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  2. I have to second that assertion, CL. I have never met Ron, but am certainly looking forward to the opportunity to do just that.
  3. It boggles my mind as to why the Dinar is STILL almost worthless. I know that Kraperoni keeps saying that it will only rise with a growing economy, but what makes having a great sougce of oil, gold, natural gas and what all a BAD economy? Afghanistan has NOTHING that resembles what Iraq has and yet, their currency is MUCH greater than Iraq's and HAS been ever since I got into this venture and it was for that reason that I got into this all those many years ago. I remember thinking, "I hope my purchase goes through BEFORE the rate change". Ha Ha Ha, little did I know ! But, WE ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE .
  4. January is fast coming to an end and that "window" doesn't seem to be open even just a little bit. These Guru's will be saying the same garbage next year as well. no doubt. BUT, BUT, BUT, WE ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE ! ! !
  5. Probably from the salt. You should use just a grain of it. lol
  6. Yep ! Good ol' Okie and his "SHIPS AT SEA" and "CIRCLING THE AIRPORT AWAITNG LANDING INSTRUCTIONS" and, yes his $12.00 rate. Of course, his using the all caps in his posts. Ha Ha ! Looks like we are back to those "good ol' days of Okie " ....
  7. Don't you wish that just one of these so called Gurus really knew something?
  8. Hey NWGUY, That is just Guru talk to "Cover Their Ass" when they move the goal line. It is what they do and have been doing for years. Just remember that you are reading this in the BS section. And to quote a phrase that hasn't been said here in a while...... Take this with a "grain of salt"...... (whatever that means . lol )
  9. Iraq citizens say that they demand the return of the exchange rate of the dinar to its “normal” state. The Iraqi citizens can "demand" all the want, but the CBI and the GOI will probably do what the always have done..... SCREW THE CITIZENS !
  10. Yeppers...... It seems like all there is left to this site seems to be a bunch of memories if faceless people that were here and now, who knows where tghey are now. "WHERE ARE THEY NOW" might be a good section to add to this site.
  11. Well, I guess that this might be the beginning of the main topic for the Gurus to spew about for the next few months or maybe years....... I wonder how many posts like ihis one we will see down the road from Frank26 & Company ? But, we are CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE ( ** Frank26 At any moment, I mean at any moment *snap*, I mean *snap* you can wake up and find the new exchange rate on the CBI website...
  12. English IS a very difficult and confusing language. And I will take your piece of the peace you wish for me and the RV would be a great part of peace.... lol
  13. No...... I had public education as well, but that was back when educators TAUGHT instead of INDOCTRINATED !
  14. *** Kaperoni An article came out tonight referencing Iraq's economic successes in 2021. Primarily Iraq still has not achieved any significant steps to diversify their economy. Until that happens, there will be no change in the dinar...Iraq could be many many months away from changing the current monetary policy. Until a new government is in place, Iraq passes the laws necessary for foreign investment, and until they continue to build a diverse economy there will be no change. That was a genius statement, Kraperoni, that there wouldn't be a change in value..... Especially since there hasn't been an increase in value since the Sadam Dinar was replaced decades ago. How brilliant that he must feel with this great prediction. Is Kraperoni saying that there has been no, nothing, nada improvement to the Iraq economy to warrent ANY increase to the value of the Dinar in all of this time? Is he saying that the Afghanistan currency has more value than the IQD because they have a better economy in THAT war torn discombobilated country? C'mon. man..... That is pure talking like a politician..... LIES ! LIES !! LIES !!!!
  15. It depends on how close a cash-in placemis to the hospital after my heart attack.
  16. Yes, as we get older we realize that we aren't going to live forever. We see friends, relatives, old classmates and acquaintences pass on and things that mattered so much before (money and luxeries) seem to matter less and we enjoy the pleasures of those friendships that are still with us. I would like to share somethimg that has helped me to appreciate the "NOW" and that is, WISH NOT SO MUCH TO LIVE LONG, BUT TO LIVE FULL !!
  17. That's my thought...... enough is enough. I am probably going to take my Dinar to my grave. I won't sell them before an RV/RI, but it was my thought so many years ago that this RV/RI was too good to be true. So I bought just enough t make me glad if it WAS true, but not enough to make me sorry if it wasn't true. YEP, enough is enough.
  18. Nader brings to my mind a word that I haven't seen on this site in years. That word is "PUMPER" ! Then I got to wondering........... Has anyone that has been in this Dinar venture for more than 5 years purchased more Dinar in the past two years? Just curious in asking' I wonder if the "pumpers" are making a resurgence.......... Hmmm.
  19. I would love to be excited, but I remember too many exciting things in the past that makes me think, "What...... AGAIN ? " Adam had been giddy or tingly a few times several years back. Remember? But, what the heck..... WE ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE !!!!!
  20. It's nice to see positive things coming from gurus like Breitling, but it would be super nice to see those words coming from CBI or GOI...... words like, "we now have a new value to our dinar of 1 IQD = 1 USD !!!!
  21. *** Kaperoni Deleting the zeros...We don't want to see such an event as this is a LOP. We want to see them float the currency and have the dinar gradually appreciate over time. Hell, I want to see ANY kind of movement to this worthless (now) IQD !
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