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  1. LINK Government source reveals program of Abdul-Mahdi's visit to China 14th September, 2019 The economic and political circles in Baghdad are looking with optimism to the forthcoming visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to China on September 19 for four days, and it is reported in some economic circles that the visit will lead to the signing of about 30 large memorandums of understanding between Baghdad and Beijing include construction, construction, services, trade and industry. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said last week that "the Department of Asia and Australia in the ministry organized a consultative meeting for a number of representatives of Iraqi ministries and institutions,"highlighting that "the discussion was reached on the memorandums of understanding and agreements, which are expected to be signed during the visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to the People's Republic of China at the end of this month." Abdul-Hussein al-Hunayen, an adviser to the Iraqi prime minister, said that "Abdul-Mahdi will head to China on the 19th of this month at the head of a large delegation, characterized by clear economic features, including ministers, advisors and businessmen." Al-Hunain said to the Middle East that "the program of the next visit and economic files, which the Prime Minister holds major projects in roads and transport, services, education, health and other," noting that "the Iraqi and Chinese sides have prepared well for the visit in the past months, through continuous meetings With major Chinese companies, and complete the financing model through the Iraq-China Joint Reconstruction Fund." Al-Hunain expects to sign during the visit "major contracts and agreements in the sectors of industry and agriculture, construction of schools, hospitals, housing, roads, trains and bridges," adding that the visit "falls within the philosophy of the Prime Minister in opening up to the world", and that Iraq "a friend of all, and an influential factor In the world and forms a bridge between all the different." The prime minister's adviser pointed out that "China will not be the last in this deal, there is a large trend towards the United States to sign major contracts ready with US companies, such as (Exxon Mobil) and (GI) and others. In addition, Iraq has opened its doors to Its neighbors are to work and invest in it, on top of which are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, the Gulf states and Jordan. " A large delegation of members of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) visited Baghdad in April to discuss Chinese investments in the reconstruction of liberated areas, and met with Iraqi officials and discussed with them coordination of Iraqi-Chinese cooperation in the fields of reconstruction, security and economy. China welcomed the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to Beijing. "The Chinese side attaches great importance to developing relations with Iraq and looks forward to seizing the opportunity of this visit," said Tao. To make joint efforts, hand in hand with the Iraqi side, to further consolidate and deepen the Sino-Iraqi political mutual trust. " Tao also expressed the hope that "the visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi will contribute to enhancing the level of mutual cooperation in various fields, promoting human and cultural communication between the two friendly countries, and jointly drawing up future plans for China-Iraq strategic partnership relations." ################ LINK Advisor: Abdul-Mahdi will sign major agreements with China in these areas 14th September, 2019
  2. LINK Iraq receives an international award by electronic payment 14th September, 2019 Iraq won the best smart card at the global event (International Financial Prize 2019) Best Smart Card- Finance 2019 awarded to the global smart card company. The member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Jassem Al-Aradi that "winning an international award in the detailed electronic payment is an important step, in the light of developments in the reality of electronic payment in the country, which touched the need of the Iraqi family, and is getting its dues effortlessly, via electronic payment card." He pointed out that "this award represents a new impetus for the company to develop the joints of its work and the development of new products rise to global," pointing to the "importance of supporting national companies that achieve success in their field, especially when the evaluation is international." Iraq won for the first time in its history the award, which is the result of a great national effort for an Iraqi electronic payment company was able to transfer the reality of financial transactions to a sophisticated stage interacted with the public significantly and now embraces a family of 7 million beneficiaries, a figure not reached by the largest banks Region. An official source in the company confirmed that the company invests in the youth sector and provides job opportunities for a large segment of them, and provides services that touch the need of the Iraqi family, stressing that "this award represents a new turning point in the company's work, and a motive for the development of work mechanisms and the presence of the Iraqi family During the adoption of new, more sophisticated systems contribute to the creation of new products. #################### Iraq receives an international award by electronic payment LINK #################### Iraq receives an international award by electronic payment LINK
  3. LINK The delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government arrives in Baghdad on this day 14th September, 2019 It is scheduled to visit a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government this week the federal capital Baghdad to discuss the draft federal budget law for next year. The representative of the regional government in Baghdad, Fares Issa, said in a statement to the Kurdistan Democratic Party website today, that the delegation of the Kurdistan government will visit Baghdad on Tuesday to hold dialogues on the draft budget for 2020, noting that the delegation will meet with the Iraqi political and parliamentary blocs. He added that as a representative of the regional government, he wrote an official letter inviting the oil and gas committee, the finance committee, and the legal committee to visit Kurdistan and meet with the head of the regional government. The Council of Ministers of the region has decided in a meeting held last Wednesday to send a government delegation to Baghdad, to discuss and exchange information on the financial budget file and the involvement of the region in the preparation of the draft draft by the Federal Ministry of Finance, with an invitation to the committees of finance, oil and gas, legal and parliamentary to visit Territory.
  4. LINK Oil Minister: Energy sector will witness reforms and restructuring 14th September, 2019 Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Thamer Ghadhban, said the Iraqi government is keen to develop the energy sector and facilitate procedures for investors, noting that the energy sector will witness reforms and restructuring We are committed to a clear policy towards the energy sector, which is of great interest to the Council of Ministers and the Iraqi government, as well as to the legislature represented by the Oil and Parliamentary Energy Committee,'' Ghadhban said in his speech at the 2019 Iraq Energy Forum conference, which was attended by the Economy News He added that "this sector is the main engine of the economy because it accounts for more than 90% of the financial allocations in the budget law annually "We attach great importance to the continued activity of this sector and subject to clear policies aimed at Iraq to remain a major producer of oil and then gas He stressed that "the energy sector will see reforms and restructuring, which is the ministries to prepare policies and legislation while the companies take over the production process He continued that "the Ministry of Electricity is keen to implement large projects in the field of gas investment and stop waste," pointing out that "the Iraqi government is keen to develop and reform the work environment and facilitate procedures for investors and end the bureaucracy ############## LINK Oil Minister: We are working to combat corruption by restricting investment business inside Iraq 14th September, 2019 Oil Minister Thamer Ghadhban confirmed Iraq's keenness to provide all facilities for investment companies and businessmen to invest in the oil and energy sector and to attract the countries of the world to invest in Iraq. Ghadhban said during his speech at the Iraq Energy Conference 2019 that "Iraq welcomes the arrival of foreign international companies to invest in the oil sector in conjunction with the end of ISIS page and stresses keenness to provide all facilities for companies to facilitate their work and reform the working environment to be simplified and easy procedures for the investor. '' "We are supplying all developments in the world at the level of technology or renewable energies at the same time, we are keen to preserve the environment, so the Oil Ministry seeks to enable a large segment of companies to invest gas and stop burning." He pointed out that "the Iraqi government is working to combat corruption through the inventory of all business and investment inside Iraq and be free of corruption deals." ############### Oil Minister: Energy sector will witness a series of reforms and changes LINK
  5. LINK Learn about the decisions of Halbousi meeting with heads of parliamentary blocs 14th September, 2019 Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi, on Saturday, a meeting of heads of parliamentary blocs; It was decided during the meeting: Firstly: 1- Forming a committee to follow up the governmental procedures in order to take the necessary measures to preserve the sovereignty of Iraq. 2 - Forming a committee to discuss the file of missing persons, absentees and the return of the displaced. Second: To proceed with the following legislations during the coming sessions and give them priority: 1. The abolition of the offices of general inspectors. 2. The First Amendment to the Integrity Law. 3. The Civil Service Law. 4. Health Insurance Law. 5- The law of partnership with the private sector. 6. The Federal Court Act. 7. Telecommunications and Information Law. Mineral investment law. The Military Industrialization Law. Third: approaching the government to send the following laws: 1. The Retirement and Social Security Law. 2. A law to address the housing crisis. 3. Oil and Gas Law. 4- Law of the Reconstruction Council. The Federal Budget Law for the year 2020. ############ Abolishing the offices of inspectors and determining the important laws," the most prominent decisions of the meeting Halbousi political blocs LINK
  6. Baghdad is preparing to receive world leaders Friday 13 September 2019 Baghdad / morning Baghdad is preparing to host several visitors and senior officials from around the world, including French President Emmanuel Macron, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and other Arab and international figures. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, announced that Minister Sergei Lavrov will pay a working visit to Iraq on October 7-8. . During the visit, the two sides will exchange views on the pivotal aspects of the Middle East agenda, focusing on the situation in Iraq, Syria and the Gulf region. They will also discuss the situation surrounding Iran and the developments in the Palestinian territories. Zakharova said that special attention will be given to developing cooperation between Iraq and Russia in the fight against terrorism and the spread of religious extremism. In addition, a member of the Iraqi Economic Council expert Ghadeer al-Attar, an upcoming visit to French President Emmanuel Macron to Baghdad soon to discuss several economic files, including the signing of a contract «Baghdad train suspended». Al-Attar said in a press statement, received «morning» a copy: The «French President Emmanuel Macron will visit the capital Baghdad during the three months of this year at the head of a high-level delegation of government ministers and businessmen French», stressing that «the French president will sign a contract ( Baghdad train suspended) with the Iraqi government. He added that «Macron's visit will witness the discussion of trade exchange between Paris and Baghdad with the presidents, ministers and parliament as well as the activation of economic agreements between the two countries», and pointed out that «Macron will also discuss the subject of facilitating Iraq and overcome obstacles for the entry of French companies to invest in Iraq, in addition to the facilitation process Iraqis enter France. Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi discussed with Turkish Ambassador to Baghdad Fatih Yildiz last Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's upcoming visit to Iraq. An official source told Al-Sabah that a high-level Lebanese government delegation headed by Lebanese Minister of Economy and Trade Mansour Bteish will visit Baghdad on the 7th of October next for three days to discuss the joint economic files between the two countries. link
  7. The rationality of politics… Adel Abdul Mahdi reaps the fruits of Iraq - 10 Hours Have Passed It seems that the meetings of the Iraqi Council of Representatives next week will witness serious discussions on the impact of the levels of US-Iranian escalation in the region, and the effects of that escalation on Iraq, there are three important issues will be raised on the first sessions of the Council: the file of the exit of US forces and the international coalition from Iraq, and the second: Concerning the discussion of the strategic framework agreement signed between the United States of America and Iraq, since its signing until now, it is not clear who is responsible for the protection of Iraqi airspace, is it an Iraqi responsibility, or it is an American responsibility, and the third file: concerns the possibility of accountability The staff of the Iraqi government ministers or some of them. With regard to the exit of US troops from Iraq, it is known that Iraq's money from oil revenues is kept in the US Federal Reserve, which is responsible for the money of Iraq, and in this context, a law or resolution issued by the House of Representatives in the direction of removing US troops from Iraq, may lead President Donald Trump, through the US Treasury Department, has imposed harsh and multilateral measures. For example, all Iraqi money will be subject to prosecution. It is now protected by presidential decree based on the security agreement between Iraq and the United States. The reparations file, as well as accusations against Iraq of supporting terrorism, and the losses of US companies will be reopened before 2003, and Iraqi funds will be withheld until the cases are resolved, let alone stop sending the dollar currency to Iraq, which will stop many obligations, and Iraq is unable within two to three months. Pay the salaries of his employees, especially those of embassies abroad, The Iraqi Council of Representatives must think deeply before taking any decision or law that may constitute a devastation on the security and economy of Iraq, and it must also stem from that its decisions and laws are in harmony with the higher interests of the Iraqi people, and not down at the interests of the US or Iran, it is a House of Representatives representing the Iraqi people Under the dome of the Council does not represent Tehran or Washington by proxy, the Iraqi people will not accept to be locked in decisions or laws that increase their economic suffering, if the Iraqi Council of Representatives issued that resolution or law, everyone in Iraq is a loser and the Iraqi political class. Therefore, there must be a dialogue between the financial, security and defense committees emanating from the House of Representatives, the Prime Minister and the Governor of the Central Bank to reach political, legal and economic understandings to avoid Iraq risks. As for the strategic framework agreement, so far it is ambiguous between the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Council of Representatives on the one hand, and the United States of America on the other hand, on the body responsible for the protection of Iraqi airspace, according to the strategic framework does not have a legal formula that indicates that the United States of America is There is no legal formula that Iraq may ask the United States to provide assistance to protect Iraqi airspace. According to some observers of the Iraqi issue that the Strategic Framework Agreement and the withdrawal of forces signed in 2008, confirmed the responsibility of US forces to protect the airspace of Iraq after 45 thousand feet, but below it is the responsibility of the Iraqi government, and that all drones - Aldron - fly within a lesser extent Of 45,000 feet, which is within the responsibility of the Iraqi government. Therefore, the Iraqi government and the US administration represented by its embassy in Baghdad must put the points on the letters to know the limits of that agreement and the consequences of a party of responsibility, and this requires them to be a high degree of clarity and credibility. The third file concerns the questioning and questioning of the Iraqi Council of Representatives by some ministers, which may amount to the dismissal or resignation of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. "Sairoun" led by Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr, and "conquest" led by Hadi al-Amiri backed by the Popular Mobilization, after a parliamentary-judicial controversy over the designation of the "largest bloc", which is constitutionally entitled to nominate the prime minister, where some parties went Iraq to consider that the international regional settlement that protects the government is coming to an end as a result of the escalation of Iranian-American tension in the region, which was reflected directly on the relationship of the «crowd» government, and its refusal to abide by its decisions, especially on how to respond to air strikes to its bases, but attempts «crowd» The rebellion against state institutions soon opened Late to the internal crisis between the poles, it showed a lack of cohesion and revealed a weaker position before the weapons claim to limit the Iraqi majority, however, the state and abide by the decisions of the Iraqi sovereign currents of conflict. However, this crisis and this conflict between the poles of the government gave the president a new maneuver margin, which enables him to fortify his position, and improve his conditions, after the attempts of the settlement parties to impose its agenda on the work of the government, at a critical stage where the level of criticism of the government, and increased call to account after ten days It was formed in October last year. The Iraqi constitution guaranteed the Iraqi parliament the right to question and question the Iraqi government, and it is the government of its ministries accused of corruption issues, and who accuse the government of this, are already members of that government, while Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi does not have a minister in the ministry or a deputy in the House of Representatives calculated On his political current, then who is corrupt ?! However, Adel Abdel Mahdi scores important points in his favor, easing the pressure on him, giving him an opportunity that may not be repeated, helping him to rearrange his priorities, and move faster steps towards achieving some slogans of reform, and independence, albeit limited, in making decisions, taking advantage of a group Political factors have surfaced on the surface of the settlement.A wide segment of the Iraqi street in all its categories and colors is betting on its ability to expand its margin and liberate it from internal and regional constraints.It is an important reformist warrior for years against the big and funny restrictions imposed by the militants inside and outside the Iraqi parliament. At this critical stage in Iraq's history, it is in dire need of a multidimensional roadmap to get out of its crises. The threatening and intimidating approach does not address deep crises in the body of the Iraqi political system, but are tools that may be legal to gain time or gain only phases. The ministry promises accountability and interrogation and may reach the level of dismissal, is the holder of the positions and privileges in it, and is also the body that runs the ministry through its economic offices. In practice, Iraqi concern over the future of the government is rising, and at this stage neither society nor political parties or elites are ready to enter into a political vacuum that may occur as a result of the overthrow of the government and the difficulty of choosing an alternative if it is impossible. Alongside the reformist warrior, Adel Abdul Mahdi, who, through his rational policies, managed to spare Iraq from entering the US-Iran conflict, which is witnessing a relative breakthrough, and with his good national stance in avoiding polarization in the US-Iranian conflict, Adel Abdul Mahdi feels his strong position because he is aware of Each deep that this conflict must end at the negotiating table, and that Iraq not be the loser of that conflict, Iraq is in his reign has good relations with both Washington and Tehran. Therefore, we reiterate that all Iraqi political forces should stand by Adel Abdul Mahdi in order for Iraq to reap the fruits of its rational policies at home and abroad. Iraqi Studies Unit Links Center for Research and Strategic Studies link
  8. Since 2003, the number of public holidays declared by the State has increased from 16 days to 124, representing 33 per cent of the total number of days of the year, It’s The Number Of Holidays - Read It And Weep !
  9. LINK US Treasury: We will impose sanctions on any Iraqi party dealing with the Revolutionary Guards 13th September, 2019 The US Treasury said on Friday it would impose sanctions on any Iraqi body dealing with the Revolutionary Guards. The channel "Al Arabiya" quoted the Treasury as saying, "Iraqis are victims of their positions adjacent to Iran," indicating: "We will impose sanctions on any Iraqi party dealing with the Revolutionary Guards." "We consider the purchase of Iranian oil as a financing for terrorism," she said, adding that she would "continue the policy of economic pressure on Iran and Hezbollah." The US Treasury said, "Corruption in Iran is very large, and we consider Iran a terrorist state." "They have told Europe that their dealings with Iran are hurting their trade with us," she said.
  10. Then Add In 104 Days Off Annually From All Of The Weekends ... LINK 124 official holidays in Iraq 13th September, 2019 The many holidays in Iraq push some to seek to modify because of disrupting the interests of citizens, in addition to the great economic loss, but it is not easy, especially since most of them religious or national The many holidays announced by the Iraqi government from time to time negatively affect the Iraqi government institutions, especially those services, which have direct contact with the affairs of citizens and their daily work. Since 2003, the number of public holidays declared by the State has increased from 16 days to 124, representing 33 per cent of the total number of days of the year, the majority of which are holidays and holidays chosen as religious occasions and related to different Iraqi communities, and several days, such as each year. From the month of Muharram within the Hijri calendar. In spite of attempts to pass the law of public holidays in a way that reduces the number of holidays, but the parties refuse to do so and seek to maintain. As a result of the majority of these holidays associated with religious events after 2003, the debate about them has not been easy either by citizens or members of parliament who adopt the option of a civil state. Religious parties usually defend these holidays, although some reports indicate that the country has suffered significant financial losses as a result of its large number. A government official says the negative impact of the failure on the functioning of state institutions cannot be denied. Even some state leaders want to reduce it without being able, ”he explained to the“ New Arab ”that“ these holidays affected the country economically, as well as affected the provision of services to citizens, especially in departments that are in direct contact with the citizen. ” He stresses that "there are complaints and demands from many citizens to reduce these holidays, which led some officials to try to coordinate with Parliament to pass a law that reduces the holidays." "In any case, many of them cannot be abolished because of their religious, national and symbolic significance to many," he says. Iraqi law gave local provincial governments the right to declare a day off for residents of the province exclusively as needed, which is repeated from month to month in several provinces and for various reasons. The Committee on Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs affirms that it is working to reduce public holidays in accordance with amendments to the "Holidays Act", and to pass them in Parliament. "There is a tendency to reduce public holidays within the law," said MP Hussein al-Yissari, head of the Awqaf and Religious Affairs Committee. Now that the Religious Affairs Commission has become independent, the law has been restored to its responsibility. ” He stresses that “the committees have a tendency to reduce the holidays. Some religious occasions that have become controversial between doctrines and religions. ” "If the number of holidays is reduced, it will benefit Iraq," he said. But he notes that "some holidays are fixed, such as national and religious events." Iraqi politicians assert that the problem of holidays lies in the "sanctification" by some quarters. Zaid al-Adli, a member of the Iraqi civil current, told Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed: “The Awqaf and Religious Affairs Committee in Parliament and the religious parties are the ones responsible for maintaining public holidays.” , Which have religious sanctity. ” He adds that the law to reduce the holidays is one of the laws introduced in parliament for a long time, but those bodies do not want to amend and cancel some of the holidays, but want to pass with the majority of the holidays, and add others instead of worthless holidays. He stresses that there must be a firm position by the Presidency of Parliament on the law, or that the government represented by its president to reduce the holidays due to the public interest of the country, and not to maintain the political mood that controls it.
  11. LINK Samsung is moving to strengthen its operations in Iraq: one of the most important strategic markets in the region 13th September, 2019 The Iraqi market is one of the most important strategic markets in the region and we seek to strengthen our operations in Iraq During an interview with Mr. Muthanna Naji Al-Mohsen Many important topics, and we were able to get some details of the company that we provide to readers to enrich their information and awareness about the Samsung brand. Samsung is one of the most popular brands in Iraq and the Middle East in general in the field of smart devices, what does this indicate? Samsung is one of the world's leading companies, and its strong presence in the region is a qualitative addition to Samsung's success story in the world. As a whole and the Iraqi market in particular, which the company was keen to provide the best levels of service to its consumers. Samsung's primary goal is to provide the latest innovative products that keep pace with the lifestyles and workings of the Iraqi consumer and meet their needs. It stands behind Samsung's keenness to provide devices that are not just connected devices, but connected devices that perform practical and smart functions unconventional. On the other hand, the spread of the "Samsung" brand, which is ranked as the sixth best brand in the world, also demonstrates the efficiency of its strategy and plans related to various aspects of its work, including the marketing aspect, which is carefully designed, whether it relates to the stages of sale or communication with the public Consumers and customers have been concerned about the partnerships and cooperations that the company believes in and seeks to expand its scope for the benefit of all parties involved. Are there any devices, products and versions of different specifications that Samsung is seeking to launch in Iraq and the Arab region? At Samsung, we are always keen on supplying the Iraqi market with the latest products as one of the most important markets in the region; We are also pleased to announce the launch of a TV specially and exclusively for the Iraqi market, and our consumers and the media will be provided with more details about this product soon. What is your view of the Iraqi market regarding your core business? The Iraqi market is one of the most important strategic markets for us at "Samsung" in the region, and it is a promising market for us. The Iraqi market is witnessing significant growth in all sectors in general, and the electronics and technology sector in particular, and this is an incentive for us to strengthen our operations and our deployment in Iraq in general. We continuously strive to provide the Iraqi market with the latest products to meet the needs of individual and institutional consumers in the world of telecommunications, audio-visual, digital home appliances and information technology. You recently sponsored the ninth edition of the Asian Sale Championship for the West Asian Football Federation - Iraq 2019, what is Samsung Electronics' goal of this sponsorship? This sponsorship comes from Samsung as part of its corporate social responsibility strategy in support of the sports sector in general and the game of football in particular as a sport that occupies a special place in the hearts of millions in Iraq, the Arab region and around the world, which at the same time need to address the challenges. We hope that our sponsorship of the championship will serve the Iraqi efforts to lift the ban on the stadiums of the capital after lifting it from Erbil, Basra and Karbala by FIFA, by participating in the success of its establishment, which in turn contributes to the re-glory of football. The Iraqi footprint is creating a new foothold on the local and global sports scene, which has many positive effects. We also see in this tournament a golden opportunity to connect with more than 45 million football fans both in Iraq and in the region who support their national teams, and through which we strengthen the presence of the brand "Samsung" in the forums in Iraq. During the tournament, you demonstrated a range of Samsung's latest products and solutions from TVs, optical devices and mobile devices. What is the volume of demand for these devices in the Iraqi market? I am pleased to say that the Iraqi demand for smart and advanced devices produced by "Samsung" is very large in the Iraqi market. This demand is not limited to a particular product, but extends to our various products and solutions, which indicates the Iraqi quest for the acquisition of smart and sophisticated technology, both for home and business, and this is proof of the importance of our solutions to meet their needs.
  12. LINK Abdul Mahdi and the challenges of 2020 12th September, 2019 by Mohammed Hassan Al-Saadi News reports from within the government closed the difference indicates that the upcoming visit by the Prime Minister, Mr. Adel Abdul - Mahdi to the People 's State of China is a good omen in a paradigm shift in the Iraqi economic reality where it is expected that Mr. Adel Abdul - Mahdi At the head of a high-level and very important on September 21 in order to conclude many deals and signing with major Chinese giants, which will include contracts in the construction of residential complexes and service projects - Chinese) at a cost of 10 billion dollars in addition to the reconstruction of railway and road projects in a direct manner and work on the establishment of major industrial cities in all Iraqi cities and the project to rebuild the highway from Baghdad to the northern cities to Syria as well as dozens of major projects And its mission. The US administration, for its part, although it was not willing to do so and was saying a lot to have a role in the reconstruction process in Iraq Abdul-Mahdi is keen to be this year is the year of the economic revolution in the country and a change in attitudes and allegations that talked about its failure and its inability to address the failures in the government and its inability to take political decisions affecting the sovereignty of the state amid the pressure exerted by political blocs on his government for its gains. Although he is an economist and claims that he is able to find a change in the economic policy of the country, he finds him unable to find such an economic revolution and free the Iraqi economy from restrictions. Political liberation of the political blocs that have become dominant and hold the economic file in all its details. Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi continues his political movements and any signs of his dismissal or resignation are purely slogans intended to direct public opinion towards the failure of the government of Abdul Mahdi, but at the same time Abdul Mahdi wants to change such allegations and move towards an economic revolution in the country and the question and estimates of the success and failure of this The government returns to its ability to deal with the strategic problems experienced by the country, the most important of which is the power of the parties in power and control of the threads of government, and address all outstanding issues of services and reconstruction and improve the standard of living of the Iraqi individual and to achieve political, social and economic stability My country.
  13. This Guy Used BitGroin ! Which Apparently Has Really Been Taking Off Lately ...
  14. And The Goose Lands A Double Teabagging On Judy And Wittle Weegie ! In Fact U Can Almost Make Out The Word ‘Lipton’ From The Imprint On The Back Of Weegie’s Head ...
  15. The Discussion Was Currency And Not Stock Shares - Follow The Bouncing Balls !
  16. Just Don’t Place An Order - No Matter If They Have Anything In Stock ! Ball Three ... And That Guy Couldn’t ‘Walk’ - Even If They Gave Him Ball Four ...
  17. Keep Sitting On His Lap Weegie - And U’ll Find Out !
  18. Yep - Next ... Thx For Passing Along What U Heard ‘Clooney’ ! (see his avatar)
  19. 9-11-2019 Newshound Guru Breitling Why are [brokers] willing to pay a lot more than they used to to buy your dinar back? They're selling it to these guys [large currency investors] that's why. It's that simple... It's hard getting money out of Iraq. It's not easy. It would come from Iraq to Jordan to the United States. And from the banking industry in the United States it went from the [CBI] auction floor to Bank of America to Chase Bank. And that's where I bought my currency - Chase Bank. So that's a couple routes on how that currency gets here. But it's dried up. That system doesn't work anymore. So there isn't as much dinar in the market...
  20. Part 8 ? Wtf - Was ‘Bro Iraq 7’ Over The Limit ?
  21. Nope - He’s The Retarded One Of The MarkZ Brothers !  And Weegie Is One Of The Stooges ... 
  22. 9-10-2019 Intel Guru Frank ... the introduction of the description and pictures of the new small category notes and the coins, which in reality are called visual aids (there will be videos too)... IMO...will be be out before the end of this month of September... Part II: ... the satellite private banks information that they would be opening in the next two weeks: We got this information from our teams that were at the meetings with the CBI and approximated two weeks. That would still leave us 1 week left in the month of September... the description [of small notes & coins] is coming out IMO in two weeks. After that if they raise the value they can put the small category notes and coins in the hands of the citizens and they can open the 'satellite' banks... the three things need to come together...1, 2, 3...
  23. 9-10-2019 Newshound Guru Breitling Why do you feel so good about what's going on? It's because the people who put this together they're moving this forward - that's why. The language that they used at the beginning, 'We are going to start adding value to our currency and we want to participate in certain markets.' You're watching it literally happen before your very eyes...
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