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  1. How are they getting paid, and what currency are they going to pay them in?
  2. Government of Iraq - الحكومة العراقية @IraqiGovt PM @MAKadhimi said during the conference on recovering stolen funds due to corruption: “I welcome you, brothers, to your important conference on recovering stolen funds due to corruption.” 8:03 AM · Sep 15, 2021·
  3. Government of Iraq - الحكومة العراقية @IraqiGovt The annual government performance report published by the @IraqiGovt on the implementation of its programme includes details of what has been achieved in all sectors. The table below shows what has been achieved in the reconstruction and investment sector. 0:10 228 views
  4. Video: Baghdad plays the role of mediator in the Middle East through a regional summit Sumerian special 2021-08-25 | 04:57 Source: Sumerian 1,472 views After the successive crises and wars that Iraq has fought over the past four decades, the Baghdad government is seeking to play the role of mediator in the Middle East through a regional summit aimed at defusing crises in the region.. Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi aspires to make Iraq a counterpart to Tehran, Riyadh, Ankara and Washington, , by giving him a constructive and inclusive role in dealing with crises.
  5. The Iraq Neighborhood Summit is preparing to launch amid speculation that Syria is considered the “sick man of Levant.” August 24, 2021 38 Facebook Twitter Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein revealed differences that prevented Syria's participation in the Iraq Neighborhood Summit. This came after the Iraqi Foreign Ministry denied, earlier, any invitation to Syria to attend the Baghdad summit, against the background of a recent visit by the head of the Popular Mobilization militia to Damascus. Neither Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi nor his office revealed details about the summit, which the local media called the Iraq Neighboring Countries Conference, which aims to address regional cooperation and stability. Invitations have already been delivered to the leaders of Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. While the leaders of Egypt, Qatar and the UAE were on the list of invitees, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry said that no invitation had been sent to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This prompted observers to say that the summit will tend to be considered the “sick man of the Levant.” Al-Kazemi's office said that French President Emmanuel Macron had received an invitation and confirmed that he intended to attend during a telephone conversation with the Iraqi prime minister. But the list of participants does not appear to be final, and much of the conference's success will depend on what countries appear receptive and their level of participation. The Iraqi Minister of Culture, Hassan Nazim, provided some details about the summit, who said that the meeting was part of the "al-Kazemi government's diplomatic strategy to restore stability in Iraq." "When the region stabilizes and tensions decrease, this will reflect positively on Iraq's stability," said Nazim, who also works as a government spokesman. At the same time, Iraq is facing multiple political, economic and security crises and challenges in the field of governance, and confronting them is crucial to ending the stalemate the country is going through. According to observers, since taking office in May 2020, Al-Kazemi has engaged in diplomatic forays to try to bolster his image in the eyes of foreign leaders, taking advantage of the world's willingness to help stabilize Iraq. Observers say that on the surface, his proactive foreign policy appears geared toward creating a new landscape of diplomacy with neighboring countries and other countries and promoting regional cooperation. But it was also clear that Al-Kadhimi faces a host of challenges on the domestic scene, from a dysfunctional government to endemic corruption, inept bureaucracy, and a crumbling health care system that has been overshadowed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. Foreign Ministry on Syria's failure to invite the Iraqi neighborhood summit: The issue of the latter's return is controversial so far August 24, 2021 45 Facebook Twitter Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2018-04-01 13:53:09Z | | [ A short while ago, Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein revealed the reason for not inviting Syria to the Iraq Neighborhood Summit, which will be held on August 28. In this regard, Hussein said, during his interview with “Sputnik” agency, that Iraq had received very positive answers to the invitations it made to a number of countries to attend the summit, pointing out that an invitation had been submitted to the five permanent members of the Security Council. In response to the question about Syria’s participation in the summit, Hussein said: “The issue of Syria is a controversial issue and it is not with us. We have good relations and we have never severed our diplomatic relationship with Syria. In fact, we are the ones who are concerned with raising the issue of Syria in all fields, whether at the Arab or international levels. And we call for restoring Syria’s role in these areas, and therefore the matter is not related to the Iraqi position, but the issue of Syria’s return is a controversial issue so far, and I think the Syrian brothers understand that,” explaining: “I don’t know if there is a specific leader or president who will raise the issue of Syria.” I don’t know, but the issue of Syria is not on the agenda.”
  7. Government of Iraq - الحكومة العراقية · Aug 13 The @IraqiGovt encourages investment in the housing sector and provides real estate loans to help Iraqis obtain decent housing. Watch this video about an integrated residential complex in the capital, Baghdad, that provides all educational and entertainment services #InvestIraq 1:45 459 views 3 3 19 Government of Iraq - الحكومة العراقية · Aug 13 تشجع الحكومة العراقية @IraqiGovt الاستثمار في قطاع الإسكان وتوفر القروض العقارية لمساعدة العراقيين الحصول على سكن كريم، شاهد هذا الفيديو حول مجمع سكني متكامل في العاصمة بغداد، يوفر كافة الخدمات التعليمية والترفيهية بالإضافة الى مساحات خضراء. #InvestIraq 1:45 651 views
  8.قمة-بغداد-الإقليمية-المرتقبة-ماذا Good Read!
  9. Government of Iraq - الحكومة العراقية · Jul 29 PM @MAKadhimi meets the Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democratic Senator @SenatorMenendez , and the Committee's Managing Director, Republican Senator Jim Rich. 3 1 14 Government of Iraq - الحكومة العراقية · Jul 29 During the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations between the two countries, and exchanged views on regional and international issues of common interest.
  10. Government of Iraq - الحكومة العراقية · 5h Watch this video about an investment project for a five-stars hotel according to the international classification, which contributes to supporting religious tourism and the local economy of Karbala Governorate. #InvestIraq 1:49 300 views
  11. If anyone been in this investment a while, it was Maliki who brought the Russian fighter jets, and went to Russia and took pictures and had the pictures on the front page of the local newspaper, then came back, and demanded Shabibi give him a loan from the Central Bank reserves, and when Shabibi declined to give Maliki money from the CBI reserves, Maliki issued a Arrest Warrant on Shabibi. Im not feeding into this article at all.
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