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  1. Thanks Adam, looking forward to your post soon. Exciting times!
  2. Great to hear from you. Appreciate you very much for the update.
  3. Thanks Adam, It seems we are moving to the finish line soon.
  4. Thanks Adam for your positive and uplifting review of the IQD’s future. Perhaps soon.
  5. Adam, thanks for this very uplifting post today. We may be closer to the prize than we know. I am looking forward to a nice trip to B to finish this up. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. This website is truly a blessing to our dinar community.
  6. Thanks Markinsa and coorslite21 for the correction. It does get tiresome and adds confusion when words and ideas are reversed.
  7. It seems that the great news has been increasing over the last week or two and I am very encouraged that the RV will be soon. Come on HCL. Thank you Adam, so much confidence in your judgment.
  8. Thank you Adam. I had to laugh at the auto correct comments. Hope we are getting close.
  9. Short of a text message from Adam, can the news get any better! Thank you Adam!
  10. Thank you Adam. It just gets better and better! Perhaps soon.
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