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  1. Adam, it seems that Iraq and Iran share not only borders but tend to have a lot of common interests and somewhat of a friendship. it also seems that Iraq depends on the US dollar for commerce. With the rift between Iran and the USA would this put pressure on Iraq not to use our dollar on a daily basis and then perhaps revalue the Dinar to break away from the dollar? Could this be the catalyst needed to change the dinar value?
  2. Looking at oil prices, oil from Iraq is sold on the Brent market which is higher than our NYMEX market. This morning the Brent futures for March is above $66/bbl, about a +10 $/bbl differential over NYMEX. So, are we at the price we have been looking for?
  3. As Buddy Holly sang "Everyday it's a getting closer, going faster than a roller coaster"
  4. Nicely done, Adam. Always encouraging to hear your thoughts and point of view. Thanks.
  5. These actions keep America strong and combat the slide to faithlessness. May God continue to bless our country.
  6. Again a very encouraging report. Thank you Adam!
  7. Thanks Adam. Very encouraging bit of news. I hope it happens as you have said. We all would be happy campers.
  8. Good words of encouragement, Adam. Thanks so much.
  9. Adam, Thanks to DV for the thoughtful gifts to the Salvation Army for Hurricane Harvey. I have spent the last several days with some great friends, tearing my house apart and putting in several big piles of trash in the yard, sheetrock, insulation, furniture, etc. The great thing is the way the community and specifically our area, came to the rescue. From the sheriff deputies and volunteers who came and picked us up in a boat midnight Sunday to the kindness of people whose home we stayed for several days and treated us like family to people constantly bringing meals to our home as we worked. It will be a long and tiring effort to restore the home, but God has been good to us and we will come back even better.
  10. Me thinks the death of oil is greatly exaggerated.
  11. What am I missing? Why does the government in power stop his actions, I am concerned and confused as why this drama isn't stopped cold!
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