER been!!!!!  Know the feeling got my Dinar I

was fifty something and Yikes 69 in Oct. YIKES  :lmao:   Not going to Jinx it with that

other four letter word. :lol:


28 minutes ago, yendor said:

Does anyone know how long it takes for a "spectacular  finish"   to occur ? 


I sure hope that it isn't "soon" or "very soon". I'm not getting any younger.



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1 hour ago, DinarThug said:

Here’s A Highlighted Version Of Bro 6ly’s Article ! B) 


:D  :D  :D 




Al-Jabri announces the date for the approval of a very important law and the transfer of THE OIL AND GAS LAW to the next session

Al-Jabri announces the date for the approval of a very important law and the transfer of the oil and gas law to the next session 
03/21/2021 18:07:42
A member of the Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee for the Alliance of Iraqis, Sattar Al-Jabri, announced, on Sunday, the date of the vote on the Iraqi National Oil Company law after its second reading by the House of Representatives.

Al-Jabri said {to Euphrates News} that "the Iraqi National Oil Company law that has been read {first and second} will be submitted for a vote after the approval of the federal budget law for 2021," describing it as "very important."


He added, "As for the OIL AND GAS LAW, 

the committee sent a letter to the oil ministers, asking him to speed up sending it to the Council of Ministers for the purpose of voting on it, then transferring it to the House of Representatives for preparation, maturation and passing it after the first and second reading."


Al-Jabri also referred to "the importance of the law prepared since 2007 in regulating oil revenues and revenues, which represents approximately 90% of the budget, and that in order to achieve justice in the distribution of wealth, this law, which has been delayed for years, must be approved." 

While he stressed, "the committee's keenness to complete this law and follow it up by the Ministry of Oil," noting that "the law has many disagreements and differences and needs a long time to complete it."

The Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, confirmed the existence of stalled laws that the parliament will proceed to legislate, such as the oil and gas law, which is one of the laws stipulated in the constitution, and which will address the mechanism of dealing between Baghdad and Erbil and between Baghdad and the rest of the oil-producing provinces, and the law will be one of the council's next priorities. 

For its part, the Ministry of Oil stressed on the 25th of last February the importance of expediting the passage of the Federal Oil and Gas Law, noting that the law will work to regulate the management of oil and gas wealth in Iraq.

It is noteworthy that the Oil Ministry’s


coincides with marathon negotiations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region regarding the latter’s share in the 2021 budget

and the mechanism for managing his oil file.


Thank you posting DT. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  :salute:

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2 hours ago, Longtimelurker said:

We should see the uprising by antifa/blm/libtards after trump takes office and then shortly after, Boom!

Wow, I hope you’re right, my gas tank could use the help. Just in the Month and a half I’ve seen our lack of energy independence comeback into view.... would be nice to see the prices at the pump drop. 

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