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  1. Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). Find Out Data Automated teller machines (ATMs) (per 100,000 adults)Iraq Automated teller machines (ATMs) (per 100,000 adults) - Iraq International Monetary
  2. You must have a valuable currency to go International, don’t let this video scare you.
  4. @yota691, Thank you for your hard research and work!💥💥💥💥💥💥
  5. THE BRITISH AMBASSADOR IN BAGHDAD: THE REMARKABLE INCREASE IN FOREIGN RESERVES SUPPORTS THE ECONOMY OF IRAQ Thursday, April 8, 2021 9:52 PM Baghdad / National News Center The British ambassador to Baghdad, Stephen Hickey, said today, Thursday, that the rise, which he described as "remarkable" in foreign reserves, at the Central Bank, supports the economic situation in Iraq. The Central Bank’s media office stated, in a statement received by the National News Center, that “the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb Mkhaif, met the UK ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Hicke
  6. Either they build stronger wheelbarrows to carry they dinars, or give the Iraqi citizens purchasing power on the dinar! Shabibi stated gradual, spontaneous, no fanfare!
  7. yota691 199,539 Posted Wednesday at 10:12 AM Parliament transfers the budget from the dollar to the dinar to overcome the dispute Time: 03/31/2021 17:10:06 Read: 13 times
  8. Master Card International, Ration Cards. They told us they wanted to stop using the USD and use the Dinar on the day the budget was voted on.
  9. Unconstitutional To Pay Salaries In USD. Vice shows the possibility of paying salaries in dollars Sunday 4 April 2021 | 02:44 PM The representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Ahmed Al-Kinani, confirmed, on Sunday, that the proposal to pay employees’ salaries in dollars cannot be implemented at the present time for several reasons, indicating that the appeal of the dollar price will be rejected if it is submitted because it is not legitimate . Al-Kinani said, “The proposal to pay salaries in dollars was not adopted by a political bloc or coalition, but rather by o
  10. “Paying salaries in dollars to employees, as suggested by one of the representatives, is a defective thing, regardless of the economic damage that he will cause if thisproposal is implemented, since the flag and currency are from State sovereignty, and we are in asovereign state, and sovereign states have an exclusive right to dispose of their currencies. My thoughts exactly, Iraq Central Bank is a major stockholder in the EU Central Bank. Iraq has pending International Contracts, and Contractors waiting to flood Iraq. Iraq can’t go International using the USD currency, they can’t join the
  11. Raising the exchange rate of the dollar is in the interest of the citizen ...! The hands of the emirate153 2021-04-03 Iyad of the Emirate || ✍️ Some gentlemen who defended the decision to raise the exchange rate of the dollar said that this increase will be in the interest of the Iraqi citizen, especially those with limited income! And given that we are in the month of April, we will accept this ta
  12. MP for Badr Uday Shaalan calls for an emergency session and sends a warning to the governor of the Central Bank Pratha News Agency1702021-04-02 The deputy of the Badr Parliamentary Bloc, Uday Shaalan Abu Al-Joun, called today, Friday, the Presidency of the House of Representatives to set an urgent date for an emergency session in the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank to find out the implications of the high market prices due to the insistence on
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