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  1. Wow ! these "TIERS" are really something..... Kinda' makes one "TEAR" up..... (Yuk Yuk Yuk)
  2. Until there is an actual RV/RI, these worries are wasted energy. We don't know anything at this point of a very L-O-O-O-N-N-N-G roller coaster ride. We don't know what the window of cash-in we will have or even if there will be a cash-in window at all or even the rate ! We are just guessing on how it will be taxed. It is a problem that I will relish if and whenever it DOES arrive. If it RV's at $0.50 and there is no window, I just might take a monthly trip to the bank with a 25K Dinar and take that $12,500 minus the bank fee "allowance" and be a very happy camper (and put the tax collector's portion aside each trip). Just GIT 'ER DONE !
  3. Don't get TOO excited. The hype is an ongoing thing with these knotheads. (or should that be SOONheads?)
  4. These clowns are laughable, Speaking of clowns, anyone heard from Thugs? Miss his humor.
  5. And their Dinar is STILL worth only $0.0008 . Wake me up when that changes.
  6. it is at that point that we can address in the upcoming new year the exchange rate of our currency. FRANK: ...A new exchange rate is coming with a new currency. They seem to have a knack for always moving the goal line back at every chance they can.
  8. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah ! More of that "We're in a good place" talk that they have been saying for decades. I know, "WE ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE" ! Don't these clowns ever post anything different? They left out the "ALL THE SHIPS AT SEA" and "WE ARE CIRCLING THE AIRPORT WAITING FOR OUR LANDING INSTRUCTIONS", but I expect those will be forthcoming "SOON" ! Thanks, Ron. Comic relief is welcomend in this time of continuing bad news in this strange world !
  9. I have been thinking and not sure of a solution..... Let's say that you hold 3 million IQD and they revalue at $0.50 with a cash-in window of 30 days. So you cash in and have $1.5 millionand purchase $1million worth of the new IQD . Since you are basically just shifting the old IQD to the new IQD can I assume that you have to pay the taxes on just the half million dollars or do you pay the tax on the whole million and a half since you are just rolling one million dollars of it over? This is a really impoertant question for me because if you have to pay taxes on the whole million and a half, you wouldn't be able to buy near the amount and then when you cash in at a higher rate down the road, you will have to pay taes again. If the latter is true, then it wouldn't pay to re-invest'
  10. Sure you would/will..... After all the time that you , anyone else or I have spent on this ride we might as well stick it out to the end. Besides, what we paid for our Dinar back then would probably have been spent or blown on something else in time. Hopefully money spent on Dinar was paid for from a discretionary fund and not from necessary funds. Never speculate with funds that you cannot afford to lose.
  11. Not trying to be confrontational, but we have what we got. I don't like it, but we now have a taxing administration who like to sell out our country. They will tax everything to gain their power and control. To stop this and further stealing of our money, we have to get rid of the parasites at the polling booth. That's what we can control. If we continue putting in these crooks, we cannot stop the theft.(without going to jail). So what I am saying is that if I get 30%, I wil take it and use it to convince those , like yourself, to work to get rid of these crooks.
  12. And what is it called if it never RV/RI's in our lifetime ? Taxation will happen and so will death. Worry about things that you can control and give thanks for the blessings that you cannot control
  13. Whatever the tax.... I look at it like this : I pay $1,000 for a million Dinar. It RV's at a dollar...... I give the IRS and the "vig" 70%..... I walk with $300,000 and not do a lick of work. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT ? Would you be able to do that in anything else ? Not likely ! If it RV's at $0.50 you'll still walk with $150,000..... and that's with a worse case scenerioof taxation. So as we stand right now, until the Iraqis decide to do something we aren't going to get hurt whenever they decide to pull the trigger, regardless of the taxation . period ! We just have to play the waiting game that we have been playing so well for so long. BUT, WE ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE !!!
  14. If there is a 3 month window of cashing in of my Dinars with the initial RV......So, if the IQD comes out at, let's say $0.50 and I cash in my Dinars, I would have $500,000 for every million Dinars (that I paid about $1,000) and immediately buy that much of the NEW IQD that will rise in value to, let's say $3.00, wouldn't I be able to benefit from the increase that way? Just asking for a friend.
  15. This is a problem that I would cheerfully love to face. JUST GIT 'R DONE ! ! !
  16. Expecy nothing and you won't be disappointed. Then, if/when it happens, you will be pleased and surprised.
  17. Thanks Ron. By the way, is this a repost from a decade ago ? It sure sounds familiar . lol
  18. Thanks, Ron. These Gurus will peobably be reposting these reports again next year as well.
  19. Yep, that's what I meant. BUT, WE ARE CLOSER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE !!
  20. You DO mean "PATIENCE", don't you..... Unless we are all patients in the nursing home.
  21. Well, I'm not ready yet. It's all happening too fast. Maybe they should take more time instead of rushing into this thing. Anyone else feel like this ??? I HOPE NOT !!!! GIT 'ER DONE !!!!
  22. I can answer that very easily..... He's the guy that was Vice President during the Benghazi overetake and the President during the Afghanistan overtake ! That is who we have for a president !!
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