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  1. Now you’re talking my language. Thanks Daddio 😎
  2. It could be that Iran is holding hundreds of billions of dinar. And the pressure is coming from them to revalue. That would prop up Iran’s economy. At least temporarily. I know that it would surely prop up my economy. Take it for what it’s worth this is just me thinking out loud. 😎
  3. I believe the board is well aware of how dysfunctional Iraq is. Iraq should definitely build the private sector and their manufacturing capabilities. So they can have something other than oil to export. Will that ever happen? Doubtful. A realistic rate for their currency would be around $3.25 if they were anywhere close to having their s*** together Because it is so dependent on oil. So. In my personal recommendation to the board let’s make it a buck and a quarter and call it a day 😎
  4. The parties involved in the case are the Integrity Commission, the Public Prosecution, the Customs Authority and the border crossings, Thanks Yota, That sentence right there about tells the full story why it is still going on. When the committee on integrity and the public prosecution office is running the money laundering operation. Who is going to stop them? I have often wondered through these tough economic times when I read all these articles that government employees are not getting paid for months at a time. How do these people survive without a paycheck? It must be the trickle down theory of stolen money. What a way to run a country.
  5. Thanks Yota. This is great news. Progress!!! Now let’s give everybody something to really celebrate on Ramadan.😎
  6. There is no housing no clean water no dependable electricity shortages of food and health care. There are no jobs the public assistance money is being stolen by the government. And this is the one thing they fast track. You can take my freedom you can take my Liberty you can take my life you can take my money. but at least let me have my porn. 😎
  7. No s**t! I never would have figured that. I always figured that they couldn’t open the files because of staples or really sticky tape or Elmers glue. Now it all makes sense to me. It is corruption on high. Imagine that. I saw that the money auctions over $200 million lately. It looks like the piggies are gobbling up everything they can before they take the trough away. I don’t really think any of these crooked politicians are going to see jail time. In my opinion they will eventually Revalue the currency and all the monopoly money that they have stolen over the years Will be worth enough for them to walk away, crawl away or slither back under a rock. Or end up living the good life in the San Fernando Valley! 😎 As always thanks for the input Yota.
  8. Ha-Ha Hey Bro everything is ready Bro Ha-Ha. I know I am Bro Ha-Ha 😎 i love your spirit 6Ly. Keep up the vibe.
  9. Thanks daddy. Wake me up when I am rich. 😴😎
  10. and to provide a list of government officials whose impact on public funds and the presence of inflation in wealth does not match the size of the job that he occupied or still occupy, That could be applied to every United States senator and congressman. of course this is all lipservice. There is too much money involved to make it stop. When the people that make the laws are thieves, they sure aren’t going to pass legislation to cut off the gravy train. Let alone draw attention to themselves for calling someone else a thief. just my opinion I could be wrong.
  11. Everything is going to be shut down May 1. To celebrate the reevaluation of their currency on April 30. I know this to be true. Of course it’s not based on any facts. Just a hopium filled dream. 😎
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