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  1. He’s looking for love ❤️ Aren’t we all?😎
  2. This is Freaking Amazing! I just quit my job. Told the wife I want a divorce. Told her sister I can’t see her anymore either. Pushed my old car in the lake. Put a non refundable deposit on a new Beemer. Sent a group text to all my X friends. Telling them what losers they are. Punched my landlord. Emptied the bank account on a trip to ABC Liquor. So it’s a good thing I am heavily invested in all these currencies or I would be screwed! Thanks for the great news Weegie. I’ll never forget you!
  3. The head guru=chief idiot=bull s**t boss= loser leader. Any body else wanna play😎
  4. Ok I’m ready NOW. How about using all your charm and influence to get this finished. That would be great! Thanks Daddy. I’ll be your best friend! 😎
  5. Thanks for stopping by Daddio. Appreciated as always.
  6. Thanks Daddio. Enjoy the rest of your weekend
  7. It’s going on 17 yrs for me. I guess I can wait til Saturday. 😎 Thanks daddy!
  8. Thanks Daddio. I see all this as a good sign of dedollarizing the country. They will have to use the Dinar and it will be worth whatever they say it start. 😎
  9. Welcome back Thug. Been really weird here lately. Everybody’s quoting psychics and imaginary friends and politicians. And calling it truth. At least when you post something outrageous I know you’re joking. Others not so much. 😎
  10. Thanks Daddio. You didn’t need to stop by. You could have phoned that in. 😎
  11. I think his point here is the House can’t change the rate against the Dollar. It is up to the CBI to go global with a real world wide revalued rate. 🧉🧉🧉
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