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  1. LINK By name .. Al-Zarfi keeps 4 ministers from the Abdul Mahdi government 7th April, 2020 Political sources said, on Tuesday, that the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zarfi, has re-nominated 4 ministers in the government of resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to the portfolios. The sources said in an interview with "Mawazine News" that "Al-Zrafi decided to keep the Interior Minister Yassin Al-Yasiri." She added, "He also decided to keep the three Kurdish ministers, who are the Minister of Finance Fuad Hussein, the Minister of Construction and Housing, two bankers, and the Minister of Justice Farooq Amin Shwani." The Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zorfi, requested the Presidency of the House of Representatives to fix a session to grant confidence to his cabinet.
  2. LINK Victory: Zarfi continues to the end 7th April, 2020 A deputy for Al-Nasr coalition confirmed on Tuesday that Adnan Al-Zarfi will continue to assign him to form the government until the end, until the date of the parliament’s vote on his government. Deputy Taha Al-Defai said, "The Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi will continue to the end, until the House of Representatives votes on his government or not, indicating that there is no alternative to Al-Zarfi until this moment." He added, "Al-Zarfi sent a request to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to set the date of the session to vote on his cabinet and discuss his ministerial platform." He pointed out, "It is the duty of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, to set the date for a session of the Council of Representatives before the 15th of the current April, which marks the last day for the presentation of Zarfi to his government." On Saturday 4-4-2020, the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zorfi, handed over his government’s program to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives.
  3. LINK The Sadiqin: We have not announced our position regarding Al-Kazimi's candidacy yet 12:15 - 07/04/2020 The Sadiqin Parliamentary Bloc affirmed on Tuesday that it has not yet announced its position regarding the candidacy of the head of the Intelligence Agency, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, for prime minister, while noting that the statement of the Hezbollah Brigades yesterday carried several important messages. The bloc's deputy, Saad Khazali, said in a statement to "Al-Maalouma", that "the Hezbollah Brigades were pointing out from the first moment that no character was allowed to meet the specifications required to occupy the position of prime minister." He added that "the Sadiqun bloc did not express its official position until the moment of Al-Kazimi's candidacy for prime minister instead of Al-Zarfi," pointing out that "there is an agreement on Al-Kazemi's candidacy." And the Hezbollah Brigades confirmed in a statement yesterday, Monday, that it would take a clear and firm stance towards attempts to impose a government bearing dubious directions, criticizing the President of the Republic, Barham Saleh, for violating the "majority right" to assign the Prime Minister.
  4. LINK The unveiling of a deal that Al-Halbousi manages to keep the defense minister in the Zorfi government 14:40 - 07/04/2020 A parliamentary source revealed, on Tuesday, a deal managed by Parliament Speaker Mohamed Al-Halbousi to keep Defense Minister Najah Al-Shammari within the cabinet of Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi. The source said in a statement to "Information", that "Al-Zrafi agreed that the Minister of Defense, Najah Al-Shammari, would remain in his cabinet," noting that "Al-Shammari obtained the defense portfolio again in a deal that was held by Al-Halbousi." He added, "Al-Halbousi is trying to obtain a number of ministries in exchange for supporting the Al-Zarfi government in Parliament," noting that "Al-Zarfi seeks to obtain the support of the Sunni and Kurdish forces by offering temptations." Yesterday, Monday, the independent deputy, Basem Al-Khashan, revealed that the Kurdish ministers remain in the cabins of the Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi, while Al-Zarfi kept the Kurdish ministers to obtain the support of the Kurdish forces in the parliament.
  5. LINK Nassif: The al-Amiri and al-Hanana home meetings resulted in two agreements 12:49 - 07/04/2020 The deputy of the State of Law coalition, Alia Nassif, affirmed on Tuesday that the two social meetings held at the home of the President of the Alliance of Al-Fath Hadi al-Amiri and yesterday in the political office of the Sadrist movement with tenderness reached two agreements. Nassif said in a statement to “The Information”, “The Shi’ite forces’ meetings in the house of the head of the Fatah coalition, Hadi al-Amiri and al-Hanana, witnessed agreement on two proposals: the first is to give al-Zarfi a final opportunity to complete his career in the constitutional period, while not supporting him by voting. He will directly assign Mustafa Al-Kazemi as his replacement without entering into new negotiations on choosing an alternative. She added, “The forces of the Shi’ite house sent an official letter to the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, which included assigning Al-Kazemi in the event of al-Zarfi’s apology or failure to pass the government.” Noting that “changing the position of some Shiite political forces from Al-Kazemi came after he proved their innocence of the accusation leveled against him.” Concerning his cooperation in the assassination of Engineer and Soleimani. Nassif indicated that she "does not exclude information regarding a promise to Zarfi to assign him a ministry in the Al-Kazemi government in the event of an apology for the assignment."
  6. LINK Kurdish leader: We are not a party to the controversy within the Shiite house regarding the formation of the government 7th April, 2020 A Kurdish leader confirmed, on Tuesday, that the Kurds are not a party to the controversy within the Shiite house regarding the formation of the government. "Our position is not to be a party to the Shiite conflict, and therefore we are still waiting for what the Shiites can agree upon first," said Jassim al-Jaf, the leader and former Minister of Displacement and Migration. He added, "Our entry into negotiations now with the taxpayer is an acknowledgment that we have become a party, and this is what we do not want and will not happen," noting that "the Kurds today are in dialogue with the parties; those who reject Zarfi and those who support him, but we did not negotiate in light of the controversy within the Shiite house, Because we want either consensus unanimously, or a clear majority." Earlier, Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi had presented his government curricula to the Speaker of Parliament.
  7. LINK Al-Zrafi sets a condition in exchange for withdrawing from his assignment .. Get to know him 7th April, 2020 Al-Nasr coalition revealed, on Tuesday, that there was a request submitted to the President of the Republic to replace Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi. The coalition deputy, Falah Al-Khafaji, said, according to the official agency, "The victory coalition, as well as Al-Zarfi, requested personal signatures from the heads of the blocs regarding the replacement of the prime minister-designate." He pointed out that "the appointed Prime Minister is ready and has the full ability to withdraw from the mandate if there is a Shiite consensus to change it," stressing that "there is no consensus to replace the Prime Minister-designate with a new candidate."
  8. LINK Political movement to persuade al-Sadr to support Al-Kazemi to head the government 7th April, 2020 An official familiar with the conduct of the dialogues revealed, on Tuesday, a political movement to persuade the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, to support the head of the intelligence service, Mustafa al-Kazemi, to head the government. The official said, "Yesterday, the camp rejecting al-Zorfi conducted a series of new dialogues and contacts regarding the presentation of Al-Kazemi as an official candidate, but he did not resolve the controversy yet on that." It is clear about accepting the withdrawal of his support for the Prime Minister-designate of Adnan Al-Zrafi and accepting Al-Kazemi as his replacement. He stressed that "Al-Sadr refused to make any direct contact with the other blocs, and commissioned two of his assistants to communicate with it, one of whom was Sheikh Mustafa Al-Yaqoubi, but that high-level leaders in the" Al-Fateh "coalition had contacted leaders of the" Saeron "coalition to press Sadr to accept Al-Kazemi, but she did not get an answer from her, "noting that" ambiguity controls the scene, as Sadr paralyzed the file by the lack of clarity of his position." The official pointed out, "The blocs rejecting Zorfi are not satisfied with the position of Al-Sadr, who recently translated his desire for Zorfi to go to parliament, and in case he fails to pass his government there, it will be better to talk about an alternative to him, so I started to put pressure on Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi to disrupt the session. Parliament, until the Shiite blocs announce their position on the nomination of Al-Kazemi.”
  9. LINK Pompeo: Dialogue continues with Iraq on the future of US forces and we seek good relations 7th April, 2020 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed on Tuesday that his country’s government is seeking to build good relations with Iraq. Pompeo said in a press conference held today that the relations between America and Iraq are very good and they are still in this way, adding that there are ongoing dialogues between the two sides about the future of American forces there. He added that we seek to continue our good relationship with Iraq and we proposed a strategic dialogue in mid-June on all issues, including the US military presence. ############ Washington reveals its position on the candidates for the presidency of the Iraqi government and confirms: We proposed a strategic dialogue LINK
  10. LINK Pompeo: America is ready to work with any prime minister who serves the interests of the Iraqi people 04/7/2020 2020 17:51:16 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed today, Tuesday, that his country is ready to work with any prime minister that serves the interests of the Iraqi people. "The United States is seeking to continue our good relationship with Iraq and we proposed a strategic dialogue last June," he told a news conference. And that "all strategic issues will be discussed in dialogue with the Iraqi government, including the future of the American military presence." He continued: "The Corona virus should not limit our ability to fight against the Islamic State in Iraq."
  11. LINK Washington: A major attack on our space infrastructure could lead to a nuclear response 4/7/2020 12:54:18 US Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Ford did not rule out the US resorting to a "nuclear response" to any possible attack against its space infrastructure. At a webinar organized by the Washington Center for Strategic and International Research, Ford said: "Our potential opponents must know that there is no difference in this respect between the components of the United States' space infrastructure, whatever it is: if you attack them, then you attack us. And we send a clear message that We do not rule out even the use of nuclear weapons to respond to any major attack on the essential components of our space infrastructure." The American diplomat explained that the nuclear doctrine of the United States provides for the possibility of Washington resorting to the use of nuclear weapons, in defense of its vital interests and those of its allies and partners, even if the enemy does not resort to using this type of weapon. In this regard, Christopher mentioned that the space infrastructure was referred to in the US National Security Strategy document as one of the vital interests of the United States. He stressed that this is not a coincidence, adding that "any aggressive interference or an attack on the components of our space infrastructure at any time - even if it occurs using non-nuclear weapons - may be seen as a serious attack ... and this will lead to a major and possibly radical escalation of the crisis or conflict."
  12. LINK Advisor to the Prime Minister: the restructuring of the 2020 budget will not disappear, as in 2014 04/6/2020 2020 09:18:52 The economic advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, denied the posting of the draft general budget law for the year 2020 to next year, but he stressed that a decrease in oil prices will change its structure. Saleh said in a press statement, "The news that talks about the posting of the draft budget for the year 2020 to the next year is incorrect, because the budget is still present with the government and will not leave or disappear like the 2014 budget." He added that "the price per barrel was estimated in the budget at 56 dollars, but after the decrease in oil prices, it will be restructured, given that its dependence on 90% of oil imports." Saleh explained, "The general budget will secure the salaries of state employees and the importance of projects, either other matters will go into the 2021 budget."
  13. LINK TRADE BANK OF IRAQ 6th April, 2020 In recognition of the exceptional circumstances of our dear country due to the new corona virus I decided to manage the Iraqi trade bank Mr. Faisal God suck the president of the Iraqi trade bank and the chairman of the board All branches will be on Monday and Wednesday every week from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm at the moment. The bank offers withdraw, cash transfer and bank transfers in all our branches and to all countries of the world including Jordan and Malaysia. All 260 ATM Atms across Iraq are working around the clock to provide cash draw service to our customers, and that the bank's staff are constantly working to feed them. In Cash shortly after they run out. The Bank's administration will be posting 50 ATM Atms and 260 Atms this year. VIDEO
  14. LINK Oil rises as hopes of reducing production increase 7th April, 2020 Oil prices rose on Tuesday amid hopes that the major crude producing countries will reach an agreement to cut production with demand falling due to the pandemic of the emerging Corona virus, but analysts have warned that a global recession may be greater than expected, which means the need for further reduction. Brent crude rose 80 cents, or 2.4 percent, to $ 33.85 a barrel by 0657 GMT, after seeing a drop of more than 3 percent on Monday. US West Texas Intermediate crude rose 83 cents, or 3.2 percent, to $ 26.91 a barrel, after falling nearly 8 percent in the previous session. Sources told Reuters that it is likely that the major oil producing countries, including Saudi Arabia and Russia, will reach an agreement to cut production during a meeting on Thursday, but this will depend on the accession of the United States. But the risk of a deep recession continued to cast a shadow over the markets due to the disruption of most economic activities due to the Corona pandemic, which caused about half of the world’s population to undergo general isolation measures, restrictions on movement and social distances. Global demand for crude fell about 30 percent, or 30 million barrels per day, in conjunction with Saudi Arabia and Russia’s move to flood markets with additional supplies after a deal to cut production collapsed. Oil prices fell sharply on Monday after Saudi Arabia and Russia postponed a meeting to agree to cut production until Thursday. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and other producing countries such as Russia, in the framework of the grouping known as OPEC +, reduced production in the past years in light of the rapid expansion of crude production in the United States and placed it first as the largest oil producer in the world. There are questions about the US joining any coordinated cuts to production. US President Donald Trump said on Monday that OPEC had not pressured him to ask U.S. oil producers to cut their production to support global crude prices, but he indicated that U.S. oil production actually decreased in any case due to falling prices. "I think it will happen automatically, but no one has asked me and we will see what will happen," he told a news briefing late on Monday. A few weeks ago, due to the pandemic, Capital Economics said in a note, “We expect energy prices to remain at current levels until economic activities recover.”
  15. Representatives and experts propose {several alternatives} to overcome the financial crisis Tuesday 07 April 2020 Baghdad / Shaima Rashid A number of House members and economists have proposed several alternatives to overcome the financial crisis, due to the decline in oil prices, such as selling bonds, lands and state-owned companies, calling on the government to take care of agriculture to secure food for the country. Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Kujer, stated that to get out of the current crisis, it requires activating many vital sectors that can double the country's imports and support the financial budgets. Cougar told Al-Sabah: The economic situation is unknown because the future of the country's people is linked to fluctuating oil prices, so resources should be multiplied in order for the situation to stabilize, indicating that the current period is important to prepare the situation for the future. He added: that Iraq should go towards agriculture in order to secure food security while going towards decentralization by shrinking the ministries while eliminating corruption in a real way. For his part, member of the Parliamentary Economy Committee Mazen Al-Faili called in a statement that Al-Sabah received a copy to reduce the salaries of those with the rank of general manager and above by (60%) and be allocated to include additional numbers in the social welfare network who have no monthly income andthe adoption of compulsory savings with bonds Governmental employees, whose salaries exceed three million and 20% of their salaries and at an interest rate that is met when the country's economic conditions improve. He called for the abolition of investment expenditures in the 2020 budget and the current expenditures for non-essential doors (such as commodity and service requirements and capital expenditures) that include unjustified expenses in stable conditions, so how in such dangerous economic conditions. He added that a special emergency budget must be allocated to cover the requirements of fighting the "Corona" epidemic and spending it for operational and investment requirements, according to specific priorities in the conditions and standards of health reality and its challenges, while meeting the due funds and taxes imposed on the transport phone companies without any delay or installment. He demanded the adoption of strict procedures in controlling and collecting non-oil revenues, especially in border outlets and for all governorates and the region and recording a federal revenue that is fairly distributed among all Iraqis while delaying the payment of all external debts, including Kuwait compensation. He stressed the need to agree with licensing tour companies to reduce unnecessary costs on the one hand and pay the dues of its current work with oil, instead of cash to reduce losses to Iraq from lower oil prices while delaying all economic agreements with neighboring countries or China in the foreseeable time, especially Its fields are not a priority, and some are unfair in Iraq. Al-Fili sees the need for the region to commit to delivering all the oil produced to the Ministry of Oil for federal marketing. Otherwise, its allocations allocated in the budget will be transferred to be distributed among the rest of the Iraqi governorates according to the population ratio, which is a budget of approximately (15) trillion dinars. He also called for the issuance of national bonds to citizens through government banks at an encouraging rate of interest that will be met when the economic conditions improve to finance the necessary budget with important allocations while activating efforts to combat corruption, especially the major files to collect the huge funds seized by the corrupt and reallocate them to resources and important exchange gates. And a member of the House of Representatives called for finding quick, easy and transparent mechanisms to deliver the ration card materials and social network care salaries within a week and enough to cover the need for those covered by them for at least two months. In addition, economist Alaa Globe Al-Fahd indicated that the government faces an unenviable challenge with the collapse of oil prices and the spread of the "Corona" epidemic that paralyzed all sectors, calling on the government to consider alternative ways to bridge the deficit. Al-Fahd said: "The general situation of the whole world is heading towards recession and economic stagnation, especially the oil-dependent countries, including Iraq, and that falling prices put us in front of a challenge to find alternatives, and at this stage is very difficult as a result of the spread of the Corona epidemic and disrupting most sectors." He added, "We must not stand idly by, and search for sources of financing through partnership contracts with the private sector so that the private sector takes its role and does not rely on the government to manage economic activity," calling for "the necessity of revitalizing the agricultural and industrial sector to have a role in providing the food basket." Al-Fahd indicated that the next government faces a major challenge regarding the economic situation and the need not to rely solely on oil even if there is a rise in prices in the future, stressing that Iraq has many alternative alternatives to the oil sector. He pointed out that the independent central bank cannot manipulate its reserves or print the currency, but there are solutions offered, including issuing bonds for sale, but is there trust between the citizen and the government, pointing to the need for the government to go to other ways to get out of the crisis such as selling bonds and selling plots of land and companies owned by her. LINK
  16. LINK Al-Nusiri: Corona’s emergency budget is around $ 50 billion 7th April, 2020 Economic and banking expert, Samir Al-Nusiri, expected, on Tuesday, that the emergency budget that government agencies are currently studying to prepare in light of the expected oil revenues for the three quarters of 2020 will not exceed $ 50 billion. Al-Nusairi said in an interview with "Al-Iqtisad News" that the sharp decline in oil prices to 50% compared to its prices before the spread of Corona virus, which Iraq cannot sell its oil by more than (25‐30) dollars a barrel, and this means that our oil resources in the best case will not exceed 40 One billion dollars for the year 2020, and oil and energy experts expect that there will be an improvement in prices after the understanding between Saudi Arabia and Russia and the OPEC production and marketing cuts and measures taken by OPEC countries and other oil producing countries outside the organization. Despite this optimism, the expected prices after the improvement do not exceed 40 dollars per barrel Humiliation I expect that after our budget structure will not to exceed $ 50 billion. Al-Nusseery demanded that the government and its technical committees end the preparation of the emergency budget in the month of April and be submitted to the parliament and approved by a date not later than next May. This requires the existence of a new government with full powers in order to work to implement the budget and start working with it, proposing the following: First - Implementing a new program and approach Financial reform begins with reducing public government spending and reconsidering a comprehensive amendment of the government salary scale for state employees to achieve societal justice and exceeding the large disparity between grades and job positions according to the principle of fairly redistributing income that includes societal balance between narrators B Higher and lower salaries, based on the fact that the source of income is oil, which is, as indicated by the constitution, that it belongs to the Iraqi people, and this does not prevent the redistribution of salaries in accordance with the responsibility, competence and professional and scientific experience. Second - Reducing salaries, allocations, and social benefits for the three presidencies, the House of Representatives, ministers, independent bodies, special grades, and their own pension salaries who previously worked in these locations since 2003, and at an equal rate to the rate of reduction achieved in Iraq’s resources in 2020 with a commitment to secure the salaries of employees with lower, middle, and retired borders And welfare. Third - Securing the allocations for facing the Corona epidemic of the Ministry of Health in Baghdad and the provinces. Fourth ‐ Securing the amounts allocated to the reform decisions that the resigned government committed to implement the demands of the demonstrators, including with regard to granting benefits to the unemployed. Fifthly - coordination between the financial and monetary policies to maintain the stability of the exchange rate, maintain the standard adequacy of the foreign monetary reserves of the Central Bank, and avoid external borrowing absolutely. Sixth - Motivating and encouraging the private sector and involving it in managing the economic process. Seventh ‐ Stop importing semi-essential and luxury items, restrict importing food ration materials, medicine, and medical supplies, while increasing the food basket for the Iraqi family and building a strategic store of food for at least three months inevitably.
  17. LINK Trump says OPEC did not ask him to cut US oil production 7th April, 2020 US President Donald Trump said that OPEC did not pressure him to ask the US oil producers to reduce their production to support global crude prices, which have witnessed a sharp decline due to the economic consequences of the emerging Corona Virus pandemic but he said that US oil production actually fell anyway. "I think it happens automatically, but no one has asked me to, and we'll see what happens," he told a news briefing late on Monday Three informed sources told Reuters on Monday that the major oil producing countries, including Saudi Arabia and Russia, are likely to reach an agreement to cut production at a meeting on Thursday, but that will not be achieved unless the United States participates in those efforts. "Without the United States, there is no agreement," someone said Global demand for oil has fallen nearly 30 percent, to about 30 million barrels per day, as the pandemic causes a sharp slowdown in the global economy at a time when Saudi Arabia and Russia have flooded the market with additional supplies This created a major problem for the economy of the United States, which has become the world's largest oil and gas producer, threatening the sector with bankruptcies and layoffs Several US companies have already cut their production due to lower oil prices, which have lost nearly two-thirds of their value this year Last week, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies, including Russia, a group known as OPEC +, began talking about reducing production after weeks of disputes, but they wanted the participation of other non-OPEC countries, especially the United States The new discussions between OPEC + countries came after Trump pressed Riyadh and Moscow to reach an agreement through a series of phone calls. Trump said last week that he had made no concessions and had not agreed to cut US production Any concerted decision among American oil producers to cut production to support prices would violate US antitrust laws but Barbara Secales', anti-trust expert in Pepper Hamilton says it can be argued that leading the federal government to such endeavors could render those efforts unlawful
  18. LINK The Central Bank of Iraq expresses its thanks to the Association of Banks and Private Banks after their contribution to the distribution of employees' salaries 7th April, 2020 The Central Bank of Iraq expressed its thanks to the Association of Iraqi Private Banks and private banks operating inside Iraq for their contribution to facilitating the distribution of salaries of employees and retirees for the month of March The central bank said in a press statement received by "Al-Iqtisad News", "In conjunction with the state's efforts to combat Corona virus, all salary funds and pensioners were granted for the month of March of the year 2020 through a system of high-flow payments from the Ministry of Finance to employee accounts in various branches of government banks. And eligibility, especially those whose salaries were localized using "electronic cards" in the process of cash withdrawal from ATMs or outlets in Baghdad and all governorates after the relevant departments in the Central Bank of Iraq resumed their work since the date of March 24, which helped support the full liquidity of money Wharf "Here, the central bank thanks all who contributed to facilitating the task of distributing these salaries from the Governmental and Parliamentary Crisis Cell, the Ministry of Finance, the Association of Private Iraqi Banks, government and private banks, electronic payment companies and their agents
  19. LINK The World Bank: 80% of the world's students do not go to school because of Corona 20:42 - 06/04/2020 The World Bank said that 80% of the world's students do not go to school due to the outbreak of the emerging Corona virus, which has turned into a global pandemic (pandemic). The World Bank pointed out that the Corona crisis led to devastating effects on education in the world, noting that about 80 percent of students do not go to schools due to the spread of the virus, which causes Covid-19 and the subsequent curfews and closures Complete, imposed by some countries of the world. This came in a post published by the World Bank, on "Twitter", today, Monday, in which he referred to a direct discussion on education in Corona's time, tomorrow, Tuesday, in the presence of Jimmy Savedra, World Bank Director of Education. The number of newly infected Coronavirus, which has turned into a global pandemic (pandemic) exceeded one million and 288 thousand infected, including more than 70 thousand deaths, while more than 272 thousand people recovered. And the beginning of the emergence of the virus in China, at the end of last December, which has become ranked sixth globally with more than 81 thousand infections. The United States of America comes first in the world after the number of injured has reached more than 336 thousand injured and about 10 thousand deaths, followed by Spain in the second place with 135 thousand injured and more than 13 thousand deaths, then Italy in the third place with more than 128 thousand injuries , And about 16,000 deaths, according to statistics on Monday. Germany comes in No. 4 with more than 100 thousand cases, and more than 1500 deaths, then France, which has become the fifth with more than 92 thousand injured, and more than 8 thousand deaths. Iran became the seventh in the world with more than 60 thousand injuries, more than 3700 deaths, then Britain with more than 47 thousand injuries, and about 5 thousand deaths, then Turkey with more than 27 thousand injuries and more than 500 deaths, and Switzerland with more than 21 thousand Injured and about 700 deaths, then Belgium with about 21 thousand injuries and more than 1,600 deaths, then the Kingdom of the Lowlands (Netherlands) with more than 21 thousand injuries, and more than 1,800 deaths, followed by Canada with 15 thousand injuries and more than 250 deaths, then Austria with more than 12 thousand injuries, then Portugal with more than 11 thousand injuries, followed by Brazil with more than 11 thousand injuries and South Korea with more than 10 thousand injuries , And Israel, which has more than 8,500 people injured.
  20. Wtf ? If Nothing Happened - How Can U Count It ? I Knew That We Couldn’t Count On This Investment ! And Probably Only A Few Weeks Or Months After A ‘World Renowned’ Oil Expert Named Okie Talked Us All Into This ...
  21. LINK Al-Rafidain directs employees to apply on an advance of 25 million via the online platform 09:23 - 07/04/2020 The Rafidain Bank, on Monday, directed the employees of the endemic state departments to pay their salaries to the bank by submitting an advance of 25 million dinars through the electronic platform. The media office of the bank said in a statement received / information /, a copy of it, that “the electronic platform has been launched for employees wishing to grant an advance of 25 million dinars via the electronic platform where the employee can apply through the mobile phone and through the following link“. The statement added that "the bank used advanced modern technology for this platform and the employees should take advantage of this electronic technology to obtain the advance."
  22. LINK Rafidain Bank announces the online platform for advancing advances to employees 09:34 - 06/04/2020 The Rafidain Bank announced, on Monday, that the platform of the online system to present to the advances of employees endemic to their salaries with the bank and retirees who hold electronic cards issued by our bank has achieved advanced results during this period. The media office of the bank said in a statement received / information /, a copy of it, that it was "decided to launch the platform of the electronic system for immediate presentation to the predecessors of employees and retirees through mobile and other electronic devices." The statement added that "the employee or retired person can apply for advances from anywhere he is, whether from the home or from his department and by entering the electronic link". "After entering the electronic link and filling in the information related to the coverage of the advance, and upon completion of filling in the fields mentioned in the electronic link with regard to applying for the advance, the employee or retired person will be notified by sending a text message that he receives on his personal mobile, notifying him of including the grant of the advance." He pointed out that "after the completion of this stage, the employee or retiree must wait for a very short period until he receives a message through his personal phone instructing to fill the financial balance to it for the advance through his electronic card." ############# Al-Rafidayn: Employees and retirees can apply for advances through a mobile phone LINK
  23. And His Dr Suess Counterpart - Economist Dr Green Eggs And Hammam Said ... Is The Relationship With Okie In A Boat ... Is The Relationship With Kraperoni In A Float ... Would It - Could It Be With Weegie On A Goat ?
  24. LINK Why does China seek to acquire Iraqi oil? 6th April, 2020 The US "Oil Price" website indicates that China is racing against time to complete what has been called a "lifelong oil deal" with Iraq. With the United States preoccupied with fighting Corona, Beijing believes that it is open to it in Iraq, according to the site. On this issue, economist Hammam Al-Shamaa said, "In its relationship with Iraq, China has three aspects, one political aspect, that Iraq is a key to the Middle East, and another economic, considering Iraq is the second oil producer in the "OPEC", and the third technician, since Iraq represents The key to the Silk Road.” Al-Shamaa continued by saying, “China can find an alternative to Iraq that will supply it with oil, but finds the key to it as it aspires to, so it seeks to develop its economic potential. Through Iraq, China reaches promising markets.” Al-Shamaa added, "Iraq will remain for a long time an importer of Chinese goods, unlike some countries that have started relying on themselves, so Iraq is very tempting for Chinese exports."
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