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  1. The force is strong in this one. These are not the pizza rats you are seeking.😎
  2. The vibe around here seems a little low. There must be a disturbance in the force. Send us some Hopium from your vacation Navira.😎
  3. Did you see the smiley face after my text. 😎 I guess you didn't get the joke. Oh well!
  4. Come on Wildman don’t be dissing the Weege. This is not FAKE news it is FUN news. It is the Rumors Section! And this is what Weegie does. The next thing you will be pooping on the Bros for their Hopium. In the immortal words of Rodney King after the PCP crystal meth and booze wore off. β€œCan’t we all just get alongβ€œπŸ˜Ž
  5. Thanks Davis. Can you take my dinar with you and exchange it for me while you are there. Thanks you are a pal. 😎 Go Iraq Go RV Go Davis for president!
  6. Thanks Weegie, Can you find out anything out there from Judy Truthington? Wish it was real, but not buying it. 😎
  7. Thanks Thug. I have been watching it literally happened before my very eyes for the last 15 years. I’m excited! 😎
  8. Thanks Luigi. This is really funny in the fact that the one thing we pretty much know for sure is that it’s going to happen in an instant. Not over a period of two weeks. 😎
  9. I know! I know! I need to learn to be more patient. Well how long is that gonna take? 😎
  10. Thanks Yoda. It has always been said for the DInar to be recognized internationally it has to have an actual rate not a program rate. More good news. 😎
  11. Thanks Big Daddy, I am feeling like a very lucky guy and extremely grateful. Fla (as well as myself ) dodged a big bullet on the hurricane. There is a whole bunch of news coming out of Iraq. All pieces of the puzzle. And as you know I have been following you for a while. A long while. And you are excited. I can hear it in the sound of your text. So I am excited. And the Bro’s are keeping the vibe alive over in the rumor section. Oooooommmm!!!! Light hearted fun to share the wait. See y'all down south. Way down South. 😎
  12. Thanks Pitcher, All clear here. Unfortunately for the Bahamas. Everything I am seeing the islands were pretty much wiped clean. And I don't think Rolls of paper towels are going to fix this either. Hopefully someone will do the right thing and actually help this time.
  13. He’s just sitting out there. Giving us the Hairy Eye ! Looks like s**ts about to get dicey. I have really crazy luck. Good and bad. I’m thinking tomorrow I will wake up to 150 mile an hour wind and an RV. After all they both could happen……… Soon. 😎
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