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  1. Thanks Ron. You have been watching the auctions very closely. Just curious, what is your take on this? I won't hold you to an answer. I respect your opinion. Thanks Jack
  2. Thanks Ron. I don't know if this is a good thing a bad thing or a NOthing. 😎
  3. Thanks Daddy, mentally Physically and socially distancing myself from the hysteria. Please text me when it is time to come back. 😎
  4. Thanks for the info Daddy. I guess I will wait a little longer. Like I have a choice!😎
  5. We call this an alcohol related incident! 😎
  6. Thanks Daddy, lookin forward to your updates. In the meanwhile. 😎
  7. Thanks Daddio. FROSTYJACK checking in safe from Corona Virus. 😎
  8. Posts like this are hard to ignore. I don't know if it is the downright evilness in your heart wishing somebody cancer or the blatant hypocrisy. All because someone disagrees with you. Maybe you should reflect on the nature of your thoughts before you wish cancer on someone.
  9. Unfortunately a 2% death rate doesn't bother what's left of the CDC. The AMA and FDA has an acceptable death rate of 2 % for most of their treatments. 😩
  10. Now you are wishing stage four cancer on people because they have a different opinion than you. What is wrong with you?
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