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  1. If that isn’t a screw you to the protesters. I don’t know what is. Mean while the money auctions have doubled over the last year. It’s time for a revolution.
  2. Thanks Daddy. Always appreciate your input.
  3. Thanks Daddy. If I don't hear from you before then. Have a Merry Christmas.
  4. Thanks daddy. Always appreciate hearing from you.
  5. Thanks Thug, I am not sure how this affects our RV timeframe. Hopefully Iranian forces get thrown out of Iraq in a timely manner. But if history tells us anything, This may turn into a Civil War. There is still a lot of loyalty to Iran from the citizens. Either way it’s going to be an interesting time.
  6. Thanks daddy! Still hanging in there. Besides, where else am I going to go?😎
  7. That's a fair answer, for sure!😎 Thanks Daddy your the greatest!
  8. Thanks Daddy. That woke me up. I can feel the positive vibes. 😎
  9. Thanks daddy. Wake me when there's something I need to know. I need to close my eyes on this for a while. 😎
  10. Thanks for popping in daddy. I heard that all the protesters in Iraq started chanting “lock him up lock him up” I assumed they were for Mahdi. Maybe not. 😎
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