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  1. I agree with both of you. As Craperoni always states : "The rate will change only with an increase in the economy of Iraq" ....... And if the economy of Iraq (As it is with their oil, gold and other natural resources that exists in Iraq today) is worth having their currency worth only $0.0006, then it will take a long long time for it to increase in value. I, for one, cannot see how their value of resources can improve much more,
  2. And without government leadership we have rampant crime without any punishment for the perps.... We have rampant runaway inflation..... We have wide open borders that allows drugs and fentanyl to sweep into our country killing young Americans in record numbers as well as rapists and murderers in also.... And the media keeps praising this Idiot-In-Charge !
  3. On Thursday it emerged that 950,000 barrels were being sold to the Chinese state-owned China Petrochemical Corporation, known as Sinopec. On Friday, it further emerged that Hunter Biden's private equity firm bought a $1.7 billion stake in Sinopec seven years ago. Hunter's lawyers in November said that he no longer holds a stake in the investment company. And we KNOW that lawyers never lie...........
  4. Isn't the president sworn to protect Ameericans from any invasion, foreign and DOMESTIC ????
  5. Nader (If you are really in the Mid-East), I hope that you are able to stay safe. There are a lot of crazies EVERYWHERE !!
  6. Things there are bad..... Almost as bad as Minneapolis or Seattle, huh !!
  7. Such brilliance coming from these gurus. I am sure glad to hear them report that Mark confirmed..... "They do not yet have a rate.... ". Man. I wonder how many of his boots on the ground contcts he paid for that unexpected news ??? That there is not yet a rate is a bit of shocker news to all of us, don't you think?
  8. No, I think that it is more like those voices one hears when they drop a bad "LUDE".
  9. Yes sir, it seems that the Iraqi people/government seems content with keeping their "subjects" in poverty....... sorta' like what our government is trying to do.........
  10. *** Kaperoni Many people don't like the fact that I constantly state there is no RV. But that's the truth, it's not how monetary policy works...We have to hope that Iraq can diversify their resources away from oil and create a private sector economy that begins to flourish. Only then can the CBI allow the dinar to gradually appreciate via a float. Hey CRAPeroni, One doesn't have to be a genius to say there is no RV after 15 years of absolutely NOTHING, my arguement with your stupid "no increase tn the IQD until they increase their economy" statement is......... How do you explain the fact that Afghanistan's currencey is two hundred times that of Iraq which has nothing but terrorists ( AND $8 BILLON OF OUR MILITARY EQUIPMENT)?
  11. Don't worry. January of the next year has been the "target" for the past 15 years.
  12. I volunteer at a Military History Museum as a docent and a recent visitor came in and he said that he had spent most of the past 5 years in Iraq as a contract representitive. I asked him about the IQD and the possibility of an RI/RV and he had no idea of what I was asking. He said that the Iraqi citizens are living in great poverty and, in his mind my questions of an RV/RI was a joke. In his words, "Iraq is a hopeless country." So, with this conversation with him, I think that all of these so-called gurus are just full of it.
  13. Once it floats though it should be a free-for-all. I'm curious to see how the Iraqi dinar is going to handle being on the Forex market.[Post 2 of 2] Who really cares? Once it increases, I will be gone from here and probably 90% of the Dinar holders as well. And we wouldn]t care one bit what Iraq does afterwards.
  14. I'll bet that if the Iraqis ever saw these guru BS posts they would probably laugh 'til the tears started to run down their legs.
  15. Yes, Jaman, this is the same rhetoric that we have been fed since Ally and Ty were in business.
  16. He's been saying this for years and yet, even though there HAS been very significant growth in the Iraqi economy over all of these many years, there has been absolutely NO CHANGE in the value of its currency. I think it is time for CRAPeroni to find a new verse to this old song. Just my 2 cents worth.
  17. When I first got into this investment 15 years ago, I thought that it seemed too good to be true, but IF it did happen, I wanted to be in on it. So, I invested just enough so to not be sorry if it didn't happen, but enough to be pleased if it DID happen. I still feel that the situation in Iraq certainly makes the IQD worth much more than it is BUT (and that is a giant BUT)...... But I feel that since it has been so long now, I seriously think that Iraq is satisfied keeping it just as it is. Having said this, I will still hold on to these pretty pieces of paper that are almost worthless and probably take them to my grave.It was and still is a good oportunity, but as I stated, I don't think Iraq really cares whether or not their currency increases.
  18. *** Mnt Goat I get some questions on the VND Vietnam Dong as will it also RV along with the IQD Iraqi Dinar? I will give you a short answer to this question – maybe ...the Vietnam war has been over for about 50 years and still they have their downgraded currency and larger three zero notes. Maybe it’s time to bring them to the standard of the western currency? We can see there is no hurry to change these notes, at least not what they are saying. We do also see a higher VND rate (.47 – $2.00) in the QFS staged to go at some point. So, something is up. This is a good sign. Mtn Goat shouldn't compare Viet Nam to the Iraq situation....... The last that I checked, Viet Nam doesn't export very much oil, or gold or other natural resources which Iraq posseses.
  19. Agreed, Synopsis, but it is nice to have Adam's input occasionally, just to get his feelings on any (if there IS any) happenings in that screwed up country of Iraq. We are so used to him showing up on the Chat thread that it is easy to miss him on any other spots. Most , or many, of us don't check all of the sections of DV, so we don't find his occasional post. I know, "Check his name"..... But this octogenerian can't always remember to do that all of the time. (lol)
  20. Yep, Marrk is absolutely correct. There are several things that I have learned throughout this very long jourhey an that is........... 1) Nothing ever happens BEFORE Ramadan ! 2) Nothing ever happens DURING Ramadan ! 3) Nothing ever happens AFTER Ramadan ! and 4) WE ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE !!!!! These are four facts that you can take to the bank. Thank you Mark, we needed that .
  21. Now, are you SURE about that, Luigi ??
  22. That's all this Dinar chatter has ever been, JUST OPINIONS
  23. The believing begins when we read "THAT" text from Adam...... PERIOD.... END OF STORY !
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