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  1. Short of a text message from Adam, can the news get any better! Thank you Adam!
  2. Thank you Adam. It just gets better and better! Perhaps soon.
  3. Thank you Adam. It looks like the encouraging events we have seen lately are just the precursor to the event we have been waiting patiently to occur. Adam, you are the best!
  4. Thanks Adam. You are on your "A" game. Things are upbeat.
  5. Thanks for the positive note and keeping us informed.
  6. Thanks Adam. It is always good to hear positive and uplifting news.
  7. Chuck, I certainly hope you are right! We have been patiently waiting for a very long time. Very encouraging.
  8. Hearts

    2020 RV

    Brent Crude market is at $26/bbl now. Only WTI is basically at zero.
  9. Do you still deliver the newspaper via bicycle with the giant basket connected to the handlebars or am I behind the times?
  10. Great Explanation of how we will fare and the needed to make it happen. Excellent!
  11. Thanks Adam. Hopefully not a long delay to the RV.
  12. Also, Brent crude at $57.54 for April and Gold today at $1611.
  13. Wow, the good news just keeps coming. Thanks Adam.
  14. Adam, it seems that Iraq and Iran share not only borders but tend to have a lot of common interests and somewhat of a friendship. it also seems that Iraq depends on the US dollar for commerce. With the rift between Iran and the USA would this put pressure on Iraq not to use our dollar on a daily basis and then perhaps revalue the Dinar to break away from the dollar? Could this be the catalyst needed to change the dinar value?
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